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"The ink of a scholar's pen is holier than the blood of the martyr." —Hadith

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Will the IHRA make antisemites out of Jews, Prophets, and God? (Part 2)

In the Name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Most Merciful

by Brother Gabriel X. This is the continuation of last issue’s article of the same title.

“And if all the trees in the earth were pens, and the sea with seven more seas added to it (were ink), the words of Allah would not be exhausted. Surely Allah is Mighty, Wise.”
—Holy Qur’an 31:27

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”
—John 1:1

“My enemies have raised the Talmud above the Torah, and then spread the lie against God that they are stronger than God because they’ve put their word that they made over what God revealed through the mouths of His prophets.”
—The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan: The Criterion, July 4, 2020, in the Garden

“But those who were unjust changed the word which had been spoken to them, for another saying, so We sent upon the wrongdoers a pestilence from heaven, because they transgressed.”
—Holy Qur’an 31:27

These quotes give us an indication of the importance of words in Allah’s (God’s) reality.

“The Modern Jew is the product of the Talmud…”

—Michael Levi Rodkinson (1845–1904), known for being the first to have translated the Babylonian Talmud to English


The reader should know after having watched The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan’s Part 19 of The Time and What Must Be Done series, titled “‘False Charges’: Will The Real Anti-Semite Please Stand Up?”, that the Caucasian Jews were not at the beginning (John 1:1) of Allah’s (God’s) reality. So, they do not have root knowledge. Nor can they tell the truth—for lying, Jesus says (John 8:44), is their mother tongue. Therefore, since his grafting out of the Original 6,000 years ago, the Caucasian Jew has been redefining the world according to his point of view as a new people on this earth. In other words, producing a language of his own with which he could deceive the whole world, as prophesized.

As we have seen in part one of this article, the so-called Jews (Talmudic Jews) are still redefining words according to their point of view so that they remain in power and prevent themselves and their Satanic deeds from being exposed.

Let us then continue to analyze the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s (IHRA’s) “working definition” of antisemitism—now being adopted across North America and all over the world—a description that can make antisemites out of anyone, including Jews “outwardly” and Jews “circumcised of the heart, in the spirit” (Romans 2:28–29).

The following is considered antisemitism according to the IHRA:

“Making mendacious, dehumanizing, demonizing, or stereotypical allegations about Jews as such or the power of Jews as collective — such as, especially but not exclusively, the myth about a world Jewish conspiracy or of Jews controlling the media, economy, government or other societal institutions.”

Former Israel Minister Shulamit Aloni (1928–2014) in her August 14, 2022, interview with Amy Goodman of Democracy Now!, when asked about the “anti-Semitism” name-calling, stated the following (emphasis mine):

“Well, it’s a trick. We always use it. When from Europe somebody is criticizing Israel, then we bring up the Holocaust. When in this country people are criticizing Israel, then they are anti-Semitic. And their organization is strong and has a lot of money. And the… the ties between Israel and the American esta— Jewish establishments are very strong. And they are strong in this country, as you know. And they have power, which is okay. They’re talented people and they have power, money, Media and other things. And their attitude is: ‘Israel, my country, right or wrong.’ The identification. And they are not ready to hear criticism and it’s very easy to blame people who criticize certain acts of the Israeli government as anti-Semitics and to bring up the Holocaust and the suffering of the Jewish people. And that’s… that is… justify everything we do to the Palestinians.”

If she were alive today, her statement would make her an anti-Semite to be reported to the Anti-Defamation League (ADL)-IHRA, wouldn’t it?

What about former Israeli President Shimon Peres (1923–2016), who said on October 10, 2007, at Hotel Hilton in Tel-Aviv:

“From such a small country like ours, this is almost amazing. I see that we are buying up Manhattan, Hungary, Romania, and Poland. And the way I see it, we have no problems. Thanks to our talent, our contacts, and our dynamism, we get almost everywhere.”[1]

This is quite a statement confirming Shulamit Aloni’s observation about the power and the money Jewish establishment has. Wouldn’t that be considered a trope or stereotypical allegation? Could the former President of Israel be characterized as an anti-Semite?

Let us add to this.

Manny Freidman published an article in the Algemeiner on July 3, 2012, “Jews Do Control the Media.”[2] Is he an anti-Semite for stating that:

“Let’s be honest with ourselves, here, fellow Jews. We do control the media. We’ve got so many dudes up in the executive offices in all the big movie production companies it’s almost obscene. Just about every movie or TV show, whether it be “Tropic Thunder” or “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” is rife with actors, directors, and writers who are Jewish. Did you know that all eight major film studios are run by Jews?

“But that’s not all. We also control the ads that go on those TV shows.”

The reader is invited to read Mr. Freidman’s whole article to see that it is not taken out of context to prove a point. He is really boasting about Jewish control and success.

A relatively recent demonstration of the (so-called) Jewish establishment power as a collective is how the ADL in 2022 went after Adidas about Ye (formerly known as Kanye West). CEO Jonathan Greenblatt boasted at an event (ADL’s November 2022 Never is Now Summit on Antisemitism and Hate) how he threatened the chairman of Adidas[3], coercing him to break Ye’s contract:

So, I told him: “Hey, we will work with you. And we will praise you if and when you do the right thing. But until you do, ADL will hammer you as hard as we can” (applause).

He even explained how the Jews went after Adidas through social media, then the Media, then the stock market, until Adidas was pressured enough to do the will of the ADL. Would someone be called an antisemite for pointing out that the (so-called) Jews can break a company with their collective power through the social media, Media, Economy? It would appear so, according to the IHRA definition.

Please read the dangerous statement[4] of CEO Jonathan Greenblatt about his successful ADL campaign to bludgeon Adidas into submission:

“This is a very positive outcome. It illustrates that antisemitism is unacceptable and creates consequences. Without a doubt, Adidas has done the right thing by cutting ties with Ye after his vicious antisemitic rants. We were proud to see many joined ADL’s campaign, #RunAwayfromHate, that pressured Adidas toward this decision, including the thousands of people who sent emails, the dozens of celebrities who spoke up, and the prominent brands who cut ties. Taken together, all these elements sent an unambiguous signal that moved the company to take action. In the end, Adidas’ action sends a powerful message that antisemitism and bigotry have no place in society.”

Coercion being positive? Pressuring people into doing something they didn’t want to do is worthy of pride? Moved or pressured? Does it send any message other than that the ADL is an attack dog of the Synagogue of Satan? The answers to these questions are self-evident.

We are to be reminded that The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan called Mr. Greenblatt “Satan” in his July 4th, 2020, monumental lecture “The Criterion.” We have seen but a glimpse of why that is so. If Satan is the CEO of an organization, how should said organization be perceived? The reader is invited to watch The War of Armageddon Has Begun—the Saviours’ Day 2023 Keynote Address by The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.

To be continued Insha’Allah (God Willing) next issue…


[1] Depending on the source, Peres’s reported words are slightly different. See or

“Nowadays you can build empires without establishing colonies and sending in the army. Israeli businessmen are investing all around the world, enjoying unparalleled success, earning economic independence. We’re buying up Manhattan, Poland, Hungary and Romania.”


[3] Video available on YouTube:



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