Obama, Sarkozy and Netanyahu the ‘LIAR’: A New Look at the ‘REAL ESTATE’ of Israel

By Tingba Muhammad

Updated Dec 7, 2011

It got very ugly this month in the world of international diplomacy.

U.S. President Barack Obama didn’t miss a beat when French President Nicolas Sarkozy said to him, “I cannot bear Netanyahu, he’s a liar.” Mr. Obama according to the UK Telegraph replied, “You may be sick of him, but me, I have to deal with him every day.” So, according to the “leader of the free world,” the leader of the “State of Israel,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, is a liar. And it is not that Netanyahu told a single big lie, it is—by definition—that he is “a person who tells lies” (plural). The thesaurus further elaborates that the Israeli prime minister is a “deceiver, fibber, perjurer, fabricator, false witness, and talebearer”—according to these respected world leaders.

Two things are very interesting here. First is that we have not been told—nor is “the media” apparently asking—what the “lies” (plural) were that so inflamed Mr. Sarkozy? Were they related to Libya? Iran? Iraq? The real perpetrators of 9/11? What? And second, why is our president “dealing with Netanyahu every day”? Of the 196 nations of the earth and their leaders, why is our Black American president forced to deal with this unsavory Israeli character, the “liar,” Benjamin Netanyahu? Obama said, “I have to deal with him every day.” Why?

The reason is in the geography of the region in which the liar resides, the Middle East—and that means OIL. The entire wealth of the developed countries relies totally in petroleum-based industries. Enormous amounts of oil are absolutely required or Europe and America grind to a rusty halt! Americans use four times as much oil as anyone else in the world and so the supply of that commodity is like heroin to a junkie—only worse. A junkie might mug and rob to get money to buy his drugs, but America and the West have invaded whole nations, murdered their leaders and citizenry, trashed their governments, lied and fabricated threats to the West, just to get their hands on their drug of choice, petroleum oil. As one plainspoken observer said, “Do you think they would have invaded if their main export was broccoli?”

For those who may not be clear about the issue, Prime Minister Netanyahu lives in Israel, a Caucasian-Jewish enclave that was installed in the Middle East among the Arab Muslims and Christians in 1948 in almost the same way Caucasians were installed in Africa among the Black Nations in the 17th century—and both led to disastrous results for the indigenous people who lived there. The timing was extraordinary. Europe and America all of a sudden “got religion” just as oil was clearly becoming the world’s central fuel source, and just as oil production in America was waning, and just as there was a dramatic increase in the use of oil-based agricultural machinery, fertilizers and pesticides, and just at the close of World War II in which OIL proved to be a major strategic asset and the target of many battles. Those who still believe that Israel was formed for purely religious motives have more thinking to do.

It is time that we review our understanding of the State of Israel and the significance of the REAL ESTATE on which it stands, in light of the newest available research. There are critical lessons that we can glean from Jewish history that occurred since the voyages of Christopher Columbus in the late 1400s that truly help to illuminate the Jewish people’s actions in the Middle East in 2011. We offer this line of reasoning:

In the book released by The Hon. Minister Louis Farrakhan, The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews, Volume 2 (TSRv2), it is shown that the economic activity of the Jews in the American slavery-based South was extensive and even dominant. Though Jews have always insisted that the South was rabidly “anti-Semitic,” instead we find that the slavery-apartheid-lynching-Ku Klux Klan-sharecropping-Jim Crow-segregationist South was PHILO-Semitic—meaning White Gentile Southerners specifically loved Jews and specifically sought them out to settle in Dixie and aggressively protected and defended them. In fact, there is an important map in TSRv2 that shows that the sphere of Jewish business activity in the cotton-growing South spans a number of slave-holding states—including Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Oklahoma. We list the states because they have clearly defined boundary lines that create a recognized political entity. But when the Jews were invited to establish their economic infrastructure, they clearly were not bound by any state lines and operated their vast business operations without regard for these artificial barriers.

The map itself shows the ubiquitous placement of their banks and their small country stores (which also operated as money-lenders), which tightly corresponds to the wide, multi-state area that is the cotton-growing region. And as we have learned, Jews mastered and dominated all cotton-related industries. The Jewish Encyclopedia notes, “The cotton-plantations in many parts of the South were wholly in the hands of Jews, and as a consequence, slavery found its advocates among them.”

The point is that while Gentiles were creating and respecting each state’s political boundaries, the Jews of the South had fashioned their JEWISH STATE boundaries that directly corresponded to their business activity. And these business considerations are what make state, national, and international boundaries totally irrelevant to them. As we have shown in a previous article titled “Israel’s 500-Year Modus Operandi: Sugar to Cotton to Oil,” Jews have a well-established pattern: they settle wherever the natural resource is found that rules the world economy. Once entrenched, they declare it to be their “PROMISED LAND,” taking it over under religious pretenses. They did this in Brazil in the 15th and 16th centuries when sugar ruled the world economy; they did it again in the Mississippi Delta when cotton was king; and they are doing it today in Israel, now that oil is the commodity with the highest demand and generating the highest profits.

With this pattern in mind let us now examine the Middle East, which may appear to be a confusing mix of politics, religion, ethnicities and beliefs, but its geopolitics may be made less complicated in light of our “Jewish boundary” idea. If one were to look at a map of the major oilfields in the Middle East, we have roughly the same dynamics as are in sugar-growing Brazil and the American cotton South. We have a kind of blob of an area that crosses several national boundaries and touches on places like Russia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Syria, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Iraq, Jordan, Oman, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Qatar. If some countries are not necessarily oil-rich, they, like Turkey, have refineries and heavy industries and chemical processing plants that support the oil drilling process. This is why The Messenger Elijah Muhammad said the Bosphorus in Turkey—that canal that connects the Aegean and the Black Seas—was so significant to world conflict. Its role in transporting oil and related products makes it highly strategic. The cotton in the South was important, YES, but the corn-growing regions had to be factored in because the Black slaves cultivating and picking the cotton had to eat. In this way, these oil-associated industries become just as strategic as the oil-producing regions.

And the “State of Israel” itself—little as it is—is located in an almost perfect place to be the world’s oil outlet. And it just so happens that the British (who were the main backers of the “Jewish State”) had built an oil pipeline that reached from those great inland oil fields of Iraq and Iran and culminated at the port of Haifa in the middle of this newly created Caucasian state of Israel. They intended to build a Western-controlled infrastructure around the oil industry, with Haifa becoming the oil spigot to the world. And thus the State of Israel formed around a barrel of oil—not a bible. The Encyclopedia Judaica is helpful:

The completion in the early 1930s of Haifa’s deepwater port, the only one in Palestine; the building of Iraq Petroleum’s major pipeline, terminating at Haifa, in the mid-1930s; and finally the opening in 1939 of the IPC Refinery…made Haifa a hub of major Jewish and Arab manufacturing activity. Jewish entrepreneurs and the Zionist authorities had discovered its potential by the mid-1920s, when private entrepreneurs located two major factories [there].

This is why more Jews first settled in the oil center of Haifa than in Jerusalem, the top destination point for religious pilgrims. Further confirming Israel’s oil-soaked origins, in 1947 Jewish terrorists from the Irgun movement threw bombs into a crowd of Arabs at the Consolidated Oil Refinery in Haifa, sparking a wave of death and destruction that has never abated since.

So when President Obama bitterly complains to Sarkozy that “I have to deal with [Netanyahu] every day,” this is why: Israel has followed the Zionist model and is thus reshaping the Middle East around its OIL BOUNDARIES—not its political ones. America badly needs the oil and her leaders realize that the long-time masters of world trade have deftly inserted themselves in the perfect place at the perfect time to control the major world commodity—oil.

Because of this 1,000-year Zionist Goliath, the 2-and-a-half year Obama is powerless; he MUST deal with the Liar—“every day.” Obama is a Christian and knows that when Jesus told the Jews that they are “Liars and the fathers of Lies” (John 8:44), he was shortly thereafter crucified. Ultimately, Messers. Sarkozy and Obama will have to heed the forever TRUTH-TELLER—the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, our modern David wielding the smooth stones of Truth against Goliath’s giant Zionist lies. Until they kick their oil addiction, like hopeless crackheads, these heads of state will just “have to deal with” the Liar of the Middle East.

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