The ink of a scholar's pen is holier than the blood of the martyr.


Torture of Black Slaves on Jewish Sugar Plantations

[Excerpt from The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews, Vol. 1]

The tortures were horrifying and included flogging, mutilation, hanging, and quartering, drowning, starving to death, breaking out of the teeth, stinging to death by mosquitoes and other insects, as well as burning alive at the stake. These sadistic tortures were performed seemingly for the sheer pleasure of the Caucasian master: “slitting up their noses, and cutting off their ears, from private pique, these are accounted mere sport.” When one master died, “the principal part of his slaves were beheaded and buried along with him.” There was one report of a Jewish woman who murdered a Black woman “by running a red-hot poker through her.”

The Black slaves often chose suicide and at times would throw back their heads and swallow their tongue, choking them to instant death in the presence of their masters. The practice had become so prevalent that the Caucasian sought to prevent it by “holding a firebrand to the victim’s mouth.” This method being prevented,

“some have a practice of eating common earth, by which the stomach is prevented from performing its ordinary functions, and thus dispatch themselves without any immediate pain, but linger perhaps for a twelve-month in the most debilitated and shocking condition. Against these ground-eaters the severest punishments are decreed by the laws, but without much effect, as they are seldom detected in this act of desperation.”

Finally, [English explorer Capt. John Gabriel] Stedman concluded that “by such inhuman usage this unhappy race of men are sometimes driven to such a height of desperation, that to finish their days, and be relieved from worse than Egyptian bondage, some even have leaped into the caldrons of boiling sugar, thus at once depriving the tyrant of his crop and of his servant.”

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