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The Scapegoating of Blacks is an Old (very old) Jewish Trick

To a room “packed with Israeli diplomats,” Judith Varnai Shorer, the Israeli consul general in Atlanta, Georgia, is filmed saying this: “The major problem with Israel is with the young generation of the black community— Black Lives Matter starts there…


The recent attack on The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and his supporters by what is left of the aging old-line “Jewish leadership” is revealing much more about Jewish history than about Farrakhan. For the latest Jewish onslaught shows that the Satanic gangsters at the Anti-Defamation League and their media operatives are merely rehashing a racist Jewish tradition that was so profitable for them that they are loath to give it up.

From slavery on forward, Jews historically have earned the largest benefits from scapegoating Blacks for all of society’s ills. In fact, Blacks have been such a useful lightning rod for Jews that much of their massive wealth acquisition in America is directly attributable to the twin cash cows of Black slave labor and the presence of the Black man and woman to absorb the white animosity and violence that had previously targeted Jews. The intra-community conflicts that kept white Jews and Gentiles in almost a constant state of war in Europe were redirected in America to the Black slave as Jews and Gentile whites teamed up to keep afloat the most profitable enterprise in world history.

Jews grew the wealthiest where Black oppression was most vicious, such as in the plantation South. As Jeffrey Goldberg of the Atlantic Magazine just revealed, “The presence of the southern Jews complemented the system of slavery; their mercantilistic interest made slavery a more effective labor system.” And it made them the wealthiest of ALL white European immigrant communities! In effect, admits Goldberg, African slavery was in the Jewish businessman’s wheelhouse—it was his comfort zone, his stock in trade.

So the targeting of Blacks who might disturb this highly lucrative revenue stream has become a Jewish business in itself, and since 1913 the Jewish ADL has become the or Apple of the anti-Black scapegoating industry. And Jewish scholars have never been loath to admit the obvious historical benefits of racist scapegoating for Jews.

Dr. Henry Feingold

Baruch College professor Dr. Henry Feingold penned one of the most popular books on Jewish American history wherein he wrote that for Jews there was a “concealed advantage in living in a society which reserved most of its fear and rancor for its blacks.” Dr. Harold Brackman of the Simon Wiesenthal Center wrote that Blacks in the Civil War era “bore the main brunt of the war-heightened social tensions that, had there been no black scapegoats, would certainly have [been] borne much more heavily [by] the Jews.” The popular Jewish writer and historian Eli Evans wrote that Southern Jews

attribute the lack of personal anti-Semitic incidents to the presence of the Negro, whom they refer to as “the lightning rod for prejudice.”

Dr. Louis Schmier

Dr. Louis Schmier, an Anti-Defamation League researcher, uses the same language in his analysis:

the presence of blacks acts as a lightning rod to attract antagonistic attitudes which otherwise might be directed against the Jews…

Jewish folklorist David Max Eichhorn wrote that the Southern Jew

was spared some of the indignities suffered by the Jews in more northern states, mainly because of the ubiquitous presence of a convenient scapegoat, the black.

Leon Harris discusses the remarkable rise of Jewish-owned department stores in the South, like Neiman-Marcus and Rich’s, and reasons that

After the War and Reconstruction, the exploitation and consequent hatred of the “niggers” on the part of many Southern whites diverted much of the hostility that might otherwise have been directed at Jews.

Dr. Irving Howe

Brandeis’s Irving Howe, author of the most popular book on American Jewish history, World of Our Fathers, added that

For decades American blacks had served…as a kind of buffer for American Jews. So long as native hatreds were taken out primarily on blacks, they were less likely to be taken out on Jews.

The winner of the Southern Jewish History Book Prize, Dr. Clive Webb, stated:

No doubt white animosity towards African-Americans continued to deflect criticism of an ethnic minority which might otherwise have found itself more openly despised and discriminated against.

There is a wealth of testimony captured in great scholarly detail in the Nation of Islam’s The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews, Vol. 2, wherein the value of Black scapegoats for Jews is presented in all its ugliness. The illiteracy of the major Jewish leaders and their ignorance of what their own scholars have written should not be a deterrent to our understanding of the Jewish role in Black oppression.

Dr. Clive Webb

Blacks are now waking up to the reality that Jews have NEVER had any compelling interest in seeing Blacks emerge from their degraded political, economic, and social station at the bottom of American society. White Supremacy has worked so well for them that Jews as a group have always been the richest of all whites in America. Only the Nation of Islam—an independent Black organization founded in faith and truth—is capable of upsetting this twisted and exploitative Black-Jewish, slave-slave master relationship. So it stands to reason that Jewish leaders are “all in” to maintain and reinforce America’s racial status quo.

So make no mistake—the latest wave of anti-Black invective directed at Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam by the Synagogue of Satan is not motivated by Jewish fear of “Black anti-Semitism.” It is just the dog returning to its vomit.