“Guilty by Association”?

Defending the Nation of Islam against false claims related to the Fresno Shooting Case; Exposing the Plan to Equate Black Nationalism with Extremism, Terrorism.      

Special Report by Guest Commentator:

Demetric Muhammad, Student Minister, ResearchMinister.com


“We hurl the Truth against falsehood, so it knocks out its brains, and lo! it vanishes.
And woe to you for what you describe!”  
—Holy Quran 21:18 


The unfair and exclusive burden to all in the Muslim and Islamic community nowadays is that whenever a crime or heinous act is committed, the media first checks to see how many degrees of separation the perpetrator is from the religion of Islam. And if it can be established that the perpetrator ever did anything even remotely Islamic in nature, his crimes are reported as though they are the direct result of his association with or membership in the Islamic faith. And despite the obviously unfair and dangerous position that this politically based coverage puts Muslim men, women, and children in, it continues to go on unabated…

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