The ink of a scholar's pen is holier than the blood of the martyr.




By Robert Muhammad

“And the heaven, We raised it high with power, and We are the Makers of the vast extent.
And the earth, We have spread it out. How well We prepared it!”

-The Holy Quran: Surah 51 verses 47-48 

“Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High.”

-Book of Psalm Chapter 82, verse 6                        


     On page 48 of the book Message To The Blackman, the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad makes the following statement, “Being the first people of the earth, we are destined to be the last, we are the creators and the makers.” 

    In the Supreme Wisdom Lessons, given to us by Master Fard Muhammad, each new convert of the Nation of Islam must memorize and recite the answers to 10 questions. The first question is “Who is the Original Man?”

    The answer to that question is recited as follows; “The Original Man is the Asiatic Black Man, the Maker, the Owner, the Cream of the Planet Earth, God of the Universe.”

     Many critics and detractors of the teachings given to the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad from his teacher, Master Fard Muhammad, dismiss the notion that Black people are in fact, the original people and the makers and the gods of the planet Earth and the universe, as nothing more than racist pseudo-science. Is it?  Let’s explore this question from a purely mathematical and scientific perspective.

    It can be stated that at the cutting-edges of this world’s scientific knowledge, we will find the divine truths of the teachings of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

      This statement has never been more on point than with new scientific discoveries in the fields of Molecular Biology and Quantum Physics.

      These new discoveries are now revealing a hidden, unacknowledged, yet astonishing scientific secret, that verifies in a mathematical way, the reality of the Black man and woman as the literal makers of the universe!


Who is the Original Man? – Molecular Biology

     On page 163, in a recently released book titled, Black Genesis, by renowned Egyptologist, Robert Bauval, and former NASA astrophysicist, Thomas Brophy; the authors state the following; “scientists in the field of genetics have been pointing out that it may actually be correct to say that the world was created by Black people.

     What caused the authors of that book to make such an astonishing statement, was their reviewing of the 1987 mitochondrial DNA study done by biochemists at the University of California, and published in Nature magazine, which pinpointed the genetic origins of all human beings on the planet back to a Black woman in Africa, who is referred to as the “Mitochondrial Eve.”

     Mitochondrial Eve, according to these studies, would have walked the earth about 200,000 years ago, but as the authors point out, she was not alone or the first and only woman on earth; she was just the most recent human woman that all humans living today have at least one unbroken matrilineal line. The authors also reference studies that pinpoint the genetic markers for a African “Y- Chromosomal Adam,” who would have been the Black father of all humans.

     So if these Black people were the original people; at what point in history did the other members of the human family genetically come into existence?

     According to studies reported on in the March 7th 2006 edition of the New York Times, and carried out by geneticist Dr. Jonathan Pritchard and his team, at the University of Chicago, along with Dr. Richard G. Klein at Stanford; the genetic markers that correspond with modern Asian and Europeans populations, which includes genes associated with pale or white skin color, seem to have come into existence about 6,600 years ago. According to Dr. Klein’s studies, there are few skeletons that match either modern Asians or Europeans that can be dated beyond 10,000 years ago.

     In another study by geneticist Hans Eiberg at the University of Copenhagen, and reported on in the January 31st 2008 edition of ‘The Independent UK’; it was found that the DNA sequences for blue eyes, were caused by a mutation; that is described by Eiberg and his team as a “disruption in melanin production”; that took place between 6,000 and 10,000 years ago. According to the study, everyone before that time would have had brown eyes. [See “NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC PROVES TEACHING ON MR. YAKUB,”]

     What these scientific studies are telling us is that based upon the estimates of Western scientist; prior to a time frame with a range of 10,000 to 6,000 years ago, the only people on this planet would have been black skinned, brown eyed people.

     These recent discoveries in Molecular Biology not only tell us who the original people on this planet were and are; but they also confirm the general time frame for the beginnings of the various races of man ,other than original, which is described in the teachings of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad at between 6,600 to 6,000 years ago.


Quantum Physics- The First Human ‘Observers’

     Ok, so Molecular Biology confirms that the Black man is the original man, but how does that make him the maker of the universe?

     If we are to answer this question, we must dive into the cutting-edge, mysterious world of Quantum Physics.

Quantum Physics can briefly be described as the study of the interactions of matter and energy at the atomic and sub-atomic level. One of the scientific foundations of modern quantum physics is a concept known as ‘wave/particle duality’, which is the proven scientific observation that all atomic and sub-atomic matter such as, atoms, photons, electrons, and neutrons, exist as both a wave and a particle. What makes this concept even more bizarre is the fact, that what determines whether atomic and sub- atomic matter manifest itself as either a wave or a particle is, human observation! In other words, when we are not looking, the sub- atomic world is manifested as a series of waves, but when we are consciously observing, it is manifested, or collapses, into individual particles.

     This seemingly incredible phenomenon first came into the consciousness of Western science, with the now famous Thomas Young double- slit experiment in 1803. Young’s experiment was designed to reveal the wave nature of light, and involved shooting a beam of light at a screen with two parallel slits. This double- slit screen was then placed in front of another screen that was designed to highlight the path and patterns produced by the beam of light or photons as they passed through the two slits of the screen in front of it.

     In the course of carrying out this experiment, a very strange and counter-intuitive phenomenon was observed. When the beam of light which is made up of individual photons, is fired at the double-slit screen, there appears on the back screen, an interference pattern indicating that the beam of light behaves like a wave that is spread out in space, thus going through both slits simultaneously as we would expect a wave to do. Yet in experiments where the photons of light are fired at the screen one at a time, the same interference pattern is formed on the back screen indicating that each individual photon still travels through both slits at the same time as if the individual photons were a wave!

     Now if that were not strange enough; when detectors were placed near the slits so that we might observe the path that each individual photon took, the photons behaved like individual particles and traveled through just one or the other slit, causing the interference pattern on the back screen to disappear. So again; when we are not looking, sub-atomic matter behaves and manifest as waves, but when we are observing, it behaves and manifest as individual particles.

     What this actually means is that, the very act of human observation itself, literally collapses the wave patterns of all sub-atomic matter into individual particles! As strange as this may seem, this experiment has been repeated and confirmed over and over again, in laboratories all over the world, and is now an established and accepted reality in the field of Quantum Physics. Quantum Physicist refer to this phenomenon as the “collapse of the wave function,” and or the “observer effect,” as originally proposed by the mathematician, John von Neumann.

One of the more significant experiments confirming the observer effect was done at the prestigious Weizmann Institute of Science in February of 1998, and was reported on in the February 26th 1998 edition of the Journal Nature (Vol.391 pp. 871-874).

     It should be noted that according to quantum physicist, the wave function or wave aspect of sub-atomic particles can only be represented as a wave of possibility when it is not being observed, and not as a localized event, or particle. It only manifest or collapses into a measurable particle of matter when it is being consciously observed. Thus, renowned theoretical physicist, Amit Goswami, in his book titled God Is Not Dead states that, “without consciousness there is no collapse, no material particles, no materiality.”

     The above observation has very profound implications for our understanding of the nature  of the universe that we live in, and interact with everyday. If quantum particles like electrons, neutrons, photons, and atoms, that make up larger objects such as trees, mountains, planets, stars, and galaxies, are in essence only waves of possibilities that are collapsed into existence by human consciousness or observation; then this would imply that our entire physical universe is on the quantum level, a construction of human consciousness. This bears witness to, and is consistent with, the concept of a thought-projected universe described by the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad on page 46 of his book titled, Our Saviour Has Arrived, where he gives an account of how the original Black people, following the original pattern of the first Creator God, consciously willed and called the physical universe into existence with the power of their minds!

     This brings us to what is known as, ‘M-Theory’, which is a branch of what is called ‘Quantum Cosmology’ and a recent controversial book written by the world famous thinker and mathematician, Stephen Hawking, and physicist Leonard Mlodinow titled The Grand Design.

     What Hawking and Mlodinow have essentially done in this book is to take the quantum mathematical principles that govern atomic and sub-atomic particles, and apply them to the large scales of time and space that define our known universe.

    For instance, in M-Theory, instead of a single sub-atomic particle manifesting a wave/particle duality; the entire universe is viewed as a giant cosmic wave of possibilities, existing in what is called a quantum ‘superposition’ or cosmic wave-function, which is spread out as an infinite number of possible universes, or a “multi-verse.” According to the Hawking and Mlodinow interpretation of M-Theory, this multi-verse is, or more importantly, was, collapsed into the single universe we see, and live in today, by human consciousness!

     There was considerable controversy surrounding the release of Hawking and Mlodinow’s book, because it was perceived by some, as a work that attempted to somehow deny the existence of God; but the real controversy was that Hawking and Mlodinow were in fact bearing witness to the teachings of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad by showing that man is a God!

     On pages 8 and 9 of their book, Hawking and Mlodinow, in giving a description of man’s place in the M-Theory construction of reality, state that it “makes us in a sense the lords of creation.” On page 140 they state, “We create history by our observation, rather than history creating us.” And on page 141 in describing all the universes with more than three space dimensions, that are mathematically possible under M-Theory, the authors say that these possible universes are, “irrelevant because we have already determined that we are in a universe with three large space dimensions.”

     The big elephant in the room, so to speak, is just who are the “us” and “we” that Hawking and Mlodinow are describing as the “lords of creation,” and those who determined the space dimensions of the universe? Who would have been the first or original human observers of the universe? Who were the conscious human beings responsible for the quantum collapse of the so-called multi-verse (wave-function) into the universe that we live in today?

     As it was shown earlier in this investigation; findings in the field of Molecular Biology, have already proved beyond any shadow of a doubt, that the first people, and thus the first human observers to walk this planet were the original Black man and woman. According to the mathematics of Quantum Cosmology, the present state and configuration of the universe, owes its existence to the consciousness of these first human observers. Therefore the inescapable conclusion that the scientific world is faced with is that the original Black people of this planet are in fact, mathematically and scientifically, the true “lords of creation.”

    This means that the so-called Asians and Europeans, who according to the findings of Molecular Biology, appeared on the earth sometime between 10,000 and 6,000 years ago, would have come into, and gazed upon, a universe already fully constructed by the collective consciousness of the original Black people of this planet, over a period of hundreds of thousands, and according to the teachings of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, trillions of years!

     On page 35 of his book, Our Saviour Has Arrived, the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad says of the Black man, “You are the only man who needed light to light up Your Universe. You brought forth that light. You are walking around looking for a God to bow to and worship.  You Are the God!  This is the profound secret that is hidden in modern science.



Robert Muhammad is a Chicago-based free-lance writer, and can be contacted at: [email protected], and followed on Twitter@RobertMuhammad1.