The Lie of Jewish Liberalism

Why do Jews hate Farrakhan? Actually, the answer is quite simple, and has NOTHING to do with “anti-Semitism.” White liberals comprise the one faction among the white race that oversees the management of the affairs of all other races. They are responsible for several critical roles in the maintenance of peaceful white supremacy. The white liberal must:

  • communicate to other races the wishes and desires of the white race;
  • choose the leaders of the other races and certify them as acceptable negotiators in race relations;
  • craft strategies which he then assigns to the races “for their own upliftment”;
  • engineer the ongoing public relations campaign that presents himself as an “ambassador of friendship” to opposing races;
  • prevent the formation of Black-controlled and -financed organizations and movements.  

White liberals have always managed Black political, economic, and social affairs with a chosen cadre of negro proxies who have dutifully fronted for their white agenda. Directly out of legal slavery, Southern minister Rev. Richard H. Cain complained of the white liberals as early as 1865:

“We have always been directed by others in all the affairs of life….The Anti-slavery Societies, the Abolition Societies, whose ostensible work has been to do battle for the Negro’s elevation, have never…thought it safe for them to advance colored men to places of trust.”

A century later Dr. Martin Luther King wrote about the “white moderates” in the civil rights alliance, whom he had formerly considered his friends:

“I have been gravely disappointed with the white moderate. I have almost reached the regrettable conclusion that the Negro’s great stumbling block in the stride toward freedom is not the White Citizen’s Councilor or the Ku Klux Klanner, but the white moderate who is more devoted to ‘order’ than to justice; who prefers a negative peace which is the absence of tension to a positive peace which is the presence of justice…”

Both of those Black leaders had run up against the white liberal hegemony over Black affairs and found that their homegrown political agenda for the Black community conflicted irreconcilably with that of the great white liberator. King, like so many others, had succumbed to the lure of white liberal philanthropy that promised financial solvency for his movement for racial justice. But he seemed naïvely unaware that the fortunes which liberal whites strategically apply to “negro causes” are offered on the condition that many issues central to the Black freedom agenda will never be addressed. Fundamental issues, such as Black management of the Black economy—which is the very foundation of any free people—have always been aggressively avoided by any movement financed and staffed by white liberals. Whites forged a peculiar anti-economic philanthropy specifically designed for Black causes, married it to their integrationist legal strategy, hired some learned negroes to believe in it, and had them sell this patchwork philosophy to the Black masses under the name “civil rights.” The architect of this “non-economic liberalism” was none other than the founding board chairman and second president of the NAACP, Joel Spingarn, whose approach to Black advancement his biographer, Barbara Joyce Ross, described thus:

“the black man’s struggle for full civil and political rights must take precedence over any program of economic advancement, for once color discrimination had been swept away, the black man would be able to compete successfully with his white counterpart in jobs, education, and other avenues to economic stability.”

Joel Spingarn, the founder of the NAACP, was both a spy for the American government against Blacks and the author of the nefarious strategy that kept Blacks out of economics.

The wily Spingarn and his white liberal comrades, who had wrested control over Black affairs, were well aware that the building of an independent economic foundation was the first order of business for every immigrant group seeking the “American dream.” European newcomers had always found a ready market for the businesses they formerly operated in the old country, among the poor Black masses in America. A succession of new “ethnic” Americans benefited from the capital generated by the Black laboring class—capital that, to this very day, is funneled directly into the hands of non-Black merchants, who, just as quickly, use the profits to build a sturdy economic infrastructure for their own people. The income from their highly profitable retail establishments in the Black neighborhoods across America is soon converted into tuition for their own children, into investments in their own racially exclusive suburban enclaves, and into deposits in banks with exclusionary lending policies. The liberals knew that Blacks would need to establish the very same type of internal foundational support established by the white immigrants, in order to grapple with and overcome the crushing poverty and ignorance that slavery had wrought. Whites have always feared, however, that if Blacks adopted this method of economic empowerment for their own uplift, the traditional American formula for white elevation and control would be undermined. This challenge to the oppressive ECONOMIC order is why they hated Jesus, the prophet Muhammad, Elijah Muhammad, Malcolm X, Dr. Martin Luther King, and now The Honorable Minister Louis FARRAKHAN.