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Give Jay-Z Credit: The Jewish History in 4:44

by the NOI Research Group Seest thou not those to whom a portion of the Book was given? They buy error and desire to make you err from the (right) way. —Holy Quran 4:44   Now Jesus himself had pointed out that a prophet has no honor in his own country. —John 4:44 It took just a few hours for Jay-Z’s 4:44 release to go platinum. And it took less than that for the ADL to go berserk. Its desperation to be relevant has pushed its leader Jonathan Greenblatt to the edge of anti-Black absurdity. In 2017 the ADL was exposed for inflating its statistics on “anti-Semitism” to include hundreds of cases of Jews attacking and threatening each other. Its “police training” program is implicated in an alarming number of departments whose officers have murdered unarmed Blacks. Responsible [...]
March 3, 2017 0

The Lie of Jewish Liberalism

Why do Jews hate Farrakhan? Actually, the answer is quite simple, and has NOTHING to do with [...]

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9/11 and Other False Flag Operations

America is now a False Flag Nation. The United States Constitution has been replaced by 9/11—a crime [...]

The Secret Relationship Between Blacks & Jews