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Nick Cannon: Collateral Damage

By Bro. Jackie Muhammad
Members of the Jewish community have had a vendetta against The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan for almost 40 years. It started with his unflinching support for the presidential candidacy of the Rev. Jesse Jackson. That hatred is again visible in the raging controversy surrounding the artful, but true, comments spoken by Nick Cannon concerning the Jewish people and their racism. Then, as now, the Jewish elite are using those who support The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan as a foil to undermine his expanding global appeal.  


This is one of a series of articles written to absolve Bro. Nick Cannon from the barrage of criticisms directed at the internationally recognized entertainment impresario for his desire to uplift Black people and elevate them into the knowledge of their greatness.


According to several scientific studies melanin deficiency produces a human being that is less comfortable with the rest of humanity, and more interested in dominating the human family to secure its own survival. 
Among those who agree with Cannon’s depiction of the predatory nature of the early Europeans are historians and social anthropologists such as Ivan Van Sertima, Dr. Riane Eisler, Dr. Marija Gimbutas, Legrand Clegg, J.A. Rogers, and Dr. Cheik Anta Diop.


Dr. Eisler is a historian and evolutionary theorist. In her book The Chalice and The Blade, she coined the term, “dominator culture” to describe the Indo-European societies that emerged in Europe six thousand years ago; they were characterized by their brutal, racist, anti-female rule in Europe. That rule later spread to Africa and Asia. Prior to the emergence of this new species of human being Dr. Eisler maintains that the Earth was governed by people who maintained a peaceful, egalitarian society. The people of whom she spoke who ruled the world were Black people.

A contemporary of Dr. Eisler was Dr. Mirija Gimbutas, a Lithuanian-American archeologist known for her research into Neolithic and Bronze Age cultures of “Old Europe,” or Europe during the period when Black humanity dominated Europe. In the book African Presence in Europe by Ivan Van Sertima, the author contends that during this period Africans were Europe’s “masters.” These Black people taught the Europeans civilization. From historian Martin Bernal, the author of Black Athena, we learn that the ancient Egyptians taught the Greeks the names of the gods and how to worship them, just as the Holy Quran (2:31-35) teaches us took place. 

Dr. Marija Gimbutas

Hence, Cannon’s depiction of those who lack melanin as savage and bestial is based on scientific and historical facts. They are on the opposite end of the spiritual divide. This point of view is not at variance with what the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan said during his July 4th Message to the World. He said: “They were made to rule. So White people, wherever you find them on our planet, it doesn’t make any difference what their entity or their ethnicity is, they’re the same way by nature. So, wherever they are in relationship to people of color, they always dominate with tyranny.” 

One of the assertions Bro. Nick made was that melanin has an extremely positive impact on Black humanity. Its impact, he maintains, produces a superior human being. He did not say they were better, but melanin makes them superior psychologically, physically, and spiritually. These characteristics have been attested to by some of the nation’s leading scientists.

Dr. Cheikh Anta Diop
There are two physiological factors that influence Black expressive behavior: the confluence of the brain’s two hemispheres, and melanin. Melanin is a dark-pigmented chemical substance found in the skin, hair, eyes and in the mid-brain. This black substance, known as substantia nigra, serves as a catalytic agent in igniting starter impulses, which facilitate rapid and exact movement of specific muscle groups. Science News (July 2, 1977) describes melanin as “Some of the toughest material there is.”  Melanin is impervious to destruction, neither boiling water nor acid can destroy its properties. Melanin has been discovered in archeological findings as old as 150 million years. It appears to endlessly endure and is considered to constitute the very essence of biological life.
Atty Legrand Clegg, Dr. Ivan Van Sertima

 Dr. Leon Edelstein, former associate professor of dermatology and pathology at the University of California at Davis, and past chairman at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, says melanin in abundance, as in Blacks, produces a superior human being, both mentally and physically. Legrand H. Clegg, in an article in Sepia magazine, “Why Blacks Run Faster” (July 1980), quotes Dr. Edelstein, saying that melanin was at the very essence of life.

In Roots of Soul, a monumental tome written by Drs. Alfred B. Pasteur and Ivory L. Toldson, two renowned Black psychologists, the authors note the research of Farrington Daniels, Jr., of the Department of Medicine, Cornell Medical College, N.Y. Daniels, in addition to a number of other scientists, asserts that melanin protects the body from the harmful effects of ultra violet radiation emanating from sunlight. The authors go on to explain that when ultra violet radiation (UVR) from sunlight acts on the skin, molecules become electronically excited and generate what is known as free radicals, or energized particles with harmful potential. These free radicals have a deleterious effect on the body, and they contribute to genetic mutations and appearances of rapid aging and skin cancer, predominately in White people. Therefore, a lack of melanin causes the body to turn on itself.

Alternatively, according to an article in Science News, “Measuring Melanin in the Brain” (July 2, 1977), melanin in Black people acts as a repository or “storage apparatus for these free radicals and possibly converts them to useful energy.” The authors of Roots of Soul contend that
“There appears to be definite biological advantages to having dark skin. Protection against vitamin D intoxication, or hypervitaminosis, ‘enhanced resistance to…infections…improved visual acuity in bright light, and…protection against the carcinogenic effects of ultraviolet (UV) radiation’ are some noted advantages.”

Cannon said, “The people that don’t have melanin don’t have the power of the sun, then the sun started to deteriorate them…” He proceeded to say that White folks’ lack of melanin causes them to display less compassion toward humanity. Therefore, the only way they can act is evil. So then these people who don’t have what we have (melanin) they had to be savages.”  Add to this discussion the contributions of Dr. Francis Cress Welsing.

Dr. Frances Cress Welsing
Until her recent passing Dr. Welsing, the author of the Cress Theory of Color Confrontation and the Isis Papers, was a pioneer in melanin research, and one of the nation’s leading black psychiatrists. Dr. Welsing uncovered that the root of racism is melanin, or rather the lack thereof. She stated: “The fact that Whites lack melanin may also help explain why they have quite a different concept and understanding of God…and why, in the view of many non-White peoples, they (Whites) lack ‘spirituality’ and the capacity to tune in to and thereby establish harmony and justice in the universe” (“The Concept of Color and God,” ch. 13 of the Isis Papers). Nick Cannon’s conclusions are not at odds with the scientific conclusions reached by Dr. Welsing.

Moreover, she stated that Whites fear genetic annihilation, and to assure White genetic survival they established the institution of white racism and the theory of White Superiority. She concluded that “White skin is a form of albinism. There is no difference, microscopically speaking, between the white skin of a White person and the skin of a person designated an albino. My central thesis here is that white-skinned people came into existence thousands of years ago as the albino mutant offspring of black-skinned mothers and fathers in Africa.” She surmised that Europeans are the victims of genetic mutations.

Dr. Keith Cheng: “…lighter-skinned people, whether they are Europeans,
or Asians, like me, were actually mutants of the dark-skinned people.”

Joel A. Rogers
These noted authorities concur that melanin is more than just a substance that makes the skin black. Its power far exceeds that which contributes to the color of the skin. It affects the person’s spirituality, artistic skills, mentality, as well as athletic skills, thereby contributing to a human being who exhibits, as Nick Cannon concludes, superhuman qualities. That is why Black historian J.A. Rogers, referring to the ancient Black man, titled his books From Superman to Man and 100 Amazing Facts about the Negro.

If Nick Cannon’s conclusions are in fact based in science, why, then, is he excoriated and vilified? Does the Jewish intelligentsia not have access to the research that is readily available? They do know the truth of these scientific conclusions. But the issue is not Nick Cannon and the so-called anti-Semitism he is accused of spewing. The issue is bigger than that. Cannon is only a pawn in a much bigger game.

The object of their anger is the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. The Minister has dedicated his life to unmasking Satan. The evil doers in the Jewish community are hell-bent on stopping him from exposing them even if it means destroying innocent people in the process. These Satanic Jews are at war with The Minister and the Nation of Islam. Nick Cannon is considered collateral damage.

Jackie Muhammad is a member of the Nation of Islam Research Group.