The Jewish Talmud Separates Go(o)d Jews from Bad Jews

Tingba Muhammad, NOI Research Group [*]

In the early morning hours of May 6, 2003, American soldiers from MET Alpha, the “mobile exploitation team,” suspended their search for nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons in Iraq, to embark on a critical rescue mission. The 16 highly trained commandos under the command of Col. Richard R. McPhee were not seeking to free hostages or political prisoners or even rescue women, children or orphans, but were hunting for a Baghdad building that held “one of the most ancient copies of the Talmud in existence, dating from the seventh century.”*

And though this episode was reported in the New York Times, most Americans today might be shocked to know that soldiers of the United States—reputed to be a Christian nation—launched a secret mission in a Muslim country to secure an ancient Jewish book that almost no one knows anything about.

This particular Jewish religious book of antiquity is carrying more and more weight in our consciousness as we watch the exposure of the Man of Sin occur before our very eyes. The Divider, the Conqueror, the Gog, the MaGog, the Syna-Gogue of Satan is unraveling, at the hands of today’s anointed Revealer, The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. That perfectly named series of weekly broadcasts, “The Time and What MUST Be Done,” has become the Showdown Center of the Universe as The Minister has taken off the gloves and is confronting the forces of Satan that have forever oppressed and degraded the aboriginal people of the Earth.

But as we ask Allah to bless The Minister in his mighty task, it is extremely important that we understand the distinction that The Minister is making in his targeting of this elusive but all-powerful force of planetary negativity. He has pointed to the Bible’s identification of this force—“the Synagogue of Satan”—in Revelation 3:9, wherein it targets those “who claim to be Jews though they are not, but are liars…”

In explaining this critical passage The Minister has made a careful distinction—as does the Bible—between two factions of the Jewish people. Min. Farrakhan declared: “I am not talking about good Jews who keep the Sabbath and who try to live the life the Torah taught. I am talking to those rebellious ones that take the wisdom of God and use it for Satanic purposes….You are the one the covers must be pulled off of; you are the one that our people should fall away from quickly lest you take them down to hell with yourself.”

Of course, this is no idle fulmination. For a “Chosen People” who ran the slave trade, supplied weapons and smallpox to the slaughterers of the Indians, fathered sharecropping, debt peonage and Jim Crow, financed the Ku Klux Klan, and then claimed to be the Black Man’s “best friend” is no Chosen People at all.

But The Minister went even further in his rebuke and zeroed in on the very brain that is guiding this satanic society of sinful men. Men who have CHOSEN to follow an age-old philosophy, an archaic teaching, a profoundly corrupt master plan that has been faithfully passed down through the ages and into the hands and minds of each successive generation of this world’s rulers.

Several scriptures have made direct reference to a Book that has lasting consequence. Revelations 20:12 in the Bible finds Allah (God) revealing, “The dead were judged according to what they had done as recorded in the books. The Quran (2:79) cries: “Woe! then to those who write the Book with their hands then say, ‘This is from Allah’. A similar sura (3:78) also refers to this notorious book of falsehoods and deceptions. “They forge a lie against Allah whilst they know.” Harsh words from two faith traditions, both referring to a book of immense power.

Now, back to those American special-tactics soldiers and their prize—the Talmud. Could this be the book that both the Bible and Quran are referring to? If an ancient copy of it is important enough to override the U.S. military mission of seeking “weapons of mass destruction,” should we not examine its contents? The Minister has now opened the Talmud and described it as a book of altered scripture that was written by the early rabbis in the time of Jesus, and it is now the guiding document among most of today’s Jewish world.

For centuries and centuries, the 4,500-page Talmud and those who follow it have earned the ire of many commentators, who testify to its wickedness and intrinsic hatred for non-Jews. Martin Luther, for whom the Lutherans and the civil rights leader the Reverend Dr. King are named, expressed intense bitterness toward the Talmudist Jews which moved him to write the pamphlet unambiguously titled The Jews & Their Lies. He fumed at the Talmud and its claim that the Jewish people are superior to all gentiles; that lying, stealing, and destroying the non-Jews, or goyim, are a Jewish right and even a responsibility; that Jesus’ name should not be uttered by a Jew; that a Jew spitting on the cross and spitting when he passes a church are obligatory; and that the Christian Saviour—Jesus Christ—should be boiled in excrement. No wonder Martin Luther was a little upset with the Jews.

But Blacks particularly need to be awakened to this secret document of Jewish hate which even in its own pages (Erubin 21b) demands that Jews treat it with deeper reverence than the Bible itself. According to Jewish historian Dr. Harold Brackman the Talmud is the source of the notorious Curse of Ham—which everlastingly condemns Black-skinned people to enslavement to Jews and whites—a Talmudic invention spread to the world. The alleged “cursing” of Blacks by God Himself was entirely fabricated by racist rabbis to justify the massive Jewish involvement in the slave trade.

 Go(o)d Jews—Bad Jews

And here is where the Muslims MUST make a clear distinction between those who claim to be Jews, but are practitioners of this evil Talmudism masquerading as Judaism, and those Jews who have REJECTED the Talmud and adhered faithfully to the righteous Laws of God.  For our delicate and uninitiated ears The Minister has distinguished them as “good Jews” and “bad Jews,” but he is not the first to have made that critical distinction. That honor goes to the Talmud itself.

In the section called the Pesahim, the wicked rabbis refer to those Jews who rejected the Talmud as “ignoramuses,” And they made up 6 rules on how the Jewish Talmud lovers should deal with the Jewish Talmud rejecters: *

(1) We do not commit testimony to them; we do not accept testimony from them;

(2)  we do not reveal a secret to them;

(3) we do nothing for their orphans;

(4) we do not appoint them stewards over money;

(5) and we must not join their company on the road.

(6) If [one of them] loses something, [we are] not required to notify him; the [ignoramuses] should not benefit from any physical good in this world.

And these are Jewish LAWS against other Jews! Those readers of The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews can see exactly how these anti-Jewish “ignoramus” laws survived ancient times and became the guiding principles of the “modern Black–Jewish relationship.”

 Other ancient Jewish writings actually confirm that at the “end of Days” those same so-called Jewish ignoramuses (today’s good Jews), will ultimately become the allies of those who are tasked with exposing the enemies of God, the Synagogue of Satan.

 The Divider can do nothing but that which he was created to do. Yakub’s division of the black from the brown germ set this in motion 6,600 years ago on the island of Patmos and now it puts us ALL in the valley of decision—especially the Good Jews, who must confront the evil works of their Talmud-believing brethren.

Minister Farrakhan addresses them directly:

A “Jew” is a good name: to be a “Jew” is to have a covenant relationship with God, in obedience to His Laws, Statutes and Commandments. And if you are a Christian, Paul gave a whole new definition for “Jew”; he said, “The Jew is not the Jew outwardly by the circumcision of the flesh. The Jew is the Jew inwardly by the circumcision of the heart.” That all the diseases of the heart may be taken away; washed clean, that we may enter a New World of Peace, Freedom, Justice and Equality…That’s the World that I want us to bring in, where no man, as Martin Luther King said, is judged by the color of his skin, but by the content of (his) character. And I speak as I speak because there’s deception here; and The Deceiver, and The Deception, has to be exposed. And that’s why Jesus said, “Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.”


*An excellent resource for the study of the Talmud is the book Judaism Discovered: A Study of the Anti-Biblical Religion of Racism, Self-Worship, Superstition and Deceit, by Michael Hoffman. See his website at


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