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Operation “Israel Cyber Shield” Exposed: The Attack on Black America

Operation “Israel Cyber Shield”

The Attack on Black America, Minister Louis Farrakhan, and the Nation of Islam

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The Honorable Elijah Muhammad once said to me,
“Brother, you cannot fathom the depth of Satan.”

The history of Jewish espionage against Black American citizens is long and deep, and it began long before the Nation of Islam was founded by Master Fard Muhammad in 1930. Jewish agents seeking to maintain control over the rate and direction of Black progress infiltrated the NAACP leadership from the very start, forcing it into political subservience and funneling its internal documents to US government officials. These same malignant Jewish forces worked for the demise of the Marcus Garvey movement, the largest Black independence movement of that time. In 1942, agents employed by the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith infiltrated the Nation of Islam temple in Chicago and instigated the arrest of 82 law-abiding Muslims. A couple of years before that, a secret ADL memo to the FBI supplied contact information of nearly 1,600 ADL members to serve as informants and undercover sources. When the FBI established the notorious and illegal Counter-Intelligence Program (COINTELPRO) under J. Edgar Hoover in 1956, it was Jewish Assistant Director Alex Rosen whose name was on the FBI’s secret memos detailing the FBI’s plans and actions to undermine the work of many Black leaders and organizations, including the NAACP, the Black Panthers, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

It was no surprise, then, when the Anti-Defamation League under Abraham Foxman was caught red-handed surveilling at least 12,000 progressive individuals and 950 organizations, including the NAACP, Greenpeace, the Arab-American Anti-Discrimination Committee, and, of course, the Nation of Islam. The ADL was particularly focused on the pro-Palestinian and anti-apartheid movements and supplied their spy files to South Africa’s notorious secret police. All of this ADL espionage proved that the American government had simply privatized its race hate policies, handing over its anti-Black spy activities to the far more experienced Jewish leadership.

Those who know the history of Jewish manipulations of Black affairs immediately suspected that the recently intensified claims of “black anti-Semitism” were false and could readily see the fingerprints of a Jewish espionage operation. It came like a flood starting about a year ago: A decade-old photo of President Barack Obama with the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan became a Jewish media obsession; this was followed by vicious attacks on Rep. Keith Ellison, Omarosa Manigault Newman, and the Congressional Black Caucus. In quick succession came the Jewish brutalization of Tamika Mallory, Linda Sarsour, Marc Lamont Hill, Alice Walker, Angela Davis, Michelle Alexander, the new US Representatives Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar, and a string of all-Black others. Wild and unsupportable charges of “anti-Semitism” came simultaneously and hysterically from Jewish sources like the ADL, the Southern Poverty Law Center, the Simon Wiesenthal Center, the Tablet, the Forward, and Jewish media figures like Jake Tapper and the well-known media shyster Alan Dershowitz.

Now we find that all the above-mentioned American citizens were the victims of a sophisticated operation directed from the highest reaches of a foreign government—Israel. A bold and unprecedented documentary titled The Lobby, produced by Al Jazeera, is now unveiling the full extent of this illegal Jewish espionage operation. Undercover reporters with hidden cameras posing as pro-Israel zealots worked their way into the leadership of this elaborate Israeli operation called “Israel Cyber Shield.” In four hour-long segments these reporters made some stunning video revelations. So damning were these reports to Israel’s leadership that Israeli officials and Alan Dershowitz acting on Israel’s behalf made herculean efforts to block its release. The internet won out and the full criminal Israeli enterprise is now exposed. Its target and focus are Black American youth and Islam.

To a room “packed with Israeli diplomats,” Judith Varnai Shorer, the Israeli consul general in Atlanta, Georgia, is filmed saying this:

“The major problem with Israel is with the young generation of the black community— Black Lives Matter starts there…”

When one considers the implications of that statement, it is unprecedented in all of Black American history. A foreign government has announced that an entire generation of Black youth in another nation 5,700 miles away—not the nation itself, but an oppressed sub-population within that friendly nation—is its “major problem.” Top Israeli officials sitting on a stage in America are on film asserting that American Black youth are the enemy of Israel!

The San Francisco consul for Israel, Andy David, followed Shorer’s astonishing proclamation by revealing that he had personally recruited a former acquaintance of Martin Luther King Jr. to write three articles in the Huffington Post “explaining why their [Black Lives Matter’s] agenda was hijacked.”

The fact that no United States official or agency or private “civil rights” or media organization has investigated this actual proof of foreign espionage against US citizens is flagrant confirmation of the Israeli role in controlling American political affairs. After more than a year of US recriminations about suspected Russian “election hacking” and “foreign influence” and “collusion,” Israeli operatives are admitting that Israel is the culprit—and, shockingly, the only response from American politicians and news outlets is silence.

This underscores quite directly the words of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan in 1989, when he looked into the hearts of Black youth and imparted these warning words:

“I say it again, the Government of the United States of America is planning an assault on the Black community, specifically aimed at our youth. And the conspiracy is so deep and so diabolical that many of you will not even believe that at this very moment that I am talking to you, your lives hang in the balance, whether you are living in Chicago, Detroit, Boston, Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, or any city in America. Black youth, particularly Black young men, are at risk today….‘Could this be possible? Farrakhan, are you making this up?’ Even though consciously you may not wish to agree with me, in your subconscious mind, you know something deeply wicked and diabolical is going on. Now let me, by God’s Grace, point it out to you.”

The Lobby documentary backs every word The Minister said and further names names, motives, financiers, and tactics. On film, Sima Vaknin-Gil, director general of Israel Ministry of Strategic Affairs, reveals in a meeting of pro-Israel lobbyists:

“We [Israel] are a different government working on foreign soil and we have to be very, very cautious. WE HAVE THREE DIFFERENT SUB-CAMPAIGNS which are very, very sensitive regarding data gathering, information analysis, working on activist organizations’ money trail. This is something that only a country, with its resources, can do the best.” [Emphasis ours]

Vaknin-Gil boasts of how the Israeli serpent snakes around the globe:

“What we’ve done is mapped and analyzed the whole phenomenon globally. Not just the United States, not just campuses, but campuses and intersectionality and labor unions and churches…”

The Israelis target college students for special attention. Two operatives of the Israel on Campus Coalition are filmed bragging of their success “naming and shaming” pro-Palestinian activists with slander and dirty tricks. Jacob Baime and Ian Hersh say they have devised “custom algorithms” to hunt down their opponents on social media in their “psychological warfare” operation. “It drives them crazy,” says Hersh. “They either shut down or they spend time responding to it and investigating it, which is time they can’t spend attacking Israel. So, that’s incredibly effective.”

So false issues—such as the Obama photo with The Minister, the absurd focus on his “termite” statement, and other invented controversies—are simply diversionary smoke bombs that create confusion so Israel can continue its apartheid and warmongering in the dark. 

Jews Baime and Hersh say their budget is “massive,” and that they have “major political consulting firms on retainer that are here all the time. We have our own opposition researchers.”


Case in Point: UNC Asheville

Listen to Baime and Hersh describe the tactics of their campus attack squad:

“Generally, within about 30 seconds or less of one of these things popping up on campus, whether it’s a Facebook event, whether it’s the right kind of mention on Twitter, the system picks it up, it goes into a queue and alerts our researchers and they evaluate it. They tag it, and if it rises to a certain level, we issue early-warning alerts to our partners….With the anti-Israel people, what we found has been most effective, in the last year, you do the opposition research, put up an anonymous website. Then put up targeted Facebook ads.”

Now, let us review the following description of Tamika Mallory‘s recent visit to the University of North Carolina/Asheville, as reported by the director of the school’s Center for Jewish Studies, Richard Chess:

“It didn’t take long before word spread on the internet and media outlets throughout the U.S. and in Israel of Mallory’s upcoming talk at UNC Asheville. The headlines:

“UNC Asheville Hosts Farrakhan-Tied Women’s March Leader for MLK Day Speech” (Breitbart);

“OUTRAGEOUS! Women’s March co-president Tamika Mallory will deliver a keynote address January 24th as a part of UNC Asheville annual Martin Luther King Jr. Week” (CAMERA on Campus);

“Tamika Mallory Irks North Carolina Jews With MLK Day Speech In Asheville” (The Forward);

“For UNC, Silent Sam = HATE, while Farrakhan is OK” (The Daily Haymaker);

“UNC-Asheville, What More Do You Need? – Tamika Mallory Still Won’t Condemn Farrakhan’s Anti-Semitism – Rescind Her Invite to Keynote at MLK Event” (Zionist Organization of America).

And the emails and phone calls–some reasonable, some angry and threatening–pressuring the university to disinvite Ms. Mallory came in by the hundreds.

It cannot be doubted that Operation “Israel Cyber Shield” is the source of all these attacks on Tamika Mallory, the Black students of that campus, and The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.


Israel’s Military Tactics

American Zionists Baime and Hersh then tie their US espionage directly to its military source:

“It’s modeled on General Stanley McChrystal’s counter-insurgency strategy in Iraq. We’ve copied a lot from that strategy that has been working really well for us actually.”

In 2011, US Gen. McChrystal released a report about his psychological operations strategy to combat what he calls “Islamic insurgents” with a propaganda campaign of false and vicious lies and mass deceptions about the Afghanistan population. Read carefully McChrystal’s words and one can readily see the correlation between the US government’s tactics against the Afghanistan people and those currently being deployed by Israel against Black Americans:

Offensive Information Operations must be used to target Insurgent networks in order to disrupt and degrade their operational effectiveness, while also offering opportunities for lower level insurgent reintegration….A more forceful and offensive Strategic Communication approach must be devised whereby Insurgents are exposed continually for their cultural and religious violations, anti-Islamic and indiscriminate use of violence and terror, and by concentrating on their vulnerabilities. These include their causing of the majority of civilian casualties, attacks on education, development projects, and government institutions, and flagrant contravention of the principles of the Koran. These vulnerabilities must be expressed in a manner that exploits the cultural and ideological separation of the Insurgents from the vast majority of the Afghan population.

Gen. McChrystal is not saying that he would investigate and honestly report alleged “cultural and religious violations”; rather, he is saying that “violations” will be invented and slanderously applied to the Afghan people to create animosities and divisions that the US can then exploit to control the region. “Israel Cyber Shield” has religiously followed McChrystal’s divide-and-conquer strategy. McChrystal then discusses the danger of prison “radicalization” in Afghanistan, with direct implications, of course, for the NOI prison programs—the most effective reform program ever devised:

Currently, Taliban and Al Qaeda…detainees are currently radicalizing non-insurgent inmates and worsening an already overcrowded prison system. Hardened, committed Islamists are indiscriminately mixed with petty criminals and sex offenders, and they are using the opportunity to radicalize and indoctrinate them.

Al Jazeera’s The Lobby unveils the racist mind of white Jewish Supremacy and uncovers the tactics that Israel has deployed against Black America at this very moment. It is as if we—the Black targets of this treachery—had bugged the office of J. Edgar Hoover and Alex Rosen as they plotted the COINTELPRO harassment and murders of our Black civil rights leaders. The massive Jewish role in the trans-Atlantic slave trade, in Jim Crow, in cotton trading and sharecropping, in Hollywood race-hate propaganda, in false-flag operations, and in myriad other oppressions is today only continued by other, high-tech means.

Where Are the “Good Jews”?

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan makes a very profound distinction when speaking of Jewish misbehavior, targeting what John the Revelator called “Jews who say they are Jews but are not.” It is the very same distinction that The Reverend Billy Graham made in advising President Richard M. Nixon when Graham explained: “The Bible talks about two kinds of Jews.” The Holy Quran (3:77) makes that same distinction:

“And there is certainly a party of them who lie about the Book that you may consider it to be a part of the Book while it is not a part of the Book; and they say it is from Allah, while it is not from Allah; and they forge a lie against Allah whilst they know.”

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan has been attacked brutally for alluding to those exact same distinctions made by both Jesus and His most prominent disciple Billy Graham. Minister Farrakhan explains:

“I am not talking about good Jews who keep the Sabbath and who try to live the life the Torah taught. I am talking to those rebellious ones that take the wisdom of God and use it for Satanic purposes….You are the one whose covers must be pulled off; you are the one that our people must fall away from quickly lest you take them down to hell with yourself.”

From Jesus to a series of Popes, to Martin Luther, to Billy Graham, to Farrakhan, world leaders brave enough to speak plainly have made a clear distinction between the two peoples claiming to be Judaism’s upholders of the faith. But when a room filled with high-ranking Israeli officials—all claiming they are Jews—proclaim that a whole generation of Blacks is their dire enemy, where are the Jewish voices of disgust, of rebuke, of condemnation? 

How Black America—its youth, students, church leaders, organizations, and leadership—confronts and repels these Jewish agents of repression is now NUMBER 1 on the Black Agenda.