Amazon Bans The Secret Relationship Between Blacks & Jews


Jews Say Banning Black Books is SAFER Than Dialogue with Blacks

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The banning of four Nation of Islam Black history books by Amazon, the largest bookseller in the world, provides a perfect opportunity to examine the wickedly racist ways Jewish power is wielded in America. Amazon provided no warning, no reason, no hearing, and no opportunity to respond—it was a blatant mockery of Amazon founder Jeffrey Bezos’s own creed, “Democracy Dies in Darkness.” It is, however, perfect proof of what The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad said: the mental resurrection of Black people will anger our oppressors and cause them to react punitively and viciously. 

Bezos’s book purge came in the midst of the extraordinary political spectacle engineered by an awakened Congressional wonder woman named Ilhan Omar. Her exposé of the Zionist-Judaic underbelly of the American political system happened in the most unflattering way. Rep. Omar asked, “Why is it ok for me to talk about the influence of the NRA, of fossil fuel industries, or Big Pharma, and not talk about a powerful lobby that is influencing policy?” She was referring to AIPAC, of course, the most powerful foreign lobbying group, which, while protesting that it was powerless, promptly brought ALL the business of the United States of America to a screeching halt to demand an instantaneous group hug from the 535 Congressional members on its payroll!

The tweet heard ’round the Jewish world.

Rep. Omar’s adroit maneuver exposed the fact that 12 of the top 20 political donors to the American election system are Jewish Zionists, their money amounting to a whopping 78% of the total contributed. What began as a campaign to officially repudiate, isolate, and control this freshman Muslim phenom, dramatically backfired. In effect, she forced the nearly all-white boys’ club to go on record to condemn “discrimination and bigotry against minorities as hateful expressions of intolerance that are contrary to the values and aspirations of the United States.” Symbolic, for sure—but Dr. King couldn’t do it; Pres. Obama couldn’t do it. It took but a few weeks and a tweet for Ilhan Omar. She even signed the resolution. For the first time, the annual March meeting of the AIPAC caliphate will have far more attention than it wants, and Omar’s political star rises ever higher.

It’s been that kind of year for the satanic “Jews,” who have had a hell of a time trying to keep alive a plausible mythology about themselves while maintaining control over their gentile brethren and over the non-white world. From all angles and directions new research has chipped away at the holy patina that almost everywhere surrounded in solemn reverence these unholy imposters. A review of the litany of recent Jewish and Israeli crises is in order:

  • The United Nations issued a report that accuses Israel of “war crimes” when its forces killed 189 people and shot more than 6,100, most clearly unarmed. Israeli “snipers shot at journalists, health workers, children and persons with disabilities, knowing they were clearly recognizable as such.”
  • Jewish historians now admit that today’s brutal occupants of Palestine are genetically unrelated to any of the good people in the Bible, thus establishing that their 71-year tyranny in the holy land is but another white supremacist colonization scheme.
  • Though Israel is one of 200 nations on earth, a google search of the general term “apartheid state” results in nothing but Israel-related articles. And that is reinforced by a damning United Nations report concluding that Israel “has established an apartheid regime that dominates the Palestinian people as a whole.”
  • The Boycott, Divestment, & Sanctions Movement (BDS), which has isolated the apartheid state, has forced Israel to take ever more desperate and repressive measures.
  • The “war in Syria” was exposed as an Israeli oil theft operation.
  • There is the increasing momentum of charges that Israel masterminded 9/11 and that Israeli operatives are the likely suspects in the continuing false-flag terrorism attacks around the globe.
  • So despised is the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) that it was run out of its “racial mediator” role in last year’s Starbucks incident by a single tweet from activist Tamika Mallory.
  • The Women’s March continues to grow in influence and power despite Jewish attempts to undermine its progress.
  • American police departments with atrocious records of racism and shootings in case after case are shown to have been “trained” by ADL and Israeli forces.
  • Artists and athletes are refusing to perform in Israel, and Black Lives Matter blindsided the ADL with their policy statement on Israel which says that Israel is “complicit in the genocide taking place against the Palestinian people.”
  • The manipulation of “anti-Semitism” statistics by the ADL—which were found to be inflated by thousands of “anti-Semitic incidents” that were committed by a single Israeli Jew—has been exposed.
  • A series of sexual harassment and human trafficking crimes by Jewish men of wealth and prestige has been exposed as epidemic. Names like Weinstein, Lauer, Epstein, Steinhardt, Dershowitz, Moonves, Kraft are appearing with unseemly regularity.
  • Morris Dees was unceremoniously fired from the organization he founded, the Southern Poverty Law Center. The SPLC is the “race issues” arm of the ADL, and has scammed millions from unsuspecting and fearful Blacks and Jews, claiming to be America’s “hate watchdog.” Dees was fired for sexual harassment and for creating an intolerable climate of racism toward the group’s Black staff.
  • The opioid epidemic—which is now said to be responsible for at least 100 deaths a day—is being laid at the doorstep of the billionaire Jewish Sackler family, owners of Purdue Pharma, makers and relentless pushers of OxyContin. The devastation on the workforce is so extensive that Fed chairman Jerome Powell said in a recent 60 Minutes segment that the OxyContin scourge is negatively affecting the U.S. economy.
  • Harsh Jewish condemnations of the awakening voices of Black critics of Israel, like Angela Davis, Tamika Mallory, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Marc Lamont Hill, Michelle Alexander, and Alice Walker, have only brought them Black hero status.
  • The exposure of Israel’s secret and ongoing espionage operation against Black youth in America, called “Israel Cyber Shield,” was a fatal blow against the alleged Black–Jewish “alliance.” The COINTELPRO-like operation is responsible for the attacks on the above-mentioned Black thinkers, as well as the instigation of Amazon’s book purge.
  • Israel’s longtime face of Apartheid, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, was indicted for corruption. His leadership of the now internationally acknowledged genocide against the Palestinians has made it nearly impossible for Israel to maintain international toleration.
  • Netanyahu merged his right-wing party with the “Jewish Power” Party, the most racist party in Apartheid Israel. And this follows the Knesset’s passing of the nation-state law giving civil rights only to Jews.
  • The Talmud, the ancient Jewish rabbinical writing that the Israelis would like to make the law of the land, has come into intense scrutiny as a document that says Jesus deserved death by being boiled in excrement and that his blessed mother, Mary, was “a whore.” Israel’s chief rabbi called Black people monkeys, admitting that he learned that from the Talmud.
  • Christian churches in Israel continue to be defaced and burned by Jewish gangs.
  • The college cheating scandal to admit less-than-deserving rich kids to elite schools was masterminded by a Jewish man and brought focus on other, past college scams that benefitted Jews.
  • Black Jews in America are now in open revolt against white Jews, with their main spokesperson, Nylah Burton, publicly declaring, “that the only way to fix the Black-Jewish alliance is to destroy it….We need to destroy the idea that Black people owe white Jewish people support because some Jews marched with Martin Luther King more than half a century ago…” Black Jews in Israel have long suffered discrimination, poverty, and police violence.
  • Boston Globe columnist S.I. Rosenbaum had to admit what the Nation of Islam has always known: “A shocking number of Jews have become willing collaborators in white supremacy.” 

Nothing in the above litany of recent racist Jewish horrors says “Chosen.”

In 2010, The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan wrote a letter to the ADL’s Abraham Foxman and copied all the major Jewish organizational leaders. His warning to them was most certainly prophetic:

“[T]he more you fight and oppose me rather than help me to lift my people from their degraded state, Allah (God) and His Messiah will bring you and your people to disgrace and ruin and destroy your power and influence here and throughout the world. I pray that you will make the wise and best choice.”

Clearly, that “disgrace and ruin” is now here. To this arrogant and intractable Jewish leadership, however, the problem IS NOT their objectionable, detestable behavior—what disturbs them is the mental awakening that they can neither control, curtail, nor redirect.

The above review of recent history is dreadful enough, but it is the long-term Jewish record of wickedness that eats away at the carefully crafted and generationally protected mythology. The sanctimonious Amazon notice is almost comical: Amazon says it prohibits

“[p]roducts that contain violent or offensive material that has no historical significance. Amazon reserves the right to make a determination on the historical value of the item….”

All of academia ought to be frightened at these words, because The Secret Relationship Between Blacks & Jews series by the Nation of Islam is carefully constructed to present the words of the most respected Jewish scholars, and if the “historical value” of these books is now left in the hands of Amazon’s own backroom “historians” (read ADL), and not determined by readers themselves, we have a book burning of the Nazi variety. Each of the NOI books delves into the lengthy and contentious history of interactions of Blacks and Jews—through the eyes of Jewish scholars, historians, and rabbis. No matter the scholarly source, Jews MUST control the intellectual diet of the goyim at any cost and create the false idols they worship.

An accompanying ADL-Amazon notice: “We reserve the right to determine whether content provides a poor customer experience and remove that content from sale.” Each of the NOI books had hundreds of reader reviews with a collective rating of 5 of 5 stars. So the “customer experience” is evident—by Amazon’s standards, such as they are. It is entirely understandable that some of Amazon’s customers may have had a poor or even shocking experience with the content of the 4-book Secret Relationship series. But that, in truth, is only proof that they are woefully ignorant of the voluminous works of their own Jewish scholars.

Sins of the Fathers

It is useful, then, for those who have not seen or read the four controversial Nation of Islam books, to present some of the most provocative content to understand why in 2019 Goliath—after nearly 25 years of selling Secret Relationship—has now outlawed slings and smooth stones (1 Samuel 17:40). And though the book series is fully footnoted, replete with literally thousands of citations, references, and sources, for this exercise we pick a few examples from the most celebrated of Jewish scholars (all of them PhDs with impeccable academic credentials, two of them rabbis) that allow the reader to weigh the import of the works—and Amazon’s deceitful ban—in their proper contexts:

(1) In the trans-Atlantic slave trade nine out of ten Africans were shipped to Brazil. Dr. Arnold Wiznitzer described the early Jewish presence there:

“Besides their important position in the sugar industry and in tax farming, they dominated the slave trade….The buyers who appeared at the auctions were almost always Jews, and because of this lack of competitors they could buy slaves at low prices.”

Dr. Wiznitzer was a professor at Jewish Theological Seminary of America and president of the Brazilian-Jewish Institute of Historical Research—even though his words and authority rewrite the popular mythological version of Black–Jewish relations.

(2) According to Simon Wiesenthal Center scholar Dr. Harold Brackman, during the 1600s “slave trading in Brazil became a ‘Jewish’ mercantile specialty in much the same way it had been in early medieval Europe.” Here, almost unwittingly and in a single sentence, Dr. Brackman places Jews at the center of both African and European slavery. Dr. Brackman also wrote, “Jews were about twice as likely to be slave owners as the average white Southerner.”

(3) Rabbi and historian Dr. Bertram W. Korn was the acknowledged expert on 19th-century American Jewry, and a president of the American Historical Society, and on the executive board of the Central Conference of American Rabbis. He wrote:

“It would seem to be realistic to conclude that any Jew who could afford to own slaves and had need for their services would do so….Jews participated in every aspect and process of the exploitation of the defenseless blacks.”

Rabbi Korn gives a lecture on the subject that can be heard on the Nation of Islam Research Group website.

(4) Columbia University professor Jonathan Schorsch wrote, “some Jewish merchants routinely possessed enormous numbers of slaves temporarily before selling them off.”

(5) Dr. Abraham Peck was the director of both the American Jewish Archives in Cincinnati and the American Jewish Historical Society in New York, the two leading institutions on American Jewish life and history, as well as the director of the Holocaust Museum Houston. Dr. Peck was unmistakably clear:

“The first two centuries of the Black–Jewish encounter in America were highlighted by a fairly extensive record of Jewish slave-holding. Indeed, during the colonial period, in the small Jewish community of the time, almost every Jewish household of any form, North or South, possessed at least one slave.”

Jewish scholar Cecil Roth says Jews were “greatest” slaveholders. His books are available at Amazon.

(6) At the office of the British Jewish Historical Society, there is a bronze bust of the celebrated Jewish historian Dr. Cecil Roth, who with his many awards and honors was the editor-in-chief of the Encyclopedia Judaica. He wrote that the Black slave revolts in parts of South America “were largely directed against [Jews], as being the greatest slave-holders of the region.” Jews set up militias with the sole purpose of destroying Africans who had escaped from Jewish plantations. The Jewish militias murdered the escaped slaves and cut off their hands to award to their fellow Jews as trophies.

(7) In his 1983 book Jews and Judaism in the United States, Rabbi Dr. Marc Lee Raphael, the longtime editor of the most prestigious of Jewish historical journals, the Publications of the American Jewish Historical Society, published one of the most definitive statements on Jewish involvement in the Black Holocaust. In Brazil, “Slave auctions were postponed if they fell on a Jewish holiday. In Curacao in the seventeenth century, as well as in the British colonies of Barbados and Jamaica in the eighteenth century, Jewish merchants played a major role in the slave trade.”

“In fact,” he stated, “in all the American colonies, whether French (Martinique), British, or Dutch, Jewish merchants frequently dominated.” He continues:

“This was no less true on the North American mainland, where during the eighteenth century Jews participated in the ‘triangular trade’ that brought slaves from Africa to the West Indies…”

(8) The Jewish Encyclopedia adds that “Jewish commercial activity” in the time of the Triangular Trade and its Middle Passage included a “monopoly of the slave trade.” It also states: “[T]he cotton-plantations in many parts of the South were wholly in the hands of the Jews, and as a consequence slavery found its advocates among them.”

The fact is that Amazon and the ADL can no longer conceal the incredible collection of facts in The Secret Relationship Series that place the Jewish people among the Black man’s worst historical enemies. What had previously been considered the racist acts of white Christians alone are now shown to have had significant Jewish culpability. Jewish merchants owned, insured, and financed slave ships and Jewish chandlers outfitted them with chains and shackles. Jews became the major traders in “refuse slaves”—Africans who were weak and sick from the Middle Passage voyage. Jewish traders bought them cheap, “fattened them up,” and sold them at a profit. The Gradis family of Jewish shippers had a monopoly on trade to the notorious slave dungeon at Gorée Island—the Auschwitz of the Black Holocaust. They owned 26 ships and extensive plantations in the French colonies St. Domingo and Martinique, and they developed a plan to import 10,000 slaves into Louisiana. When early New Yorkers decided to start slavery in the colony, records show they contacted “the jobbers and the Jews,” who were the recognized international dealers. The largest shipments of Africans arriving in New York in the first half of the 1700s were commissioned by Jewish merchants.

These are irrefutable examples of the Jewish scholars whose works on this subject are represented in The Secret Relationship Between Blacks & Jews, Volume One. And all of those Jewish works remain unassailed and ready to purchase at, where they face no “community standards,” sanctions, or even a review. In stark contrast to the massive evidence of slave-trading Jews is this damning 1853 statement by America’s leading abolitionist organization: Jews “have never taken any steps whatever” against slavery. Dr. Brackman adds that the most influential rabbi in America, Isaac Mayer Wise, believed that abolitionism “was the major threat to Jewish existence.” 

And that just covers a small portion of the contents of The Secret Relationship, Vol. 1. Volume Two of The Secret Relationship series, released in 2010, quotes B’nai B’rith officials like Bernard Postal, whose 1928 Jewish Tribune article is titled “Jews in the Ku Klux Klan: Klan-Like Organizations Have Existed Since the Adoption of the Constitution; Jews Played a Part in All of Them.” Volume Two traces the earliest investment in the KKK to the Jewish slave owner and Confederate leader Judah P. Benjamin. Nation of Islam researchers uncovered a photo of a proud Jewish merchant receiving 50 roses from hooded klansmen in a public park to celebrate his “golden business anniversary.”

The post-slavery sharecropping system that kept the ex-slave in desperate poverty and ignorance for decades after emancipation was a product of the vast network of Jewish bankers, moneylenders, and cotton traders, who flooded the South to reap the immense cotton profits.


The Jewish wealth generated from these slavery- and Jim Crow-based enterprises helped finance Jewish community development, built synagogues, homes, schools, businesses, and institutions, and in many untold ways enriched their lives, congregations, and communities. Actually, one is hard-pressed to name a single prominent American Jew in the slavery era who did not own slaves or profit from Black African slavery.

Over centuries Jews built this prodigious and ill-gotten wealth, then wrote themselves out of the history of slavery, and left the white Gentiles to take the entire blame for the slave trade, slavery, sharecropping, and Jim Crow.

The 144-page companion volume to the Secret Relationship series is titled Jews Selling Blacks: Slave-Sale Advertising By American Jews. In effect, this collection of Jewish advertisements—the largest collection of its kind ever published—is the “dashcam video” of Black–Jewish history. The value of these original documents is that they are not filtered through any historian, rabbi, or scholar. Jewish slave traders PAID to place these ads, and the graphic detail can not be explained away.

For instance, some Jewish scholars have used U.S. census records, which show “modest” Jewish slaveholding, to diminish the role of Jews as major “owners” of Black human beings. This, however, is highly misleading. The 1830 census shows that all the Jews of Charleston, South Carolina, claimed to “own” a total of 104 Black human beings. But a single Jew, Jacob Cohen, on a single day in 1857, offered for sale “125 rice negroes.” That same year, the same Mr. Cohen teamed with a Gentile and advertised almost twice that number—210—in a single day. Those warehoused Africans were not counted in the census records as slaves owned by Cohen, a prominent member of Charleston’s Jewish community. Today, Mr. Cohen might have a seller page on selling slaves as both “new” and “used” and then encouraging 5-star customer feedback.

The third and latest volume of The Secret Relationship Between Blacks & Jews was released in 2016 and focuses entirely on the notorious Leo Frank case of 1913–1915, the problematic episode that purportedly started the ADL and the KKK and is reputed to be the worst incident of “anti-Semitism” in American history—except that such claims are untrue. Leo Frank was the B’nai B’rith president in Atlanta and arguably the South’s most important Jew. He was convicted of the murder of a 13-year-old Gentile girl named Mary Phagan and he was ultimately lynched for the crime. She was a child worker at Frank’s factory who came to get her pay and was later found dead. The NOI’s ground-breaking work explodes the notion that Frank was innocent and powerfully refutes the claim that there was any anti-Semitism in the case at all. The common belief in the oppression and victimhood of the Jews in America is based almost entirely on that 1913–1915 incident, and through it they created an entirely new sympathetic image of themselves as friends of and co-sufferers with the racially oppressed.

The NOI’s 536-page meticulously footnoted book (2,000 footnotes and many more citations and references) refutes this century-old propaganda point by point. Frank is proved to be a lecher who had a sordid history of sexual harassment of his 100 gentile girl employees. Frank and his Jewish defenders committed massive perjuries and planted and tampered with evidence, among other felonies—all to frame two Black men for his crime. Court records show that Frank actually claimed that murder and rape were “negro crimes” and thus he, as a white man, could not be guilty! He further said that “negro testimony” was unreliable so the Black witnesses who testified against him should be ignored. As Frank’s lawyer so elegantly told the jury: “If you put a nigger in a hopper, he’ll drip lies,” after referring to one witness as “a dirty, filthy, black, drunken, lying nigger.”

Of course, this reality betrays as false the victimhood image that was carefully prepared for Leo Frank, who for a century has been used to portray Jews as friends of Blacks with a common white enemy. So well documented is the NOI research that the grand-niece of the victim and a scholar and author of her own book on the case, Mary Phagan-Kean, wrote this in 2019:

“The Nation of Islam volume is the most well-researched book published regarding the rape and murder of little Mary Phagan to date.”

So completely does the book uncover the hidden truths about this case that one might confidently speculate that it may have actually altered the Congressional “anti-Semitism” resolution that was originally intended to target Rep. Omar. The first draft of the document mentioned the Leo Frank case as the most egregious example of “anti-Semitism” in American history, yet the mention of Leo Frank was removed in the final draft voted on by Congress. After a century of parading an invented history of “anti-Semitism,” the Jewish propagandists may have been forced by the Nation of Islam book to retire the Leo Frank myth.

S.I. Rosenbaum’s assessment in the Boston Globe that “A shocking number of Jews have become willing collaborators in white supremacy” is only shocking in its understatement. This article provides but a page or two of direct Jewish testimony of Jews in the Black Holocaust, but the 1,600-page Secret Relationship Series goes much, much deeper.

And while all this rich and untapped wealth of data has now been banned, any number—even thousands—of books on the African slave trade that not only conceal the Jewish role but place the entire culpability on white gentiles are readily available at Wholesome offerings to Amazon customers include the full retinue of Jerry Springer program “highlights” he calls “Undressed and Unleashed” and “UNCENSORED!” Also available is Elie Wiesel’s book Legends of Our Time, in which he counsels: “Every Jew, somewhere in his being, should set apart a zone of hate—healthy, virile hate—for what the German personifies and for what persists in the German. To do otherwise would be a betrayal of the dead.” Meir Kahane’s book The Ideology of Kach is available, even though his Kach party was on the U.S. State Department’s list of Foreign Terrorist Organizations. 


The Talmud can be purchased on Amazon, though the notorious Jewish “holy book” says some of the ugliest things about Blacks, gentiles, and women ever recorded. And, most significantly, an Amazon customer can still purchase Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf, with the introduction written by—wait for it—Abraham Foxman of the ADL. This is not to say that these books should be banned, but since Amazon arrogates to itself “the right to make a determination on the historical value of the item,” one can readily see Amazon and Jeffrey Bezos’s supreme hypocrisy.


“The Man of Sin MUST be revealed.”

We are at that moment in time The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad told us about in His Our Saviour Has Arrived:

The Bible says (Mt. 25:32) “Before Him shall be gathered all nations.” The Holy Qur’an says, “you shall see all nations kneeling before Him and they shall be judged out of their own books. [HQ 45:28]” The government keeps a record of their governmental accounts. They have books in the library and in the courts which tell how they have ruled the people. They have a record of how they have judged the people.

The Nation of Islam researchers are under the direction of The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, whose mission is to expose Satan—a dangerous assignment that necessitates a spiritual and mathematical grounding. 2 Thessalonians 2:3 emphatically states: “Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed”—with his own books and his own Jewish scholarship.

The privatizing of the First Amendment and doling out its privileges to Jews alone are where this Satanic cabal is moving. Blacks and white Gentiles are taking a new look at the presumptions they have always taken as fact, and new racial alliances based on Truth are being formed and solidified in the process.

The banning of The Secret Relationship is a sure sign that victory is near.


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ALL Amazon-banned books may be purchased here:


A 37-page PDF titled “Highlights and Key Points of The Secret Relationship Between Blacks & Jews” can be downloaded FREE here .

A 29-part Audiobook of The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews, Vol. 3, The Leo Frank Case, produced by The American Mercury is available here:

With Liberty & Justice FOR WHITE: America’s False Flag Controversy


NOI Research Group

UnknownBetsy Ross was credited with creating the first American flag, but that is doubtful. If there was any sewing going on—and there was—it was a Black woman doing it. The notorious stars-&-stripes was adopted in 1777, with its 13 stripes and circular array of thirteen 5-pointed stars.

The Confederate flag was raised in 1861 by white slave-owners in their violent attempt to preserve Black slavery. We are then told that Abraham Lincoln, having come to the decision that slavery was immoral and inhumane, “emancipated” the Black man, an action that intensified the Civil War.

This popular account may be good for Steven Spielberg’s white supremacist standards, but not for ours. A few historical realities stand in the way of this American fairy tale. Let us look at a few of Lincoln’s actions under the ol’ “RED, WHITE & BLUE”:

  • While still engaged in the war, Lincoln placed his troops at the disposal of the governor of Maryland to repress a rumored slave insurrection.
  • In 1861, when General John C. Fremont freed all slaves in the state of Missouri, Lincoln fired him. When General David Hunter freed the slaves in three states, Lincoln cancelled and then reversed the general’s order.
  • Lincoln’s military camps were closed to runaway slaves, and some poor Black souls were actually captured by Union soldiers and returned to their rebel owners!
  • Lincoln had no intention of establishing “integration” and in 1862 sent 450 “freed” slaves to an island off the coast of Haiti in an ill-fated colonization scheme. The navy had to be sent to retrieve the beleaguered Blacks.
  • Lincoln publicly voiced support for the Fugitive Slave Law, which made every American citizen—North and South—responsible for catching runaway slaves.flag_eagleb_we_lg

The lifespan of the Confederate flag was but four years, and it could have been defeated a full two years sooner had not a Jewish banker named Emile Erlanger breathed life back into the Confederacy with a $7 million loan (about $125 million in today’s money), without which the South would have been unable to pay or arm its troops. This little-known act of treachery may have cost 300,000 white lives and enabled the slave trade to continue for even longer.

Nevertheless, the Star Spangled Banner won out—and that’s when the misery of the Black, the Brown, and the Red accelerated. Ask the Native Americans whether they see any difference between the two flags. The MASSACRES that have been recorded since the Confederate flag was retired in 1865 are what put the red in the stripes of the AMERICAN flag:

Wounded Knee Massacre--250 murdered

Wounded Knee Massacre–250 murdered

Circleville Massacre                               (16 dead)

Aquarius Mountains                              (23 dead)

Campo Seco                                          (33 dead)

Washita Massacre                                  (140 dead)

Marias Massacre                                    (173 dead)

Kingsley Cave Massacre                       (30 dead)

Camp Grant Massacre                          (144 dead)

Skeleton Cave Massacre                       (76 dead)

Cypress Hills Massacre                          (20 dead)

Sappa Creek Massacre                          (27 dead)

Big Hole Massacre                                 (89 dead)

Fort Robinson Massacre                        (77 dead)

Buffalo Gap Massacre                            (? dead)

Stronghold                                             (76 dead)

Wounded Knee Massacre                      (250 dead)


Lynching1906NC.captionThere were many more massacres long before the creation of the Confederate flag or the Confederacy. The genocide and suffering of the Red Man are unforgivable.

With Lincoln dead, and the terrorist leaders forgiven, whites reunited under the American flag, their first order of business was to establish white supremacy for all time. The Ku Klux Klan formed under the AMERICAN flag—not the Confederate flag—and much of its violence occurred in the north. They even had a chapter at Harvard University. Slavery was over, but the United States economy was still dominated by cotton production. In the so-called “Compromise of 1877,” whites determined that bloody violence was essential to force the ex-slaves back onto the plantation in a new form of slavery called sharecropping; thus, the Reconstruction era was literally an American Orgy of anti-Black Terror & Violence.

Wholesale killings of Blacks occurred across the South with alarming frequency and shocking depravity. Most of these open racial slaughters resulted from attempts by Blacks to assert their citizenship rights, such as by voting or seeking political office, by setting up businesses, or by acquiring land or education. But much of it was just pure race hate. As one scholar wrote of postwar whites: “They loathed the Negro and…were ready to hunt him like an animal.” So many Blacks were slaughtered in one genocidal incident in a Texas county that “vultures became a nuisance.” Think about that.



Click on Image for map of violent American pogroms. (source: The Secret Relationship Between Blacks & Jews, Vol. 2)

Here are a few instances in the “proud heritage” of white America.

  • In Memphis, Tennessee, in 1866, a mob of whites was said to have exhibited “a deadly hatred of the colored race” as it joined police officers in murdering at least 46 innocents and injuring 285. Rampaging whites raped Black women and burned four Black churches and twelve Black schools.
  • In New Orleans, Louisiana, that same year, white mobs murdered 34 and injured more than 200. Similar incidents occurred in Pulaski, Tennessee; Opelousas, Louisiana; Eutaw, Alabama; Laurens, South Carolina; and Camilla, Georgia.
  • In 1871, every schoolhouse for Black children in Winston County, Mississippi, was burned, and in Meridian thirty Blacks were killed.
  • In 1868, whites began a killing spree in Shady Grove, Louisiana, and indiscriminately murdered up to 200 innocent Blacks.
  • On Easter Sunday of 1873 in Colfax, Louisiana, the bloodiest single instance of racial carnage occurred when 280 Blacks were left for dead, sixty of them “terribly mutilated” and strewn throughout the countryside. Thirty-four others had been taken to a riverbank and shot through the head. Authorities tried none of the perpetrators, claiming the massacre was “a justifiable assertion of white supremacy.”
  • In 1874–75, after years of violence, white Mississippians overthrew the legally constituted interracial government. As many as 300 Blacks were murdered in Vicksburg in two separate incidents in 1874 when whites on a killing spree swept the county.
  • Between 35 and 50 Blacks along with radical white leaders were slaughtered in Clinton, Mississippi, in September 1875.
  • In 1874, a murderous mob of 400 armed Tennessee whites stormed the Trenton Jail and massacred all 16 of the Blacks confined there. Their bodies were found at the bottom of a river a mile away.
  • In 1876 in Hamburg, South Carolina, whites forced their way through a group of parading Black militia. Two dozen of the Blacks were arrested and five were murdered while in custody—they were told to run and then shot in the back.
  • In Ellenton, South Carolina, federal troops helped local whites slaughter at least 40 Blacks, including a legislator in the state’s House of Representatives.
  • In 1884, a white mob murdered 56 people in Cincinnati, Ohio, and burned down the city’s courthouse.
  • In 1887, in what has become known as the Thibodaux Massacre, Louisiana whites slaughtered as many as 300 Black sugar plantation workers because they were organizing for better conditions.
  • In 1890, a North Carolina mob of 400 white men, “led by prominent citizens and public officials,” killed and wounded an untold number of Blacks.

And this is merely a sample of the documented violence against Blacks–and does not include the 5,000 known lynchings! By 1893, almost thirty years after “emancipation,” Blacks in the South were being murdered at a rate of at least one every 40 hours.

Justice_OR_Else_255x360Today this violent and oppressive “Jim Crow” history is represented in popular culture as no more than the mere inconveniences of water fountain and lunch counter discrimination. But this masks the real purpose and devastating effects of the many violent acts of white supremacy: the destruction of any Black aspirations for economic self-development, the confinement of the African to forced plantation and domestic labor, permanent political subjugation, and perpetual societal inferiority.

This all ends on October 10, 2015, in Washington DC, when the “false flags” of Jim Crow, the FBI’s COINTELPRO, the anti-Asian concentration camps, the anti-Mexican wall-builders, police brutality and militarization, the mass incarceration of Blacks, the racist unemployment and discrimination all come crashing down. A new flag will be hoisted over a people who are determined never to be slaves again. Be there when The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan hoists the flag of God Himself—the one that will say forever “with Freedom and Justice for ALL!”


[The source for much of the information in this article is the book The Secret Relationship Between Blacks & Jews, Vol. 2, and additional information on the history of the racist policies of America is in the book, How White Folks Got So Rich. Both are available at]

Hon. Min. Louis FARRAKHAN: The Interview of 1994

The Philadelphia Tribune Friday, February 18, 1994, Volume 111, No. 200 – Cover Story: Tribune Exclusive: FARRAKHAN 
by Jehron Muhammad (Tribune Correspondent)

“Minister Farrakhan claims ADL is trying to ruin Nation of Islam”

Minister Louis Farrakhan, leader of the Nation of Islam (NOI) in an exclusive and wide-ranging interview with the Philadelphia Tribune earlier this week, spoke out on Jewish efforts to “defame” him, Black leaders who bow to external forces, and “the wicked, racist bigoted behavior” of those who are trying to prevent his scheduled appearance on the Arsenio Hall Show.

During the telephone interview from his Chicago office, which lasted more than an hour, Farrakhan said that the recent flurry of condemnation and negative news coverage of the Nation of Islam are part of the Anti-Defamation League’s (ADL) campaign to cripple his credibility and that of the Nation of Islam.

The ADL has repeatedly stated that Farrakhan is hateful. bigoted and anti-Semitic.

Farrakhan, in his first extensive interview with any newspaper in nearly a year, said pressure from Jewish groups is being exerted to block his scheduled Feb. 25 appearance on the Arsenio Hall Show as part of a Black History Month observence.

Farrakhan said that Arsenio is receiving “a tremendous amount of pressure” to cancel his appearance.

“I think that this is manifest wicked, raciest, bigoted behavior at its worst. Right now on my desk I have invitations from Mike Wallace, Phil Donahue, Ted Koppel, Tom Brokaw, Connie Chung, Forest Sawyer, and others to appear on their television shows anytime I desire.

“And if I were to accept any one of these (invitations), no member of the ADL (or) member of the Jewish community would dare tell these Whites that they couldn’t have me on their show. But they live by terrifying Blacks in position(s) of authority and power, so we would be so frightened of losing the position that they feel they have given us that we would do their bidding.”

Farrakhan, 61 said that so far “Arsenio Hall is standing strongly.” He added that the entire Black community should rise up and send Arsenio Hall letters of support letting him know that “we stand behind his right to have him (Farrakhan) on his show. The same as Donahue or any other white host should have the right to have me on their show.” He said.

At the outset, Farrakhan gave special thanks to the Black media – both print and electronic – for presenting “the real truth about what is happening today.” If it were not for the Black media, he said, recent events concerning him and the NOI would not have gotten any accurate coverage.

The Minister charged the ADL in particular with fearing “the legitimization of Louis Farrakhan” among mainstream Black leadership.

A recent background report by the ADL’s Civil Rights Division entitled “Mainstreaming Anti-Semitism: The Legitimation of Louis Farrakhan” stated that the Muslim minister “ has recently attained a new level of acceptance among certain mainstream Black organizations and leaders.”

Commenting on the ADL, Farrakhan said “They know the truth of what I say and they know the truth of what we are attempting to do to benefit our community, but their slander and defamation of Louis Farrakhan is to create an image of me that would cause Black people not to listen to the truth that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said God revealed to him for the freedom, justice, and equality of our people,”

He also spoke at length about the ADL meeting held last weekend in Palm Springs, Fla. Held to arrive at a strategy on how to deal with his “legitimating,” according to an internal ADL document.

“According to what I heard, Abraham Foxman (president of the ADL)  said that they would work with the NOI in our positive programs  in the Black community, but he (Foxman) would fight very vigorously the “anti-Semitism of the NOI.”  Now, Mr. Foxman has called me a master of double-speak, but I know that Mr. Foxman is not going to work with the NOI on its positive programs, because right now the ADL in Chicago has sworn that they would do everything that is within their power to stop the Chicago Housing Authority and its giving of a contract to members of the NOI services for one of the worst crime-infested housing developments in the city of Chicago. And they are fighting at every turn the good things that we are dong with AIDS an the cleaning up our community,” he said, noting that the NOI’s health minister, Dr. Abdul Alim Muhammad for more that three years has been treating AIDS patients in the United States with a treatment discovered in the East African country of Kenya.

He also accused the ADL of initiating a letter-writing campaign to college presidents to frighten them from having members of the NOI peak at colleges and universities. “So they intend to go all out  to destroy the reputation of Louis Farrakhan and the effectiveness of the NOI,” he said.

Farrakhan feels the ADL’s effort to discredit him and the Nation (NOI) are failing. He gave the example of the nearly 25,000 who came out to hear him speak recently at the Jacob Javits Center in New York and the 12,000 who came out to men’s only meeting in Harlem to discuss solutions for eliminating crime in the Black community.

Farrakhan said that he did not realize until the Jesse Jackson presidential campaign in 1984 how much of an influence the ADL had over Black leaders and organizations.

Farrakhan feels that not only do they influence Black leaders and organizations, “but they have considerable influence over Black professionals… including doctors, teachers, lawyers, as well as Black entertainers and sports figures… as Black people (we) can never speak of freedom until we break this inordinate control over those minds of our people who are the natural leaders of the masses. This must be made known and this control must be broken at all cost.”

Discussing the “covenant” with Black leaders and organizations, the NOI minister said the “ADL exercised inordinate pressure on the Rev. Jackson, on the NAACP, on the CBC (Congressional Black Caucus) and other Black leaders to stand up and denounce Khalid (Dr. Khalid Abdul Muhammad) and, more important, denounce the NOI, to break the covenant that the CBC and the NAACP had entered into with the NOI.”

Farrakhan said that he informed the NAACP’S executive director, Dr. Benjamin Chavis, that he would call for a summit of Black leaders and that he had recently done so. Along with the NAACP and the NOI. Farrakhan said, Congressman Kweisi Mfume and some members of the CBC would participate in the summit as well as Joseph Lowery of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference.

The focus of the summit, Farrakhan said, would be to settle differences between Black leadership, and most important, to look at the overall condition of our community and the crisis we face, “and what we together and through our organizations can do to help the Black community survive.”

Farrakhan said the NAACP has ‘affirmed” the covenant.

He added that Mfume has taken the brunt of the heat from the Black community for CBC’s breaking of the covenant. He said it was Mfume who “reached out to us (NOI)” and even though many in the Caucus did not agree, they chose to “keep their tongues until this inordinate amount of pressure was put on them and then some of them began to speak, notably Major Owens of New York and John Lewis of Atlanta.”

Farrakhan, who said that Mfume was signaled out for initiating the covenant between the CBC and the NOI, said “the poor brother (Mfume) was left out there by members of the Caucus and I think that is unfair…”

He said that when the covenant was made approximately ten members of the Caucus were with Mfume and 30 members were not. “But out of his (Mfume’s) love for – not only his constituency – but for Black people, he felt it absolutely necessary that we have a summit to discuss our problems and try to develop solutions to the many problems that face our community,” said Farrakhan.

Questioned about the NOI’s publication “The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews,” Farrakhan said his research team uncovered the information in the book as a result of a controversy that Jews raised when he mentioned that they were involved in the African slave trade along with African. Arabs and white Christians.

“The book was done out of a desire to defend me, not for political purposes, Farrakhan said. The book is a compilation of quotes from various Jewish scholars, Rabbis and historians, Farrakhan said.

“Each quote is documented and footnoted so that any person that reads the quote can go to the exact page and book where it is quoted from and read the entire context of each quote.”

He stressed that the quotes are “absolutely authentic and this the Jews know. In fact in my talking to Jewish Rabbis they asked me if I would denounce the book as a calumny against the Jewish people and I told them if the book were false I would denounce it because I want nothing of falsehood attached to my name.”

He continued, “I said I would denounce he book tomorrow morning if you all would denounce every scholar that we quoted as a liar. And since they have not done that, I would not denounce the book.”

Farrakhan said one purpose of the book is to justify reparations being paid to Black Americans for slavery and segregation. Farrakhan says the book seeks to show Jewish involvement in the slave trade and to highlight the exact role that members of the Jewish community played in the destruction of Black people.

“If you notice all Jews have a record of everything that was done to them by the Gentile nations. Why do they keep a record? They kept a record so that when they were in the position they could document all of the evils of the Gentiles, particularly in the era of the second World War to call for reparations from the German government and people which the Jews are receiving to this day,” Farrakhan said.

Farrakhan says that they (Jews) are a part of “our plan, along with our African brothers, Arabs, white Christians, the United States government and everyone that had a role in the destruction of the Blacks of the Western hemisphere. Everyone has to have a role in paying reparations to the sons and daughters of those destroyed members of the African family.”

Responding to charges that he has been sexist and misogynistic, Farrakhan, who has been married 40 years and has nine children by his wife Khadijah, said such charges aren’t worth dignifying with a response.

“Our history has never been one of discrimination against women, but the problem in the  Black community is Black men killing, maiming and brutalizing Black men, women and children. It is imperative since we have a men’s class in the Nation that trains men and teaches men and civilizes men that we extend this teaching and training to the Black men of the Black community.

“And, so this of course frightens our enemies and they are fighting against us with everything they have including the law.”  

Responding to incessant media claims that the NOI’s positive work is grounded in hate and anti-Semitism, Farrakhan said, “This is totally from a white perspective and particularly the ADL perspective. We have never been anti-Semitic.


Buck-Breaking the Black Man: A Jewish Tradition

Buck-Breaking the Black Man: A Jewish Tradition

Nation of Islam Research Group

BUCK, noun: a male animal; a male Indian or NEGRO —often used disparagingly; slang a DOLLAR

BUCK verb: to refuse to submit or agree : BALK

BREAK verb: to split into pieces or smash into parts or fragments; FRACTURE, MAIM, MUTILATE, CUT, RUPTURE, VIOLATE, INVALIDATE, SMASH, DEMOLISH, DESTROY; to defeat utterly and end as an effective force : overcome the resistance or strength of; to crush the spirit of; to make tractable or submissive; to reduce to weakness or ineptness; to ruin financially; BANKRUPT

Webster’s Third New International Dictionary, Unabridged Edition

By now we should all understand Buck Breaking. Indeed, Black men of influence, fame, and notoriety such as Dr. Mark Lamont Hill, LaKeith Stanfield, Nick Cannon, DeSean Jackson, Ice Cube, P. Diddy, Stephen Jackson, and Allen Iverson have all learned that the Buck Breaking process so essential to the slave system is still a standard operating procedure of today’s “Black–Jewish relationship.” Whites and Jews enforced their power over the Black men they enslaved by applying extreme torture in the form of whipping, rape, dismemberment, and murder in front of other slaves, aiming to terrorize them all into full submission.

Writer Frederick Law Olmsted traveled the South in the mid-1800s observing the wickedness of the American slavery system: “If a laborer on a plantation should contradict his master, it may often appear to be no more than a reasonable precaution for his master to kill him on the spot; for, when a slave has acquired such boldness, it may be evident that not merely is his value as property seriously diminished, but the attempt to make further use of him at all, as property, [endangers] the whole white community. If I let this man live, and permit him the necessary degree of freedom, to be further useful to me, he will infect, with his audacity, all my negro property, which will be correspondingly more difficult to control, and correspondingly reduced in value.”

When one of the 50 enslaved Africans on the Kentucky plantation of Lilburn LewisThomas Jefferson’s nephew—broke a water pitcher, he gathered his slaves into a barn and calmly chopped the 17-year-old George into pieces, lecturing to the terrified Africans as he tossed each severed limb into the fire. Buck Breaking. Today, the limbs that are chopped off are financial—recording deals, sneaker and apparel deals, endorsements, performances, appearances, etc. All now thrown into the fire—piece by piece.

Certainly, when Ye and Kyrie Irving signed the lucrative contracts that respectively made them a billionaire and a millionaire, they had no idea that there was an invisible plantation-era clause that negated any legal terminology on paper—the Buck Breaking clause. Ye has boldly exposed the fraud and deception that has been the mainstay of Jewish exploitation of Black athletes and entertainers for generations. He bitterly addressed Jewish mogul Ari Emanuel, who has made it his personal mission to destroy Ye’s multi-billion-dollar business empire. In an October 30 Instagram, Ye posted a photo of the disfigured lynch victim Emmet Till and wrote: “You tried to destroy my life after all the money I’ve made for the ‘business’ people….At least as I burn to the stake in front of the whole world…everyone now knows who they need to really be afraid of. And now everyone knows how much power you ‘Business’ people actually have.”

And what water pitcher did Kyrie Irving break? He provided a link to a movie—in apparent “contradiction of his masters” Brooklyn Nets CEO Samuel Zussman and Anti-Defamation League CEO Jonathan Greenblatt—and that was all it took before massas Zussman & Greenblatt took the “reasonable precaution” of publicly shaming, firing, fining, cancelling the audacious—and defiantly unvaccinated—Irving, a punitive and vindictive move that was even applauded in a tweet by the ambassador of the apartheid state of Israel, Gilad Erdan: “Kyrie hopped on the trend of being antisemetic & was put in his place quickly. I hope he opens his eyes beyond the conspiracy theories he spreads & can educate himself.”

The movie for which Kyrie needed to be “put in his place” is Hebrews to Negroes: Wake Up Black America,” which provides a religious and historical perspective on the racial identity of the original Hebrews, and thus offers a challenge to the prevailing view of who the real “chosen people” are. At one time this was known as 1st Amendment-protected “free speech.” Jews have now redefined the Constitution and appended the Buck Breaking Amendment, as delineated by Olmstead.

Historically, members of the Caucasian Jewish community, like Emanuel, Zussman, Greenblatt, and many others, have delighted in the destruction of audacity-infected Black men. It is a history of cruelty that Jews have tried to conceal from the world, shared only among a select few rabbis, scholars, and academics. Today that Jewish history best explains why Jews have treated Ye and Kyrie Irving with such unsparing and merciless brutality. In all honesty, they can’t help it. They’re well suited for that role, as Jesus pointed out in John 8:44. And for evidence of this we need only rely on the Jewish historical record.

Their popular writers and propagandists would like us to believe that Jews came to the Americas in the early 1900s as refugees fleeing European “oppression.” Well, some did, but many more arrived here centuries before that time period seeking to build international business networks based on the very profitable and slavery-intensive sugar trade. They quickly found that the tropical locales of Surinam and Brazil were prime sugar-growing regions, and Jews built many plantations—and many fortunes—for, according to Jewish author Herbert I. Bloom, “[the] slave trade was one of the most important Jewish activities here as elsewhere in the colonies.” According to the late Wiesenthal Center scholar Dr. Harold Brackman, “slave trading in Brazil became a ‘Jewish’ mercantile specialty in much the same way it had been in early medieval Europe.” In fact, wrote Jewish scholar Jonathan Schorsch, “Jewish merchants routinely possessed enormous numbers of slaves temporarily before selling them off.” The Jewish Encyclopedia adds that “Jewish commercial activity” in Brazil included a “monopoly of the slave trade.” The Jews of Surinam owned plantations with Hebrew names like Machanayim, Nachamu, and Goshen, where, according to Dr. Marcus Arkin, they used “many thousands” of Black slaves.

But Blacks were not easily enslaved and required brute force to keep the sugar profits flowing. And here is where Jewish buck-breakers went into action against the Ye’s and Kyries of the 1700s. In Dr. Aviva Ben-Ur’s recent book Jewish Autonomy in a Slave Society, she writes on page 76: “The liberty Jews enjoyed [in Surinam]…was inextricably intertwined with violent coercion….African slaves were routinely tortured on the village’s roadsides or along the fence enclosing the synagogue square.” The torture was horrifying and included floggings, mutilations, hangings, quartering, drowning, starving to death, breaking out of the teeth, stinging to death by mosquitoes and other insects, as well as burning alive at the stake. Many contracted tape worms “sometimes two yards in length” and leprosy, which covers the whole body with scales and ulcers.  There was one report of a Jewess who murdered an enslaved Black woman “by running a red-hot poker through her.” One account describes a shocking scene of a Black man being “broken alive upon the rack”—a slow execution presided over by a Jew in which the African victim suffered repeated blows with a heavy iron bar “until the marrow, blood, and splinters flew about the field; but the prisoner never uttered a groan nor a sigh.”

Africans who had escaped the Jewish plantations set up communities deep in the jungles of South America. These bold and fearless freedom-seeking Blacks were called Maroons, and they often returned to free their enslaved brethren. But this outraged Jews, who believed these Black human beings to be their slave property. So, they set up a 500-man Jewish militia whose sole function was to murder all Blacks that they could not re-enslave. The “Dean of Jewish Historians” Rabbi Jacob Rader Marcus provides the ADL’s point of view: “The whites felt they were being persecuted by their own slaves! The result was a vicious circle of white insecurity, inducing Negrophobic repression and inhuman cruelty, to which the blacks reacted by murdering their white oppressors and escaping into the jungle.”

As “the largest slaveholders in the region,” Jews led the white Gentiles in these wicked wars, their leader in at least thirty expeditions being a Jew named David Nassy, nephew of the biggest slave dealer in Surinam. And when they found Maroon villages, they burned them to the ground and destroyed their crops and farmland. When the Jews captured African fighters, they would cut off their hands to award to each other as trophies. Consider that both Kyrie and Ye are as skilled with their hands—Ye with a microphone and Kyrie with a basketball—as any Maroon with a weapon of war.

The torture did not stop when the Jews migrated north to master the cotton trade of the American south. As the Jewish Encyclopedia points out, “[T]he cotton-plantations in many parts of the South were wholly in the hands of the Jews, and as a consequence slavery found its advocates among them.” Freedom-hesitant Jews bought and sold Blacks without any moral scruples. In 1794, a Jew named Abraham Seixas advertised in a South Carolina newspaper the slaves he had for sale in poetry, extolling the violence he used to control them:

What e’er you say,

They will obey,

If you buy them from me…

For planting too, He has a few

To sell, all for the cash,

Of various price,

To work the rice

Or bring them to the lash.

No one can deny that 228 years later that Jews have brought Kyrie and Ye “to the lash.”

Mordecai Cohen

In the 1830s Mordecai Cohen of Charleston, South Carolina, was the wealthiest Jew in the state and owned a 1,000-acre plantation. When a Black “buck” named Peter was thought to have stolen “a few sticks of wood,” Cohen “whipped him for hours until he was unconscious and then doused him with brine before being chained in the stocks kept on the plantation for just such occasions.” His son David Cohen recaptured a runaway “buck” named Jim and brutally whipped him. Witnesses testified that Jim’s scars were all over his body and “appear as if pieces of flesh had been gouged out, and some are ridges or elevations of the flesh and skin. They could easily be felt through his clothing.”

An irrefutable and well-documented 500-plus-year history of Jewish hatred, torture, and exploitation of and violence against Blacks—before, during, and after slavery—demonstrates that Kyrie and Ye are at the violent end of a long Buck Breaking Jewish tradition. The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews book series released by The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan provides ample proof of the REAL history in haunting detail for serious scholars and thoughtful readers.

Our Brothers are suffering at the hands of a strange and violent people who are identified in the bible (Rev. 2:9 and 3:9) as being of the “Synagogue of Satan,” and their behaviors documented above by their own scholars and historians have confirmed their identity. Kyrie and Ye are not the first victims of these racist imposters posing as pious people of God. But it is now the responsibility of Blacks themselves to make them the last. 

REMEMBER: “They are trying, and tricking you in many ways; under the false disguise as now being a friend of yours and wanting to forget the Past. But, your agreement with them will not stand when you see the showdown.”

—The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad


“It is sinful that despite the harm being done to human beings, the government continues to heavily promote the uptake of these vaccines. They are using celebrities, professional athletes, preachers, politicians, educators and everyday people to pressure us to ‘just get the shot.’ It is time for all of us to become more proactive in fighting this diabolical scheme.” —Sister Ava Muhammad




Click to access DEPOP.Section.10.25.2022.FCN4203.pdf


“Before the vaccine was made, I warned us in the Name of Allah that this was a death plot….The way to get rid of two to three billion people [is] to offer you a vaccine.”

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, Swan Song




Click to access DepopSection.11.1.2022.FCN4204.pdf

Blacks, Jews and the Atrocities at Holmesburg Prison

Blacks, Jews and the Atrocities at Holmesburg Prison

By Tingba Muhammad

THE DEVILS SAY to you that they are better than you and I. Really, they are after the so-called Negroes whom they have crushed, made blind, deaf and dumb. They have robbed and experimented on us for 400 years, and all other darker people whom they have come in contact. Now they stand before you saying, “I am better than you.”

—The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad

Last week, the mayor of Philadelphia “officially” apologized to the 600 or more prison inmates who were subjected to a battery of “scientific” experiments at Holmesburg Prison from the 1950s to the 1970s that involved hundreds of experimental drugs, industrial chemicals, viruses, fungi, and other unknown substances with military applications.

Holmesburg Prison

The human guinea pig experiments have been compared in their villainy to the experiments conducted on Jewish prisoners during Hitler’s Nazi regime. And that is why it would surprise many to learn that the Holmesburg atrocities against the 85 percent Black inmates were orchestrated by a Jewish dermatologist named Dr. Albert Kligman and several of his Jewish colleagues from the University of Pennsylvania. The “apology,” though it comes more than 70 years after the fact, nonetheless reveals to Black America exactly how the Black–Jewish relationship “evolved” beyond the cotton fields and auction blocks of the slavery era.

In his statement issued October 6th, Philadelphia Mayor James Kenney called the Jewish-run experiments on Holmesburg inmates “another tragic example of disgraceful and unethical practices of medical experimentation on people of color throughout our country’s history.” However, the mayoral “apology” does not acknowledge the true heroes of this wicked episode: members of the Nation of Islam who not only confronted the powerful entities behind the experiments but also ran the Nazi doctors out of Holmesburg Prison.

Mayor Jim Kenney

As for Mayor Kenney, a white gentile, he is here engaging in classic political hypocrisy. We would call it Tricknology. He claimed that his “apology” is in recognition of “the deep distrust experiments like this have created in our communities of color.” But it was this Mayor Kenney who in 2020 during a peaceful George Floyd protest approved police use of CS tear gas on Black protestors. Like napalm CS tear gas was made intentionally lethal to drive enemy soldiers out of their hiding places by causing asphyxiation. It is known to cause severe damage to the heart, lungs, and liver. The wickedly ironic fact is that CS gas—the very tear gas that the democrat mayor Jim Kenney used to attack peaceful Black protesters—may have been one of the 254 chemicals that Dr. Albert Kligman tested on Black inmates at Holmesburg Prison.

Warren Kanders

Further, Philadelphia PD’s stock of CS tear gas was obtained through Safariland munitions company, a supplier of military grade weapons, including CS tear gas, rubber bullets, and pepper spray. It is owned by Warren B. Kanders, a Jew who was thrown off the board of the Whitney Museum when the art world found out that his tear gas was brutally used by police against the Palestinians, against asylum-seekers at the U.S.–Mexico border, and on Ferguson’s Blacks after police murdered Michael Brown.

But Mayor Jim Kenney was only getting started. He executed one of the most deadly acts of medical racism in history when he forced anyone doing any kind of business in Philadelphia to be injected with the unknown chemicals government officials call a “COVID-19 vaccine.” At least Dr. Kligman and his colleagues knew the chemicals tested on their Black victims. Kenney has no idea what he forced into the veins of Black Philadelphians, because Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson won’t divulge the ingredients. Whatever the shots contain, we do know that the injections do not stop infection or transmission of COVID-19, as is claimed; indeed, they have no apparent medical benefit at all. According to the CDC’s own records, the “COVID-19 vaccines” are the likely cause of more than 31,000 deaths and hundreds of thousands of permanent injuries—in America alone. Just how many Philadelphians have been disabled or perished by way of Kenney’s kool-aid mandate is not yet known.

Waren Kanders’ Safariland Tear Gas

Further, under Kenney’s draconian lockdowns the number of Black business owners in Philadelphia fell by 68%. By comparison, the number of white businesses fell 44%. More than half of Black business owners reported losing 50% or more of their revenue through these disastrous shutdown policies, and many of these small businesses that employed thousands of our youth have shut down forever. Mayor Kenney characterizes Dr. Kligman’s experiments on 600 inmates at Holmesburg as “atrocities”—and they most certainly are. But Kenney’s own current guinea pig experiment on 654,000 Black Philadelphians surpasses even Holmesburg in its satanic consequences.

Dr. Kligman’s Holmesburg Hell

Let us now examine how that forgotten episode in Black–Jewish history unfolded in the bowels of Philadelphia’s notorious Holmesburg Prison.

In 1951, just four years after Hitler’s death camp doctors were tried and executed at Nuremburg for their atrocities against the Jews, Dr. Albert M. Kligman, the self-described “son of poor East European Jewish immigrants,”entered Holmesburg Prison for the first time. His reaction to seeing all those incarcerated Black men was truly demonic: “All I saw before me were acres of skin….It was like a farmer seeing a fertile field for the first time.”

But Kligman was not a farmer and nothing he did should be associated with that noble profession. He was a professor of dermatology at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and, under contract to at least thirty-three major pharmaceutical, chemical, and cosmetic companies, including Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Merck, DuPont, and DowChemical, Kligman began to conduct experiments on the prisoners. A 1964 issue of Medical News reported that 9 out of 10 prisoners at Holmesburg Prison had become medical test subjects. Kligman tested the toxicity effects of many chemical warfare agents like dioxin—the deadly cancer-causing chemical in the defoliant Agent Orange, used by the United States to destroy the Asian man in the Vietnam War. And he tested mind-disabling psychoactive drugs like LSD for the U.S. Department of Defense and for his own commercial interests. In the process Kligman became wealthy, rising to the top of the field of dermatology.

“A Wonderful Time”

Kligman was like a Jewish kid in a candy store. He admitted: “I began to go to the prison regularly, although I had no authorization. It was years before the authorities knew that I was conducting various studies on prisoner volunteers. Things were simpler then. Informed consent was unheard of. No one asked me what I was doing. It was a wonderful time.”

Holmesburg wasn’t Kligman’s only playground— Kligman fed hormones to mentally disabled girls in two New Jersey institutions for the “feeble minded” or “mentally deficient.” When some of them started to grow beards, authorities “quickly put an end to the experiments.”

Dr. Kligman was aided by several Jews, including Dr. Sigmund Weitzman, who once applied a chemical to a Black inmate’s scalp and his hair began falling out in clumps. Dr. William L. Epstein, who studied under Kligman, bragged that “In a short period of time, I could see more [“patients”] than most people would see in their practice in their lifetime. It was very efficient.” His colleague, Dr. John Strauss, described experiments that were funded in part by the National Institutes of Health (the parent agency of National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, now run by Dr. Anthony Fauci) and the U.S. Army. They used “deep punch biopsies,” in which a sharp cylinder, about a quarter-inch in diameter, is twisted into the skin, then lifted out. Dr. Milton Cahn and his brother Dr. Burt Cahn, a psychiatrist, admitted to testing “a host of anti-anxiety medications and tranquilizers…and a variety of sleeping pills” on the prisoners.

Dr. Burton Cahn

Cahn partnered with another Jewish doctor named Edwin J. Levy, to form their own Philadelphia-based business called Research Testing Associates, Inc., which conducted the same types of human guinea pig experiments on inmates at Lancaster County Prison.

F.O.I. Confronts Mad Medical Scientists

Albert Kligman’s house of medical horrors was finally ended by inmates who were members of the Nation of Islam—followers of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad. They were housed in D-block at Holmesburg and they were not cooperative when Kligman came to solicit human guinea pigs. They strongly urged their fellow inmates not to participate. Said one Brother in a fit of understatement: “We told the doctors ‘absolutely not’ because of our religious beliefs. We knew the white men were devils, and the tests were dangerous.” In fact, Dr. Burt Cahn cited the Nation of Islam in his decision to leave the prison: “I became concerned about the growth of the Muslim movement.”

It must be here emphasized that—just as with the better-known Tuskegee syphilis experiments— no government agency, no church or synagogue, no public or private organization, no politician, no medical society, none of the civil rights leadership or racial watchdog groups stopped these horrific Nazi experiments on American soil, in the place mockingly known as the “City of Brotherly Love.” Members of the Nation of Islam whilst prisoners themselves confronted these crimes against humanity, ultimately resulting in the forced shutdown of those experiments.

Even after the public exposure of their horrific crimes, Drs. Kligman, Cahn and Levy were honored faculty members at University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine. Kligman faced no criminal or professional penalties for his depravity, and he even sat on the school’s “ethics committee.” And most horrific: “He trained over 60 international fellows, many of whom went on to chair departments and have successful research careers.”

Of his Holmesburg legacy America’s Jewish Dr. Mengele said: “My view is that shutting the prison experiments down was a big mistake….I’m on the medical ethics committee at Penn and I still don’t see there having been anything wrong with what we were doing.” Kligman’s inability to discern right from wrong, good from evil, is remarkably similar to the callous sentiments expressed by another notorious Jewish doctor.

Dr. Sidney Olansky

Dr. Sidney Olansky ran the Tuskegee syphilis experiments now roundly condemned as the very epitome of medical racism. President Bill Clinton issued an official apology saying, “what the United States government did was shameful…I am sorry that your federal government orchestrated a study so clearly racist.” But, like Kligman, Dr. Olansky did not agree. As many as 100 of the original 200 test subjects died as a direct or indirect result of the illness; 40 of their wives had been infected, and 19 of their children were born with congenital syphilis. Yet Olansky maintained that his Tuskegee atrocity “was well conducted.” The Black men, said Olansky, were informed of what was happening: “at least, it was explained to them; maybe they didn’t have sense enough to understand it, but it was explained to them….The thing that ruined it was the racial upheaval.”

The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad

These disgraceful episodes in Black–Jewish medical history (and many more unmentioned instances) have demonstrated the kind of evil that caused The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad to declare: “As I live, my desire is to destroy the so-called medical profession, because it is not a profession of healing; it is a profession of drugs.”


[Tingba Muhammad is a citizen of the Nation of Islam.]


“These vaccines are being resisted by millions of people from every race, class and religion. We can defeat the Synagogue of Satan with the Help of Allah (God).”

Sister Ava Muhammad




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“We’re in the good versus evil. I’m not, I’ve not been a religious person, but I’m absolutely clear in my mind: the only people—the kind of planning and thinking it takes to have done what has happened­—are people who would worship Satan. They’re not normal people. I couldn’t do one part of this and continue to be alive after I’ve done it.” —Dr. Michael Yeadon, former vice president of Pfizer




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“We’re in the good versus evil. I’m not, I’ve not been a religious person, but I’m absolutely clear in my mind: the only people—the kind of planning and thinking it takes to have done what has happened-—are people who would worship Satan. They’re not normal people. I couldn’t do one part of this and continue to be alive after I’ve done it.” —Dr. Michael Yeadon, former vice president of Pfizer


DepopSec.4201 FCN.10.11.2022


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The Debate Over Jews and Slavery: The Washington Post, 1993

“A Look At…Slavery Then and Now: Half-Truths and History: The Debate Over Jews and Slavery”

by David Mills, reporter, Washington Post

This article appeared in the Washington Post, October 17, 1993. It generated so much controversy that the Post’s ombudsman had to respond to it two weeks later (posted below). Despite their expiatory wording, both articles confirm the Nation of Islam position on Jews and the slave trade.


A small storm has been swirling–in the media, in academia, but mostly in the frictional world of ethnocentric politics–around the involvement of Jews in the African slave trade. It has been a tempest of hot rhetoric, factual confusion and moral recrimination. It has revealed the willingness of some black pubic figures–Louis Farrakhan and Leonard Jeffries in particular–to use historical caricature as a blunt instrument in their political battles with present-day Jews. It has also revealed the historical ignorance of some well-respected critics of black antisemitism. The passions driving the debate on both sides have thwarted any calm understanding of the past.

The controversy kicked up two years ago when Jeffries, an Afrocentric faculty member at the City College of New York, made a notorious speech in Albany, N.Y., cataloging the supposed crimes of Jews against black people. One of the things he said was, “Everyone knows rich Jews helped finance the slave trade.” Some commentators treated this not as demagogic simplification, but as a flat-out historical lie.

In late 1991, Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam published “The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews,” quoting from the extensive research of Jewish historians to indict, in effect, today’s Jews for everything from the ownership of South American sugar plantations three centuries ago to Jewish participation in the Confederate war effort. When a black professor at Wellesley College assigned the book to his introductory African-American history class, Jewish students protested and four national Jewish groups recommended the professor’s job status be reviewed. Both the Simon Wiesenthal Center and the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith have published rebuttals comparing “The Secret Relationship” to the most infamous works of antisemitic propaganda in the 20th century.

Some observers acknowledge that certain communities of Jews participated directly in black slavery–but in far smaller numbers than non-Jews among the Portuguese, Dutch, English and French, than Arabs, or than Africans themselves. To focus on the role of Jews, they say, is gratuitous at best, antisemitic at worst. But to a few critics, even mentioning Jews and the slave trade is hateful and bigoted. Jews were not significantly involved, they claim-contrary to the scholarly record, much of it compiled by historians who are Jewish.

“There wouldn’t have been any slave trade at all,” syndicated columnist Nat Hentoff told me, “if it had not been for the middlemen, the chiefs of certain African tribes, who had captured people from other tribes and enslaved them. It’s important to say Africans have sold Africans. It’s important to know that.”

It is indeed important to understand all aspects of the history of slavery. For African-American people seeking to understand their place in the world, the history of slavery is as important as the history of the Holocaust for Jews. No element of a great tragedy is too small to be explored, particularly if it has been generally ignored.

Isn’t it also important, I asked Hentoff, to know that Jews bought and sold Africans?

“If it’s indeed the case, of course,” Hentoff said, acknowledging that he is not a scholar on the subject. “If you can nail that down, of course it would be important to know that.”

Most Americans, used to imagining slavery in terms of cotton fields and the Old South, don’t realize that the transatlantic slave trade sent Africans primarily to South America and the islands of the West Indies. According to one well-regarded census, 9.6 million Africans arrived alive in the so-called “New World” from the 16th century through the 19th century. Of these, less than 5 percent, 427,000, were brought to what is now the United States. Nearly 4 million went to Brazil, the largest single devourer of African labor. There, the average life span of a slave was a few years.

Most Americans don’t realize either that the transatlantic slave trade was driven by the sugar trade. Sugar cane was a scarce medicinal plant in medieval Europe. But when white colonizers started cultivating sugar in the fertile tropics of the Americas, it rapidly became a staple-and a great source of wealth for Europe’s shipping and trading powers. This New World economy of sugar and slaves-of vast, labor-intensive plantations-began in earnest in Brazil during the 1500s, according to historians. The involvement of Jews in black slavery began there also.

Brazil. The Portuguese were the first to colonize Brazil, and Sephardic Jews from Portugal were among these early settlers. “In its early years,” writes Seymour B. Liebman in “New World Jewry, 1493-1825,” Brazil was built by Negro slaves (400,000 between 1570 and 1670) and the acumen, hard work and calculating perseverance of the Jews.”

Some background is essential. The Sephardim-that is, the Jews of Spain and Portugal-had flourished for centuries in the Iberian peninsula. By 1497, they made up an estimated 20 percent of Portugal’s population of 1 million. But that year, the king of Portugal compelled the Jews to convert to Christianity. (Spain had similarly forced its Jews to convert or flee five years earlier.) While many Jews left Portugal, others indeed were baptized and became “New Christians.” Despite the church’s persecution, some continued to practice Judaism in secret; they came to be known as “Marranos.”

New Christians were drawn to Brazil, in part because it was far from the seat of the Inquisition, but also because the South American colony was a place where the Sephardim could apply their established expertise in trade and sugar cultivation. Soon a Sephardic community thrived in Brazil’s pivotal port city of Recife. When the Dutch-then unique in Europe for their religious tolerance-took control of Brazil in 1630, the Marranos there were able to practice Judaism openly again.

During this time in Brazil, Jews owned a small percentage of the sugar plantations but were the predominant retailers of slaves in the colony, according to Arnold Wiznitzer’s “Jews in Colonial Brazil.” The shipping of Africans to Brazil was monopolized by the Dutch West India Company, which sold them “at public auctions against cash payment,” Wiznitzer writes. “The buyers who appeared at the auctions were almost always Jews.” These brokers then sold slaves to plantation owners on credit. More than 23,000 Africans were shipped to Brazil between 1636 to 1645, Wiznitzer says, a period when perhaps half of the 3,000 white civilians living there were Jews.

The British and French West Indies. In 1654, the Portuguese recaptured Brazil, chasing the Dutch and the Sephardim out–an event that would affect the destiny of Jews and Africans in the New World.

While many of Brazil’s Jews headed for the freedom of the Netherlands, some Sephardic traders were “eager to remain in the West Indies,” according to a history of colonial Jewry by Jacob Rader Marcus, longtime director of the American Jewish Archives. Some “fled to French Martinique and Guadeloupe, others to Jamaica and to English Barbados, where they furthered the sugar industry and the Negro slave economy which it created,” Marcus writes.

The Jewish refugees from Brazil, as University of Kansas economic historian Richard B. Sheridan has pointed out, “were masters of sugar technology and taught the English the art of sugar making.” The sugar colonies of Barbados and Jamaica grew to become jewels of the British empire during the 1700s. An estimated 1.1 million Africans were shipped to these islands over the entire course of the slave trade.

The Jewish traders were not the main beneficiaries of this economic boom, however. One British historian notes: “Most Jews in Barbados and Jamaica in the 18th century were small men, shopkeepers….The sugar trade became increasingly concentrated in the hands of the sugar-planters’ agents in London, a restricted and confined circle. [Jews] did not participate.” The role of Jewish traders was apparently limited, during the early 1700s, to the sale of “great numbers of ‘refuse’ Negroes (sickly slaves),” according to Stephen Alexander Fortune’s “Merchants and Jews: The Struggle for British West Indian Commerce, 1650-1750.” These Africans, bought cheaply, were resold “at considerable profit” once healthy.

The role of Jewish merchants in the slave economy of Martinique and Guadeloupe was eventually restricted as well. Initially, “the Sephardi emigres from Brazil…engage[d] both in plantation agriculture and trade, exporting sugar and tobacco to Europe and importing slaves and cloth,” according to Jonathan Israel’s history, “European Jewry in the Age of Mercantilism, 1550-1750.” The Catholic French, however, ordered the expulsion of all Jews from these islands in 1685, thus virtually ending their role in the trade.

The Dutch Colonies. The Jewish and Dutch refugees from Brazil also landed in Suriname in the late 17th century, establishing it as a sugar colony. This small piece of South America, as Harvard University historian Eugene Genovese has noted, would be the one and only place where Jews constituted a substantial planter class. Genovese cited one scholar’s finding that 115 of Suriname’s 400 sugar estates in 1730 were owned by Jews.

The island of Curaçao, a pivotal Dutch distribution center off the coast of Venezuela, was the site of the largest Jewish settlement in the New World. The Sephardic community there numbered almost 2,000 by the mid-1700s, constituting about half of the white population. Curaçao’s Jews “prospered early through shipping and slave-trading,” writes David Lowenthal in “West Indian Societies.” Isaac S. and Suzanne A. Emmanuel, historians of Curaçaoan Jewry, report that “[a]lmost every Jew bought from one to nine slaves for his personal use or for eventual resale.” Later, Curaçaoan Jews became, as Stephen Fortune writes, “the predominant insurance underwriters for ships plying the Caribbean”–including slave ships.

Under the auspices of the Dutch, Sephardic Jews also had a direct hand in wholesale slaving. As Arnold Wiznitzer has pointed out, Jews in Amsterdam owned as much as 10 percent of the stock in the Dutch West India Company, the great slave-shipping enterprise that helped launch the Netherlands to international commercial prominence during the 1600s. But the French and English monopoly trading companies, which eventually dominated the shipping of Africans to New World colonies, excluded Jews from that level of the trade.

Colonial North America. The far-flung Sephardic “trade diaspora” in the Caribbean led ultimately to the founding of Jewish communities in North America. Before the Revolutionary War, the largest settlement of Jews in the colonies-perhaps as many as 1,000 by 1760-was in the bustling port city of Newport, R.I. Aaron Lopez, formerly a Marrano in Portugal, laid the first cornerstone of the Newport congregation’s synagogue in 1759. (The building is now a historic site, the oldest synagogue in the United States.) Lopez later became a shipper of legendary prosperity. Black slaves were among his cargoes, as his biographer, Stanley F. Chyet, has noted.

Gentiles, however, overwhelmingly controlled the slaving business in colonial America. Rhode Island’s Sephardic merchant-shippers were known mainly for their prominence in the business of selling oil from sperm whales used in candlemaking.

So the real history of the participation of Jewish merchants in the slave trade is a lot more complex than Leonard Jeffries suggested with his line, “Everyone knows rich Jews helped finance the slave trade.” Jeffries is clearly misusing historical facts to serve his animus against Jews today.

At the same time, a number of Jeffries’ harsh critics have assumed that Jews had nothing to do with black slavery, or next to nothing. They said so publicly, and without qualification, during the Jeffries controversy.

Jonathan Yardley wrote in The Washington Post that Jeffries, on this point, had “turned history upside down.” When I asked him what part Jews did have in trafficking Africans, Yardley (a self-described WASP) didn’t know but said it would have been “relatively minor.”

A.M. Rosenthal of the New York Times wrote that Jeffries “says in a public forum that the Jews financed the slave trade. That is not quite the equivalent of [the accusation] Christ-killer, but coming close, make no mistake.” I asked Rosenthal too what actual role Jews played in black slavery. “There was none,” he replied. “Except for the most peripheral way. If at all.”

Jim Sleeper of the New York Daily News said he talked to four scholars before concluding, as he wrote in a critique of Jeffries for the Nation, that Jews merely had a “marginal” involvement in the slave trade.

How about in Brazil? I asked him.

“They would have had an extremely marginal, extremely minor role,” Sleeper told me. Did Jews own sugar plantations? “I don’t know.” Sleeper finally acknowledged, “I don’t know anything about Brazil.”

Why are so many people ignorant of such a well-documented point of history? One reason is that popular histories of New World slavery tend to omit any mention of Sephardic Jews while cataloging the activities of many other ethnic communities. In “The Rise and Fall of Black Slavery,” C. Duncan Rice mentions the “Dutch refugees” who established the sugar industry in Barbados, and the “planters of Dutch Surinam” who, “with characteristic Flemish practicality,” started up a sugar colony with a full force of black slaves. But he does not mention the Portuguese Jews among these Dutch. James A. Rawley’s “The Transatlantic Slave Trade” has not a single mention over the course of 452 pages of the involvement of Sephardic Jews.

The holes in the popular record have led to misunderstanding. In a 1991 article in the Jewish monthly Midstream, headlined “An Old/New Libel: Jews in the Slave Trade,” historian Saul Friedman noted that “Jews are remarkably absent from major texts” on New World slavery and cited seven history books by name. For Friedman, this constitutes proof that the role of Jews was negligible. Actually, he merely demonstrates the inadequacies of such “major texts.”

It is necessary to consider this vacuum of common knowledge when analyzing how some blacks are trying to make political hay out of this complex history. If the popular record weren’t incomplete-that is, if everyone already knew that Sephardic merchants and planters had played a small but significant role in the New World slave trade-there would be no “secret” relationship for Leonard Jeffries and Louis Farrakhan to exploit.


Response by Washington Post Ombudsman, Joann Byrd

The Washington Post, October 31, 1993, Sunday, Final Edition

The Timing Of News

When a painful, volatile issue is made worse by disinformation and misinformation, maybe it does fall to a newspaper to make sure all sides start from the same facts.

And that was the goal of “Half-Truths and History: The Debate Over Jews and Slavery,” which appeared two weeks ago in Outlook. But this time at least, it’s not so simple as that.

Post Style reporter David Mills said last week that he wanted his essay to report the historical facts that “many otherwise well-educated people don’t know. The fact that they don’t know this is distorting the current political discussion.”

The current political discussion being the argument that arose after the Nation of Islam and Leonard Jeffries, a City College of New York professor, claimed in 1991 that Jews were heavily involved in the New World slave trade.

The Outlook article’s starting point was that it is not true that Jews were disproportionately involved, but it’s also inaccurate to say Jews had no role whatever.

The piece acted as a truth squad, checking the facts of Jeffries’ claims, the Nation of Islam book “The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews” and the commentators who condemned those distortions but got it wrong themselves. It cited a list of historians to show that Sephardic Jews played “a small but significant role in the New World slave trade.” Many Jews and intellectuals have long acknowledged this; a lot of the rest of us didn’t know much about it.

Two problems with the Outlook piece invited the criticism it has received:

There is no fresh news on this debate. If this piece had been published two years ago, its existence might have made sense to readers: The Nation of Islam book and Mr. Jeffries’ comments were then in the daily news report; the author aimed to provide reliable information readers could use to evaluate what they saw elsewhere in the paper.

But the essay gave no newer news peg than the 1991 controversies. So it looked to readers like a political statement, an out-of-the-blue declaration that Jews were involved in the slave trade.

So critics may have missed the intent and the content while speculating on what motivated the writer and editors to put this in The Post. They called it divisive, antagonistic, antisemitic or, at least, suspicious.

Mr. Mills is correct when he responds: There is no “good” time to run this essay. Two years ago, amid news, The Post would have been perceived as joining the fight; “when there’s no news, it looks like you’re picking a fight,” he notes.

(Mr. Mills did write a draft in 1991, and if it had run then, it might well have seemed designed to defend the extremists. He offered the piece again this summer when Mr. Jeffries was back in the news, being reinstated to head CCNY black studies. It took months of internal debate and editing to get the piece in the paper.)

The other objection is this: The piece gave too much regard to an isolated slice of a much larger and tangled history. In focusing on the role of Jews (and not, say, on the role of left-handers) it seemed to imply the extremists’ position is both relevant and worth serious attention. (Mr. Mills responds, figuratively and accurately, that no one has publicly brought up the role of left-handed people.)

For Outlook editor Jodie Allen, there’s value in setting down the reliable record: “Maybe we can get beyond this if the facts are known.”

All of this asks a larger and difficult question: Was there a way to report what’s true without aiding and abetting hate?

My bias says, always, that newspapers are in the information business, and what’s usually needed is more reporting and more context.

Even two years late, the paper could have reported this with less risk of fueling hostilities and without readers being distracted by wondering what The Post was up to. The paper could have added the rest of the story.

Picture a companion report outlining the whole slave trade, maybe excerpts from an authoritative history (or two or three). The overview, I think, would detail how individuals of just about every religion, race and nationality were a part of this sorrowful disgrace.


“The vaccine has divided families: those who took it and those who didn’t. Then the media comes out saying, ‘this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated! And it’s these people that will not be vaccinated—they are the ones that keep us from achieving herd immunity.’ And along came the Amish. The Amish people didn’t take no shot; they caught COVID-19 and they beat it. And they beat it and they have achieved herd immunity among themselves…If you want to survive this, you don’t have to take a shot.” —The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, The Swan Song, February 27, 2022


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