No justice, no profit! – Black lives matter say protestors as economic pressure is exerted in struggle

By Richard B. Muhammad

FERGUSON,  Mo. ( – The chant, “No justice! No profit!” rang through shops and malls in the St. Louis suburbs as demands for accountability in the police shooting of a Black teen and respect for Black life shifted from street protests to economic  sanctions.

Economic pressure is an important tool and one that makes those in power pay attention, said Abdul Akbar Muhammad of the Nation of Islam, who has been active in protests and planning through the Justice for Mike Brown Leadership Coalition.

Black Friday and shopping Saturday was bleaker for some shoppers as demonstrators marched, shouted and sometimes confronted store employees and owners over the Nov. 28 weekend. Most of the time shops started to lock doors, pull down shutters and activate gates as soon as the chanting started. Young people, primarily Black but with some White and older participants, strode through malls and stores with their hands up and sometimes holding signs.

“Black lives matter!” they shouted….


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