Homeschool Scholars Review ‘How White Folks Got So Rich’

Muhammad University of Islam Boys’ Book Club
Book Reviews for How White Folks Got So Rich

 “I recommend this book be used in every school and home”

Thank you for making this knowledge available in such a convenient and attractive format that can hold the attention of our youth! Our homeschool group held Boys’ and Girls’ Book Clubs where our students studied How White Folks Got So Rich, had discussions and created games and challenges for each other (like Jeopardy and Chutes & Ladders) using questions about the book. I recommend this book be used in every school and home as a basis for a true History curriculum.

Dawn Reshae Muhammad, homeschool mom


Brother Khalil Muhammad (Age 15)

“The American Dream is a complete crock and this book proves that.”

This is the perfect book to hand anyone who says black people are responsible for the spot we are in. Black people in America have been forced to dig a deep hole and give the shovel to our oppressors, leaving us unable to get out of it. In very succinct terms, this book addresses the nonstop efforts of whites to prevent blacks from progressing in American society, whether it be flat-out lies, racist laws, exclusionary tactics or terrorism.

Economics have been used since the abolition of slavery to keep blacks in a subordinate position and also used to destroy the black family. Money troubles create so much conflict between family members and can also contribute to health issues due to stress. This book doesn’t even address the psychological trauma caused by the terrorism of whites. The camouflage of Obama’s Presidency and rich blacks in entertainment and sports have convinced so many that blacks have made it in America, but this book shows that blacks have made no dent in the wealth gap caused by slavery and Jim Crow, and under the system of White Supremacy we never will. The American Dream is a complete crock and this book proves that.


Brother Nasir Muhammad (Age 10)

“I think you know why I think you should read this book.”

Do you want your children to know their history? You should! If you do, read How White Folks Got So Rich.
These are just a few of the things they will learn:
-Black people’s average wealth ($5,600)
-White people said they would give Black people 40 acres and a mule, but they didn’t.
-Learn about the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) and how they hated black people.
-The FBI attempts to stop Martin Luther King Jr. and other black people and organizations that were trying to help black people.
-How white people use prisoners for cheap labor. The prisoners only get paid 23¢ an hour.
-The Good Ole boy network is used to keep black people out of jobs.
-Banks get handouts from the government.
-Black people built everything!

Now, I think you know why I think you should read this book.


Brother Tariq Muhammad (Age 15)

“Everyone should read this book”

Great work! I believe everyone should read this book. There’s Lots of information, lots of history, and lots of things in it that you wouldn’t normally hear about such as the 60 black towns, the Indian land grab, and a part where it talks about the early presidents having slaves.


Brother Muhsi Muhammad (Age 13)

“Expose[s] America for who she really is”

The information in this book will expose America for who she really is and give any one who reads it some knowledge of the past and what to do now. Five stars.


Sister Naimah Muhammad, Rochester, NY


How White Folks Got So Rich is not just an average history textbook like you see around these public schools today. It is small, but jam-packed with knowledge that WILL change your view of America. Did you know that The Compromise of 1877 is what forced the former slaves to stay in the control of white people even if they were “free”? Did you know that your beloved president, George Washington, owned 350 slaves even after the American Revolution, which was to make “all men equal”? Or that European composer, Gunther Schuller, admitted that Black people have always been #1 in musical talent (Sorry Eminem!) by saying, “The blacks have always invented the music. The whites take it over. Then the blacks invent something new.”

Did you? Probably not. But guess what? You can learn a lot more about yourself and what kind of “home” America really is. It certainly is the best history book I’ve ever read, because no history book has ever taught me more about what my people went through. But what DID they go through? Get this book to find out what! Now back to our regularly scheduled programming……unless you want to go get the book now….so go do that right now!

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