Video CENSORED by YOUTUBE: Shows Jewish Fear of Black History

When Is Black History Hate Speech? When Blacks themselves write it!

The video-sharing website became the latest battleground in the massive effort by Jewish leaders to censor and control the accurate presentation of Black history. The popular website is now owned by Google and headed by two Jews—Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Managers “rejected” a 3-minute educational video after it was “flagged” by a viewer as “inappropriate.” They reviewed the video and “determined” that it “contains content in violation of [our] guidelines.” Emblazoned across the screen where the video once played are the words, “This video has been removed as a violation of YouTube’s policy prohibiting hate speech.”

The controversial video is based on information from the Nation of Islam’s recent book Jews Selling Blacks, the largest collection of Jewish slave sale advertisements ever published. The paid ads placed in American newspapers by prominent American Jews show that they were publicly selling a range of goods and services to buttress and support the slavery system. They sold plantation tools, slave ship insurance, slave clothing, even whole plantations, slaves and all. They auctioned incredible numbers of actual Black human beings, offering financing and even layaway terms. Jewish historians have always tried to conceal these racist Jewish activities by pointing to census records showing a “limited” number of slave-owning Jews. But Jews Selling Blacks shows that using the census is flawed, for “Jewish merchants routinely possessed enormous numbers of slaves temporarily before selling them off.” For instance, the 1830 census shows that all the Jews of Charleston, South Carolina, owned a total of 104 Black human beings. But a single Jew, Jacob Cohen, on a single day in 1857, offered for sale “125 rice negroes.” That same year, the same Mr. Cohen teamed with a Gentile and advertised almost twice that number—210—in a single day.

The book provides such clear and irrefutable testimony of the actual history of Blacks and Jews that Minister Louis Farrakhan sent it, along with the 512-page research book The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews, to all of the American Jewish leadership.

The banned video examines a single ad placed in 1852 by Rabbi Jacob Levin for the sale of 22 “Negroes at Auction,” and can now be viewed uncut and uncensored at the NOI Research Group website (NOIRG.ORG). Titled “Jewish Rabbi Selling 22 Black Slaves in South Carolina,” the video presents an “anatomy” of the ad, with a rap beat borrowed from the wildly popular 9/11 video exposé “LOOSE CHANGE.”

The video highlights the names of the rabbi’s 22 Black victims, including men, women, and children he describes as “young and desirable.” With his synagogue backing him, Rabbi Levin auctioned “Field Hands, Hostlers and Carriage Drivers, House Servants” ranging in age from 2 to 60. The YouTube-“rejected” video points out that nine of those being sold—if they had not been enslaved—would have been in elementary school. Levin also mocked his victims, giving them the names Elsey, Yanaky, Anikee, Baket, and Scippio.

The video points out that the rabbi’s sale was scheduled to occur at the Columbia, South Carolina, courthouse, proving government sanction and involvement in this dehumanizing commerce. Levin stressed that financing was available for potential buyers through two separate banks, proving collaboration with the “legitimate” business community. This is reinforced with a map from The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews, Vol. 2, that charts the vast network of Jewish-owned banks that “served slave dealers and plantations” during the darkest period of slavery and Jim Crow in America. The video concludes with words by Minister Farrakhan about the important new research on these topics by NOI scholars.

NOI Research Group’s Bro. Jackie Muhammad called the banning “cowardly but encouraging.” “As Blacks begin to recognize their role as the REAL Children of Israel, those who have falsely worn that label will do everything in their power to hide their incredible history of racist oppression.” He pointed out that the term “hate speech” has been deployed by Jews against the Nation of Islam to camouflage their own history now being revealed by a new generation of Black scholars.

The “complaint” is very likely the work of the same forces that recently targeted NOI blogger Bro. Jesse Muhammad, whose popular Houston Chronicle page was terminated after pressure by a shady group of Jewish racists whose financial clout simply steamrolled the paper’s editorial staff. Bro. Jesse recounted how a white manager at the Chronicle gave him the news: “The conversation started off casual and I thought she was sincerely trying to get to know me as a new blogger. However, she eventually told me the true purpose of the meeting, which was the fact that several members of the Jewish community were pressing her and the editors of the Houston Chronicle to have me removed immediately from the site because I ‘hated Jews and should not be allowed to blog among dignified religious people.’”

According to the “YouTube Team,” the term “hate speech” is entirely subjective and “refers to content that promotes hatred against members of a protected group.” They provide no list of these “protected groups,” but they hasten to add that there is “a fine line between what is and what is not considered hate speech,” explaining that “it is generally okay to criticize a nation, but not okay to make insulting generalizations about people of a particular nationality.” Bro. Jackie Muhammad commented that “Rabbi Levin’s ‘22 Likely Negroes’ were obviously not a ‘protected group,’ but YouTube’s new ‘protected group’ will not succeed in concealing the fate of our 22 Black Brothers and Sisters.”

The fact that the banned video is describing a true, verifiable event 160 years ago is not addressed by YouTube’s Black history censors. They provided no explanation of the “offending” parts of the video; nor did they provide a way to appeal their decision. NOI researcher and writer Dr. Ridgely Muhammad said, “YouTube’s act is resounding proof that the work of The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan is strong and effective.” He encouraged those with the skill and talent to “use the banned video as a model and produce educational videos for our people. If your work is truly powerful enough,” he added, “you too may have the honor of being rejected by YouTube.”

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