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The Devil Is Mad & The Protestors Are Glad!

By Ilia Rashad Muhammad

“The devil is mad and I’m so glad; he lost a soul that he thought he had.” Those lyrics from the old gospel song reflect the spirit of protests and boycotts against America’s racial injustices. The recent protests and boycotts against White institutions are indicative of people starting to wake up and challenge the “satanic establishments” that uphold racial injustice. While protesters delight in seeing the beneficial results of their boycotts, those controlling these institutions are pretty upset.

When the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan raised the “Boycott Christmas” campaign (initiated by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.), some doubted the impact of his words and the Justice Or Else Movement, which are proving every day to be extremely effective.

Boycotts Affecting White Businesses

During the massive Justice Or Else gathering in Washington D.C. on 10-10-15, Minister Farrakhan urged all of his people to stand against injustice by refraining from spending our hard-earned dollars this Christmas season. Apparently people have been feeling his spirit because protests and boycotts began taking off around the country almost immediately.

The University of Missouri students and football players exemplified this spirit when they stood up against the racism on campus and challenged the school’s administration with an “or else,” forcing the university’s president, Tim Wolfe, and others to step down. Knowing what could result if other students, athletes, and professionals decide to do likewise, Whites are now devising more unscrupulous ways of making sure Blacks stay in their place!

According to ESPN,

A state legislator is proposing that student-athletes lose their scholarships if they go on strike, in response to a threat by Missouri Tigers football players to not play because of the administration’s handling of racial discrimination complaints on campus.

That’s right, White politicians are actually trying to pass a law that would punish students who protest or boycott against injustice.

st-johns-store-no-one-in-itIt is no coincidence that their anger against boycotting has become this severe, especially with the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan leading his people to stand against tyranny and oppression. Youth from around the country are taking heed to his spirit and guidance by standing up for justice this Christmas season.

Just as colleges and universities are feeling the heat of student boycotts, retailers and big businesses are taking a hit from those who are boycotting Christmas spending. According to,

The post-Thanksgiving days have been terrible for most retailers. Sales have slowed to a crawl.

This is largely due to the boycotts that were visibly seen in Chicago and other major cities on Black Friday, sparking protest movements throughout the country.

Clearly Minister Farrakhan’s instructions to boycott Christmas spending have been heard, felt, and acted on. “Not many retailers reported November sales, but some who did were terrible,” added. The lackluster, weaker-than-expected sales have retailers angry, upset, and ready to “hit the panic button.”

Instead of admitting that the Boycott Christmas campaign is responsible, some are blaming low sales on the pleasantly warm weather. The Houston Chronicle reported:

Specialty apparel stores lost out on $185 million in sales in November because of warm weather, and another $158 million in the first two weeks of December, reported Planalytics, a firm that focuses on how weather affects performance. Department stores lost $135 million in potential sales in November compared to last year because of warm weather, the firm estimated.

If the weather is responsible for low sales, maybe this is telling us that God is boycotting Christmas too.

If that wasn’t enough, the Minister’s call to make Christmas about Jesus and to eliminate Santa Claus is proving to be highly effective. The Rasmussen Reports—the public opinion polling agency—has gathered data that show 71% of Americans believe Jesus is the most important aspect of Christmas this year (up from 60%), while Santa has dropped to 14%, down from 20 percent a year ago. Simply put, Jesus is up and Santa’s popularity is down in just a one-year period. Even the poll stats seem to promote the same “Up With Jesus, Down With Santa” mantra. Satan—I mean Santa—and his retailers can’t be happy.

Up with Jesus Down with Santa banner
Stay In Your Place!

The anger against protesters and boycotters who stand up for justice is typical of modern slave masters. Slave owners were so bent on preventing Black people from seeking freedom that a slave’s desire for freedom was deemed not only a crime but also a disease. Whites framed racism through laws, mis-education, and pseudo-science, as demonstrated in the mid 1800s when people like Dr. Samuel Cartwright determined that it was a mental illness if Black slaves wanted to be free—a disease he called drapetomania.

Mark Twain & Samuel Cartwright vs FOI.001

Desiring freedom from slavery was considered by slave owners a violation of natural law, just as desiring freedom from America’s systems of injustice is considered a violation, by the White establishment today! Whites have always expected Black athletes, celebrities, and leaders to “stay in their place.” This place is a position or attitude that doesn’t conflict with the order of White authority.

This was shown in Mark Twain’s autobiography, wherein he spoke of his family’s treatment of their Black slave. He described the boy (Sandy) as always singing and whistling—and why his family found it necessary to keep him occupied with such:

At last, one day, I lost all my temper, and went raging to my mother, and said Sandy had been singing for an hour without a single break, and I couldn’t stand it, and wouldn’t she please shut him up. The tears came into her eyes, and her lip trembled, and she said something like this —

“Poor thing, when he sings, it shows that he is not remembering, and that comforts me; but when he is still, I am afraid he is thinking, and I cannot bear it. He will never see his mother again; if he can sing, I must not hinder it, but be thankful for it.”

Slave owners (then and now) have always sought to distract Black people from focusing on their oppression because it would naturally turn them against their oppressor. Whites consider it a threat when Black people show signs of thinking or acting independently of their control. The present boycott of Christmas spending is such a sign, and it’s really putting a dent in the enemy’s source of power, resulting in legislative retaliation. This gives a clear sign that the devil is mad and the protesters are glad: he’s losing the slaves, patrons, and souls he once had.