Syria, Israel & the 800-Pound Gorilla

Tingba Muhammad, Nation of Islam Research Group

The term “800-pound gorilla” is an expression for a person or organization that is so powerful that it can act without regard to the rights of others or the law. So when an Obama administration official referred to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) as the “the 800-pound gorilla in the room” of the “Bomb Syria” debate, it may have been the first morsel of truth from this government in a long, long time.

And to better understand the AIPAC gorilla and how it got into the room in the first place we start with the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad in Message To The Blackman, wherein he wrote: “The acquisition of land has been the factor for more wars than any other cause. Economists agree that in order for any type of nation or system…to exist and have a degree of independence there must be ownership of land.”

The fascinating part of this powerful truism from The Messenger is how he states that truth about land acquisition and then immediately calls “economists” to the witness stand to verify his words. And since The Messenger also said “History is best qualified to reward our research,” let us examine the Syria debate with an eye toward history, war, and economics.

In the 7th century the early Muslims were seen as a threat by the ruling Arab tribe Quraish. The Muslims were perceived this way, not so much because of their belief, but because their growing community in Medina was in close proximity to the lucrative trade routes that stretched from Mecca through Medina and on to the rich markets in Syria. As the Muslims grew in number and power, the Quraish and their Jewish allies feared that this new force of Believers in the One God, Allah, would soon have the ability to disrupt the flow of goods through that region, and that made Islam an economic threat. But these were not just any goods.

There was a troublesome Jewish clan known as the Bani Nadir, and they were constantly plotting against Prophet Muhammad and the Muslims. These Jews held a special niche as manufacturers of armor, helmets, swords, and other armaments that fueled the region’s fratricidal warfare. The Prophet’s mission of peace to the Arab world conflicted with the weapons-trading livelihood of the Bani Nadir and the warlike Quraish. They were such dominant traffickers of illegal arms that Muhammad expelled them from the region. Betty Kelen wrote that “After their expulsion there must have been a serious lag in armaments manufacture for a long time.”

Jews had two other lucrative endeavors that were similarly “threatened” by the growth of Islam. The Jews were importers of alcoholic beverages from the “Land of Wine,” Syria, and they had a hand in gambling as well. As moneylenders they charged excessive interest or usury, which is forbidden in Islam (Holy Quran 2:275; 3:129; 30:39). And the major Jewish involvement in the slave trade from Africa even predated the rise of Islam by many centuries. The Prophet was so strongly anti-slavery (2:177; 9:60; 90:12-13), and anti-alcohol (2:219; 5:90), and anti-gambling (5:90-91) and anti-usury (2:188, 274-280) that the Jews understood that the spread of Islam certainly threatened their immense profits from all of this wicked commerce.

Fast forward to Syria in 2013. American Jewish neo-conservatives with Israeli passports and dual citizenship are highly placed in the United States government. These neo-cons are not Jews, but members of an evil cabal described by Jesus as the Synagogue of Satan (Revelation 2:9, 3:9). They have placed themselves in the Middle East for three reasons—oil, oil, and oil. How do we know they are not the authentic Israelites, but are in fact the same money-changing imposters that were run out of the Temple by Jesus Himself? It is because we can trace their historical DNA around the world before they robbed the indigenous people of their country, Palestine.


To understand the workings of the Synagogue of Satan, just follow the path of the most wicked enterprise ever undertaken—the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. You will find this satanic force at the economic center. Thus, when SUGAR dominated the world economy in the 1600s, “holy” Jews from Portugal claimed the sugar-growing region of Brazil was their “promised LAND,” and they moved in and took over the sugar and slave trades. When COTTON became dominant in the world market in the 1800s, “holy” Jews from France and Germany claimed the Mississippi Delta was their “promised LAND” and they moved in and took over the cotton plantations and slaves. In the late 1800s, when DIAMONDS and GOLD became dominant in the world market, “holy” Jews from eastern Europe moved into South Africa, claiming it—and its diamond and gold mines—was their “promised LAND.” And when OIL became dominant in the world market after World War I, the “holy” Jews from all over the world claimed the Middle East was the “promised LAND” and moved in to Palestine, and now they seek—with the backing of the American military and a Black president—to take over the oil trade and the LAND. Genocidal wars and Black slavery accompanied each of these “holy” economic pilgrimages.

Syria Plan Started In Iraq

And now these same people look to embark on a war on Syria. It is the latest component in their master plan, as stated by Gen. Wesley Clark, to “take out seven countries in five years, starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off, Iran.” It is now fairly common knowledge that the State of Israel and these same Jewish neo-cons that surround Mr. Obama planned and carried out the 9/11 attacks in order to frighten America’s submissive citizenry into a succession of wars in the oil-rich Middle East. They understood that Iraq had the world’s third-largest proven oil reserves worth as much as $30 trillion—that’s TRILLION with a T-R. To the people who ran a 500-year slave trade and a simultaneous Holocaust of the Red Man (see The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews, Volume 1), starting a trillion-dollar war was really not a problem for them.

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan explained this in his landmark broadcast on September 7th, “The War on Syria: America’s Errant Foreign Policy: A Warning to Pres. Obama, Israel and the Muslim World.” The newly stolen Iraqi oil is of no value unless it can get through a pipeline and into giant oil tankers on the Syrian shore. The main Kirkuk-Banias Pipeline runs 600 miles from Kirkuk in Northern Iraq, to the Syrian town of Banias. It must be controlled by the West if that $30 trillion is to be realized. They desperately fear that a Syria with Russian and Iranian backing can turn that spigot on and off and hold the West to account for its evil-doing.


But will those neo-con profit-mongers get away with their age-old swindle this time? Only Allah knows, but we know that “concern over chemical weapons” has never had anything to do with the conflict in Syria. Both columnist Pat Buchanan and former Congressman Ron Paul have gone so far as to call the much-discussed Damascus attack a “false flag operation,” just as with 9/11. Buchanan asks, “As for Americans who tend to prefer white phosphorus, napalm and cluster bombs, upon what lofty moral ground do we stand?”

And now back to that 800-pound gorilla—AIPAC. The Zionist culprits in this push for a Syrian war (and the next one in Iran, for that matter) were recently exposed in the most humiliating way. Ninety percent of Americans are dead-set against bombing Syria, leaving the American Jews as the only people demanding war! AIPAC, the Anti-Defamation League, and the American Jewish Committee stand entirely naked and alone in pushing for this oil war. AIPAC sent 300 operatives to Congress, and 17 rabbis sent a letter to the Hill and invoked “The Holocaust” to pressure American soldiers into Armageddon: “We write you as descendants of Holocaust survivors and refugees, whose ancestors were gassed to death in concentration camps,” they wrote.

Let’s not be coy. Israel demands these Middle East oil wars, because the Western economy totally collapses without a steady flow of its Black Gold. President Barrack Hussein Obama, whose office has been hijacked by Jewish neo-cons, would do well to look at the history of Prophet Muhammad and how He dealt with the 800-Pound Gorillas of His time, the Bani Nadir. Our President MUST turn away from the Synagogue of Satan and their deceptive agenda, and sprint toward The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan in this fateful hour for divine advice and guidance. It really is his and his nation’s only hope.


[Tingba Muhammad is a citizen of the Nation of Islam, and a member of the Nation of Islam Research Group. Join the conversation on and Twitter @NOIResearch.)