Final Call DePOPULATION SECTION • March 16, 2021

“And he said unto me, Go in, and behold the wicked abominations that they do here.”  

Ezekiel 8:9

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Dershowitz-Epstein Sex Deal Has Deep Jewish Roots

Jewish History & the Dershowitz-Epstein Affair

“…for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition…”  —2 Thessalonians 2:3 (KJV)

Many years ago The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad made a shocking charge against American society. He wrote that “Little children are being taught sex almost from the cradle, making the whole nation…nearly 90 per cent freaks of nature.” In Our Saviour Has Arrived he called the freak society we now inhabit “the Jew’s civilization.”

The reports of wealthy and powerful Jewish men facing sexual abuse, rape, and harassment allegations lengthen weekly. New charges about the disgraced head of CBS Leslie Moonves were recently revealed in the New York Times, and the truth of his apparent racist vendetta against Janet Jackson and actress Victoria Rowell has now come to light. The list of notorious Jews who have been charged with sexual offenses in the entertainment industry includes major figures such as Harvey Weinstein, Dustin Hoffman, Jeffrey Tambor, Jeremy Piven, Matt Lauer, Woody Allen, James Toback, Brett Ratner, Israel Horowitz, and Mark Halperin. So many Jewish men have been ensnared that one rabbi titled his lengthy and introspective essay “Are Jewish Men Pigs?” Jewish comedian Larry David opened his monologue on Saturday Night Live with an elephantine observation:

“You know, a lot of sexual harassment stuff in the news of late and I couldn’t help but notice a very disturbing pattern emerging, which is that many of the predators — not all, but many of them — are Jews.”

David was criticized but some rabbis have actually added an addendum to their 2018 Yom Kippur or “atonement” prayer: “For the sin we committed through inappropriate use of power…by inappropriate sexual advances, and…not being aware of our own power or privilege when making an advance…”

The Miami Herald’s devastating four-part series on the convicted sex-trafficking pedophile Jeffrey Epstein exposes a most foul Jewish community collusion in these activities. One might think that such a man with his record of decadence would cause a people to disown him. Instead, the most powerful Jewish forces have come to his aid to save him and actually criminalize the very children he victimized.

In 2014, the hedge fund billionaire was convicted of running a child prostitution ring out of his homes in Palm Beach, Manhattan, New Mexico and in the Caribbean—and that was the lesser charge he pled to. He spread millions of dollars through a retinue of operatives, directing them to hunt down, capture, and train in the sex trade hundreds of underage girls. The Herald reveals that beginning as far back as 2001, Epstein trained them to perform “nude massages, masturbation, oral sex and intercourse….The girls—mostly from disadvantaged, troubled families…”

The list of the high and mighty he befriended included the now President Donald Trump, who called Epstein a “terrific guy” who “likes beautiful women…on the younger side.” Also among his cohorts were Great Britain’s Prince Andrew, former president Bill Clinton, and Israel’s prime minister Ehud Barak, who recently distinguished himself as the man who advised another sex deviant Harvey Weinstein—not to repent, but to hire a notorious group of ex-Mossad agents known as Black Cube to threaten and intimidate and slander his accusers. Also caught in the Epstein dragnet is the shyster attorney Alan Dershowitz. The Herald revealed that their relationship was so intimate that Epstein had lent Dershowitz one of his many mansions.

All these notables regularly visited Epstein’s opulent temples of statutory rape with apparent regularity, some arriving there on Epstein’s private jet nicknamed the “Lolita Express”—a reference to the novel about a child molester and his sexual obsession for his own step-daughter, a 12-year-old girl he called Lolita. Of course, those world leaders all deny any knowledge of why those hundreds of pubescent girls were in the Epstein compound all day and night—sans schoolbooks or parental supervision.

Once Florida agents arrested Epstein, his crimes against humanity quickly metastasized into crimes against the American “justice system.” For anyone else, the sentence for making sexual merchandise of young girls would be life in prison, hard time. But with the “help” of a retinue of highly paid and fanged attorneys—most of them Jewish—Epstein was almost rewarded for his crimes, and to this day none of his many operatives ever had to face questioning, much less prosecution. Alan Dershowitz led the team of legal corrupters that negotiated for his friend an extraordinary deal allowing the sex trafficker to spend just 13 months of his 18-month sentence in the county jail. Not only that: at the jail Epstein had a private wing, where he was able to hire his own security detail. He was even allowed to go to his downtown West Palm Beach office for “work release,” up to 12 hours a day, six days a week.

Let us remember that Bill Cosby is today in a maximum-security prison serving a 3-to-10-year sentence after a highly questionable trial for a sex crime against a single adult female acquaintance. Epstein molested and raped 40 underage girls he had ensnared in a sophisticated human trafficking network. Dershowitz responded typically: “I’m very proud of that deal.”

And well he should be. The hundreds of female victims of predator Epstein’s enterprise, which Dershowitz takes such pride in, should know that everything that happened to them—the rape, the forced prostitution, the defilement, and even their abuser’s get-out-of-jail-free treatment—is in perfect harmony with the Jewish “holy book” Talmud, a revered rabbinical text that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has pledged to make the Law of the land in Israel. According to the Talmud section “Sanhedrin 81b–82a,” all female Gentiles are regarded as “menstrual filth, slaves, heathens and whores.” Further, and for good measure, section “Shabbat 152a” states plainly that “A woman is a sack full of excrement, brimming with niddah (“menstrual blood”) at its opening…” The Talmud reserves its most filthy denigration for the woman that Muslims consider to be the very best of women—Mary, the mother of Jesus. The Talmud says that she was a whore who had sex with many men and that her son Jesus—the Saviour of Christendom—was a bastard who should be boiled in “shit.”

There is nothing in the canon of Catholicism that countenances the actions of the predator priests—those pedophilic behaviors though prevalent are alien to church doctrine. But in Judaism the Talmud allows sexual intercourse between men and girls “less than 3 years old.” It reasons that the adult Jewish child rapist “has done nothing, as intercourse with a girl less than three years old is tantamount to poking a finger into the eye.” This Judaic permit for pedophilia is found in the Talmud section “Niddah 44b.”

Jews like Epstein have always practiced what the Talmud preaches. According to the Jewish Encyclopedia, “the worship of the sexual was prominent in their cults; and ritual prostitution was a recognized and wide-spread institution…and sexual purity was regarded as of little moment.” In the 15th century, Jewish slave-traders from Portugal set up their operations on the islands off the west coast of Africa. They kidnapped African women specifically to rape, impregnate, and breed a half-Black offspring called lancados to conduct the slave trade for them!

Rabbi and scholar Louis M. Epstein may or may not be related to Jeffrey, but what he wrote in his book Sex Laws and Customs in Judaism about the treatment of the females enslaved by Jewish men could easily have served as the FBI’s indictment:

“The female slave was a sex tool beneath the level of moral considerations. She was an economic good, useful, in addition to her menial labor, for breeding more slaves. To attain that purpose, the master mated her promiscuously according to his breeding plans. The master himself and his sons and other members of his household took turns with her for the increase of the family wealth, as well as for satisfaction of their extra-marital sex desires. Guests and neighbors too were invited to that luxury.”

American Jews tried mightily to maintain Black slavery, from which they had grown inordinately wealthy, but after emancipation Jewish men turned to white slavery, the debauchery of their own women. Israeli scholar Robert A. Rockaway wrote:

“Starting in the 1870s, Jews played an increasingly conspicuous role in commercial prostitution. By the twentieth century, Yiddish-speaking Jews dominated the international white slavery traffic, especially in Jewish women, out of Eastern Europe…”

White slavery and the moral degradation of women were so completely associated with Jews that their leaders finally succumbed to pressure to join the international battle to fight the trafficking of women and girls. Jewish pimps and prostitutes had infested every major city and destroyed the moral fiber of every society where they existed.

It is well known that Jewish businessmen owned and controlled Hollywood since its very beginning, but lesser known is the Jewish control of the business of pornography. According to accounts Jews were prominent in the distribution of sexually explicit novels, books of “dirty jokes,” and obscene publications. Jewish professor of film studies Nathan Abrams wrote the article “Jews in the American porn industry” in the Jewish Quarterly:

“[T]hereʼs no getting away from the fact that secular Jews have played (and still continue to play) a disproportionate role throughout the adult film industry in America. Jewish involvement in pornography has a long history in the United States, as Jews have helped to transform a fringe subculture into what has become a primary constituent of Americana. These are the ʻtrue blue Jewsʼ.”

Abrams’ romanticized view of the filmed rapes of America’s desperate and misguided young women is trumped by his almost prideful declaration to a Jewish audience at the University of Nottingham that “Anal sex is Jewish sex.”

America will one day heed the words of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad and his standard bearer The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and free its girls and women from these proud debauchers and their supporters and enablers. One must now ask, What is this hateful Jewish tradition that makes an Alan Dershowitz so “proud” to put a Jeffrey Epstein back among our girls and young women? What belief system motivates an Ehud Barak to counsel a Harvey Weinstein on how to escape prosecution? What conclusion will Gentile America reach when they compare Dershowitz and his friend Epstein with the heart and mind of the man who leads Black America —The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan? The Minister said to a Detroit audience:

One of the worst things that a man can do is abuse a woman, take advantage of a woman….Women are Sacred. If you don’t see yourself as sacred, it’s because Satan has robbed you of the knowledge of who you are and ripped you off from your divine destiny.…I want you little sisters to listen. You’re not some cheap thing for men to use for pleasure and discard you. You’re the Woman of God. You make a future for us. We have no future except that future comes through a woman.…You are a Sacred Woman. Every prophet of God came from your womb. Every scientist, every great mind, every great man, every great woman came from your womb.…The Bible says a Virtuous Woman is more valuable than silver and gold. Sisters, you have to recognize your sacredness…

In which society would women feel honored and respected—that of the Nation of Islam, or in Dershowitz & Epstein’s “Jew’s civilization”? That day is coming soon when righteous men will stand up for our women and confront those who have made it sport to prey on them. Alan Dershowitz, Jeffrey Epstein, Leslie Moonves, and Harvey Weinstein may not be “proud” of it, but our girls and women will NEVER AGAIN have to cry “Me Too.”

‘Termite’ Is EXACTLY Right, part 1

Turns Out that ‘Termite’ Is EXACTLY Right, part 1


Sura 114 – Say: I seek refuge in the Lord of men, The King of men, The God of men, From the evil of the whisperings of the slinking (devil), Who whispers into the hearts of men, From among the jinn and the men.

There couldn’t have been a more potent demonstration of rank ignorance than Joy Behar’s tour de force  statement on ABC’s The View. She was referring to The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan when she let fly this monstrous absurdity: “I mean, what is his problem with Jews? The Jews did not own slaves—I don’t know what his issue is.” Meghan McCain quickly added a “Yeah,” thus compounding the offense. They were both in a state of agitation over The Minister’s now famously upsetting but—it turns out—deadly accurate use of a metaphor when he said

When they talk about Farrakhan, call me a hater, call me an anti-Semite—stop it: I’m anti-termite. I don’t know anything about hating anyone because of their religious preference.

That statement stands alone as a response to the age-old nonsense that ALL Black leaders who criticize white and Jewish behavior are “haters” and “virulent anti-Semites.”  As we will see, not only is there plenty to criticize, but the utilization of the termite metaphor is so absurdly common in political discourse that one must ask the mischief makers: “Is that all you got?!”

The Minister himself has used the termite metaphor at least two times over his 60 years of divine service—both times are recorded in the Final Call — wherein he was referring to the corrosive effects of adultery and corruption. In neither case was he referring to the Jewish people or the Jewish religion; instead, he was describing a condition of the mind and heart.

It is important to note here that the very core Teachings of the Nation of Islam deal most powerfully with the condition of the human mind and heart. We are taught that the most significant categorization IS NOT a racial one, but a spiritual one. The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad has said to The Minister: “Brother, the best religion is, ‘Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.’ When you look at all of the teachings of Jesus, you can boil it down to this basic principal, ‘Do unto others.’” One is either a believer in truth or a promoter of falsehood. It is as simple and as complex as God versus Satan. The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan has ALWAYS been dedicated to that principle. Indeed, in his very language in Detroit he was drawing this divine distinction: I am not anti-Semitic—I am ANTI-EXPLOITATION and a defender of my people against ALL who are exploiters. And just as with Jesus, his “hard teachings” have rankled many an exploiter’s feathers.

Minister Farrakhan was obviously and purposely misquoted by a wicked interpreter in order to feed the corrupted hearts of the increasingly desperate Jewish racists, who are only now coming to grips with a destructive and exploitative history that will be covered at length in Part 2 of this article. Their slanderous behavior has made them even more perfectly analogous to the nature and behavior of that little milky white creature, the termite.

Before we move on (in part 2) to debunk Joy Behar’s shocking historical ignorance about the Jews in the African slave trade, let us first clear out some embarrassing hypocrisy. The first to make an issue of The Minister’s self-defense was none other than Chelsea Clinton, the daughter of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, who as senator referred to Blacks, the voting base of her Democrat party, as “super predators,” an insulting animalization of Blacks that lost her the election. Her racism was fueled by the wicked incarceration policies of her husband William, the 42nd president, who during his two terms in office put more Black men in prison than the combined presidencies of Reagan and Bush1. Chelsea, who was so anxious to begin her political career with a racist anti-Farrakhan tweet, has never tweeted about either of her parents’ capital crimes.

Meghan McCain’s only apparent claim to fame is that her father was the recently deceased Arizona senator John McCain, whose white supremacy she has inherited. During the 2000 presidential campaign the senator was asked by reporters why he continued to use the ugliest of racial slurs when referring to Asians: “I hate the gooks. I will hate them as long as I live…” His bigotry wasn’t limited to “gooks”:—he hated Blacks too: McCain supported the rescinding of Martin Luther King Day; he endorsed George Wallace, Jr., a favorite speaker among white supremacists; and he fought to keep the Confederate battle flag flying over South Carolina. Daughter Meghan—like Chelsea—has learned her race hate from the best.

Termites as Political Metaphor

Make no mistake, these women are being pimped from behind the scenes by the Anti-Defamation League/Mossad, which is determined to hide their own hate and racism by artificially creating “black racists,” inflating words, symbols, and signs over the Jews’ long, long, long history of anti-Black deeds. Today they use “termites,” a few months ago they used the 2005 photo of Obama with Minister Farrakhan, and for years their M.O. has been to fill the news with a fake record of recriminations that will stand in history as justification for his planned assassination. But each time the Jews plan (HQ 3:54), Allah—Who IS the Best of Planners—plans, and fewer and fewer people are swayed, and the Jews’ open deception is further exposed.

Frank Gaffney

The metaphorical use of termite has been deployed frequently throughout time. Richard Perle was the Jewish Neoconservative that is most responsible for the Machiavellian “War on Terror.” To prepare the world Perle sent out his Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense with anti-Muslim rhetoric like this: “They essentially, like termites, hollow out the structure of the civil society and other institutions for the purpose of creating conditions under which the jihad will succeed.” Frank Gaffney was not run off social media; he writes for the Washington Times and the Jewish World Review. You can find him here, tweeting filthily:

Spero News columnist Father Thomas Collins is a Catholic priest in Virginia who wrote in a similar vein about “The termites that are eating away at America’s soul,” and he assailed the promotion of abortion and sexual promiscuity and the destruction of family values.

Stephen Miller

Some of the most racist language and policies from the Trump administration are the work of a Jewish man named Stephen Miller, who according to Esquire magazine “Is Waging War on … America….from the shadows.” It is Miller who is credited with the policy of separating the families of illegal immigrants. Esquire describes Miller’s political tactics: “He’ll install allies in federal agencies to act as ‘termites,’ eating the structure from within to prevent it from providing services. That’s part of a larger effort to operate in the shadows.” Esquire’s intact account can be found here:

Going back a bit, the 1941 book Scum of the Earth, by the famed Jewish writer Arthur Koestler, contains a quote graphically describing the breakdown in French society after the Nazi takeover:

“…A planter enters his house after an absence of five or six days; everything is apparently as he left it, nothing seems changed. He sits down on a chair, it collapses. He grabs the table to regain his balance, it falls to pieces under his hands. He leans against the central pillar, which gives way and brings down the roof in a cloud of dust.”

Koestler is quoting from Maurice Maeterlinck’s Life of the Termites in order to establish in his readers’ minds a salient political point. Not only does Koestler find the termite to be the most accurate metaphor for society’s decay, but his other book, The Thirteenth Tribe, debunks the claim by the white Caucasian Ashkenazi Jews that they are Jews at all! His careful, scholarly, and historically accurate 1976 study found that the white people we think of as Jews—the Netanyahus, the Jonathan Greenblatts, the Alan Dershowitzes and the rest of them—are imposters with no genetic connection to the holy land or holy people of the Bible; they are not even Semites! Koestler proves that their Caucasian tribal ancestors converted to Judaism sometime in the 8th century. So the charge of “anti-Semitism” constantly leveled at Blacks and their leaders has no actual meaning at all.

The Southern Israelite, serving Jewish segregationists in the Jim Crow South, was using the “termites” metaphor to describe its enemies in a 1940 front-page article titled “Nazi Termites Fomenting Unrest; Press and Radio Subsidized.” It is an eerie foreshadowing of the racist scare campaign that the ADL is running at this very moment through social media.

Rabbi Leon Spitz

The American Hebrew magazine from 1946 followed suit, publishing an article by Rabbi Leon Spitz titled “Exterminate Anti-Semitic Termites As Our Ancestors Did 2,500 Years Ago,” in which he admits just in the title that Jews committed genocide—and he views this with pride.

In 2018, several “news” centers that now feign outrage at The Minister’s use of the word “termite” were using the very same metaphor in the very same way, with no adverse blowback of the Chelsea Clinton variety.

A veteran Environmental Protection Agency scientist profiled in the Washington Post described the Trump administration—or, as the Post called it, “the current regime”—in these words: “These people are like termites, gnawing at the foundation.” The WP Titter page remains unscathed:

David Cay Johnston

Earlier this year investigative reporter and Pulitzer Prize-winning author David Cay Johnston was promoting his new book, in which he makes the very same termites analogy. He has been interviewed and his book reviewed by a wide range of media outlets, including the New York Times, the Baltimore Sun, and Democracy Now, despite the Jewish publisher Simon & Schuster’s description of his book posted on

“Bestselling author and longtime Trump observer David Cay Johnston shines a light on the political termites who have infested our government under the Trump Administration, destroying it from within and compromising our jobs, safety, finances, and more.”

Both Johnston’s and Simon & Schuster’s Twitter accounts are going strong at: and

White conservative gadfly Michael Reagan, son of former President Ronald Reagan, tweeted his outrage at Minister Farrakhan’s Black use of the “termite” metaphor, attempting to shame Twitter for not “banning” him from its platform. But not too long ago Reagan had this to say about “liberals”:

“If you can think of the liberals, think of them as termites eating away at the foundations of your home each and every day….See, that’s what they do every day. See, we can’t afford to let them keep doing that…”

The man is still tweeting his hypocrisy at

Van Jones

Former Obama official and political analyst Van Jones took great pains to connect the federal government with “termites” wherever he appeared on the air. On CNN he said, “When you’ve got termites eating into every pillar of your government, that is a dangerous thing.”

Over and over, the use of the word termites in an obviously political context has been seen as a very apt and useful metaphor. Where was Chelsea Clinton when Fox News editorialized about her mother’s health right before the 2016 election:

“Before you purchase a house you inspect it for termites, before you purchase a car you look under the hood. Is it too much to ask for a health examination and report of all presidential candidates? I’m no doctor and I truly hope she is healthy but I believe the American people deserve to have Ms. Clinton’s full medical records open for examination.”

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan has been pilloried for using the termite metaphor with laser accuracy. His extraordinary wisdom and his vast knowledge of world history have made him the most perceptive analyst on today’s racial and religious dynamics that have brought the world to the brink of extinction. When he speaks of this society and its racism using the metaphor of termites, it is best to stop, listen, and then think.

For those who chose to listen that day in Detroit, The Minister went on to describe in its ugly detail the exploitative and damaging nature of the Black–Jewish relationship that began on the slave ships of European Jewish merchants and continued in the Detroit city streets with the Jewish criminal narcotics mob known as the Purple Gang—all of whose crimes infested and ate away at Black life. Significantly, other scholars have made the very same point. University of Sussex Professor Clive Webb, Ph.D, is an expert in the field of Black–Jewish relations and wrote that the Jews traded in socially destructive commodities, such as beer, wine, and liquor. And in so doing, the Jewish merchants “were not so much providing the lifeblood of the black community, as injecting it with poison.”

Now, what insect does that sound like?

By the way, Dr. Webb is still tweeting at


Learn more about termites here:


Part 2: Joy Behar gets a Jewish slavery lesson.

Hillary Clinton, Meet Mr. Jones

Black Lives Matter Exposes Candidate’s Weakness & Black Economic Power

by the NOI Research Group

A remarkable event in Black journalism occurred last week that may change the way Blacks view this coming presidential election and possibly the way Blacks wield their economic power in the future. That event had nothing to do with the trained and polished Black media personalities like Lester Holt, Gwen Ifill, Bill Whitaker, or Byron Pitts. Black Lives Matter (BLM) activist Julius Jones beat them all when he forced the elusive Hillary Clinton to answer finally for her role in the racist policies enacted and supported by her and her husband, Pres. William Jefferson Clinton, policies that weaponized police and filled America’s prisons with a million Black men.

Black America has been inflamed over the issue of police brutality and mass incarceration, yet it took our Brother Julius with his activist crew to make Hillary face up to her role in those tragedies. On August 11, as her buffer zone of aides, advisors, and Secret Service protectors looked on sweating nervously, Brother Julius did more to expose Hillary than ANY of her email or Benghazi or Whitewater scandals could ever do. In response to his earnest request for her plans to correct the severe racial distortions in the American “justice” system, Mrs. Clinton said:

“What do you want me to do about it? What am I supposed to do about it? That’s what I’m trying to put together, in a way that I can explain it and I can sell it. Because in politics, if you can’t explain it and you can’t sell it, then it stays on the shelf.”

That was Hillary Clinton’s best answer.

Again, no trained Negro network journalist had gotten Hillary this far down the road on this issue in all her time as a declared presidential candidate. When Bro. Julius reacted with appropriate shock and awe—“What you just said is a form of victim blaming”—Clinton went at him like any plantation mistress should: “Well, if that is your position, then I will talk only to white people about how we are going to deal with the very real problems,” she said.

The pure bankruptcy of this response from the white woman who most Blacks have enthusiastically waved on into the White House is self-evident. In her perfect public opportunity to show herself to be on top of the issue that has American cities erupting in racial rebellion—to show her knowledge, wisdom, and expertise—the empress disrobed for Black America in the most shocking way: “What do you want me to do about it? What am I supposed to do about it?”

But her feeble non-answer really doesn’t put Hillary on the hot seat. Her answer contained no actual surprises. But it sho’nuf puts her Black supporters on Front Street, for they must now explain why they havap_arsenio_hall_bill_clinton_nt_120619_wmaine never asked her this simple question before they lent their names and influence to her candidacy. One might have thought we’d grown a little bit since Bill, “the first black president,” put on sunglasses and played the saxophone on Arsenio Hall’s show, winning over the slaves. And how did he reward us? 225,000 more Blacks were incarcerated
under President Clinton than under President Reagan, the Republican President most disliked in Black America. According to the Washington Post, “During the Clinton administration, the Department of Justice grew faster than any other agency of the federal government.”[1] How many Black communities collapsed, how many Black families were destroyed, how many children were reared without a father, under Clinton’s destructive power? Can the damage even be reversed?

And Hillary’s mass incarceration bona fides are just as robust as Bill’s. In 1994, right before William Jefferson’s Trail of Black Tears, she said with both nerve and verve:

“We need more police, we need more and tougher prison sentences for repeat offenders. The ‘three-strikes-and-you’re-out’ for violent offenders has to be part of the plan. We need more prisons to keep violent offenders for as long as it takes to keep them off the streets.”

140701_POL_HillaryClintonAlabama.jpg.CROP.promovar-mediumlargeHow Hillary Clinton was able to get half of the Congressional Black Caucus to endorse her, including Corey Booker, Lacy Clay, Alcee Hastings, Sheila Jackson Lee, John Lewis, and Charles Rangel, is an enduring mystery. And many notable Black celebrities must be rethinking their support after the crushing BLM exposé.

Only Black Lives Matter, it seems, has the courage to press these candidates where the journalists and civil rights “leaders” have utterly failed. But when we look a little deeper, we find that Black Lives Matter has a critical power those Black pretenders do not possess. As of August 15, 2015, at least 1,007 BLM demonstrations have been held worldwide. The most important of those occurred in the shopping malls of America when they targeted Christmas of 2014 with a strategic boycott, making a direct hit to America’s economic jugular vein.

As Michael Brown lay in the street for four hours, and Ferguson’s Kevlar-clad police-army rolled its tanks and turrets in the street, the leaders of Black Lives Matter boldly and brilliantly targeted the shopping centers of America. They understood that holiday shopping is key for retailers, with sales in November and December accounting for about 19 percent of annual revenue. Using the hashtag #NotOneDime they made deft use of social media and made headlines around the globe as they shut down whole malls on America’s busiest buying day—Black Friday. The result was devastating to a frail and impotent American economy teetering on the edge of collapse. Six million shoppers stayed home, and sales plummeted by 11% on that 4-day weekend alone. That adds up to $7 billion in lost revenue, according to the National Retail Federation.[2]

And THIS $7 billion BLM sledgehammer is why Hillary was forced to stand there and engage—even negotiate with—Black Lives Matter.

In effect, Black Lives Matter carried out Martin Luther King’s blueprint for forcing real change in the American system. In his very last speech in Memphis, Tennessee, Dr. King said that when we Blacks feel pain, “we must kind of redistribute the pain.” He specifically said the targeting of the economy through boycotts and strategic buying forces results from a nation’s white leaders, who, like Hillary, understand nothing but money. The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King said in 1968:

“We have an annual income of more than thirty billion dollars a year, which is more than all of the exports of the United States, and more than the national budget of Canada. Did you know that? That’s power right there, if we know how to pool it.”

King called this strategy Economic Withdrawal, and that is exactly what Black Lives Matter did last Christmas. They went to the American Retail “Bank”—IN UNITY—and made a $7 billion withdrawal. And that is why Clinton could ignore the “Black leaders” but could not ignore BLM; and that is why a photo of Hillary’s fateful encounter with Bro. Julius et al is on the front page (above the fold) of the August 20th New York Times.


Hillary Clinton also knows that The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan has called for a massive gathering of all oppressed groups in America on October 10th of this year in Washington, DC. It is the 20th anniversary of the Million Man March with the forthright, uncompromising, righteous demand of Justice Or Else! He has called for a full boycott of Christmas 2015, in complete harmony with Dr. King’s principled and just Economic Withdrawal strategy. Hillary’s husband Bill answered the first march in 1995 with a punitive push for even harsher, racially targeted “War-on-Drug” laws. Up until the BLM confrontation, the Clintons have eluded their DIRECT responsibility for the current racial disorder.

Hillary Clinton also knows that many of those who have voiced support for her have also shown a greater, deeper respect, love, admiration, and support for Minister Farrakhan. These are intelligent Black men and women in the various fields of entertainment who share the aims and objectives of Martin Luther King, Black Lives Matter, and The Minister, and they are more than willing to tell their fans and followers “Hands Up Don’t Buy!” this Christmas.

We must thank our Brother Julius Jones and Black Lives Matter for their direct action in commanding the political world to pay attention to the serious issues that are affecting Blacks and oppressed people in America. They exposed the fatal weakness of the American political system as a means of securing any real justice. But they also have shown us the power and potential of Economic Withdrawal as a potent political weapon. This Christmas, as our unity amplifies our demands for Justice in America, Blacks are more ready than ever to show America the real power of OR ELSE!


UPDATE: Aug. 21, 2015: Black Lives Matter offers “A comprehensive package of urgent policy solutions – informed by data, research and human rights principles – can change the way police serve our communities.”


(Order the explosive 2-volume book series DEFENDING FARRAKHAN by the NOI Research Group at; join the conversation on FaceBook and Twitter @NOIResearch.)

[1] Washington Post, February 9, 2001. Quoted in