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The Deception of So-Called “Free Blacks” in Colonial New York

New York Negro Freedom The early manumission of Black slaves is often reported by historians as proof of a kinder, gentler slave system. But what appears to be an act of magnanimity toward loyal Black slaves is, upon closer examination, an act of selfish white opportunism. The first of the Black imports were, indeed, given a measure of independence after 20 years of uncompensated service to the Company, but it was a “freedom” that could be revoked if certain conditions were not met. The first sentence of the 1644 proclamation is the one that white historians remember best: Therefore we, the Director and Council do release, for the term of their natural lives, the above named and their wives from Slavery, hereby setting them free and at liberty, on the same footing as other free people [...]
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A Black Slave Takes Over His Jewish Master’s House

“Cyrus” & the Mordecais: The Essence of the Relationship Between Blacks and Jews Emma Mordecai, [...]

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9/11 and Other False Flag Operations

America is now a False Flag Nation. The United States Constitution has been replaced by 9/11—a crime [...]

The Secret Relationship Between Blacks & Jews