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Network News & Their Vaccine Dreams

Nightly News—Prime Time Drug Pushers

“Journalists are no longer journalists. They are pharmaceutical reps.”
—Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. (quoted at 9:57)

To watch the nightly network newscast of the majors—CBS, NBC, ABC, and CNN—is to watch a cacophony of COVID-19 fear, dread, terror, and panic-pushing the likes of which we have never seen. All of them are in complete lockstep on the narrative and the scripted formula for promoting fear and anxiety—there is no pretense of competition. All have apparently agreed that the ONLY solution, the only course that can return the world to normalcy, is Big Pharma and their lifelong dream of doping up the entire world with VACCINES.

We should carefully note that there is no talk of a cure or a treatment, which would be applied to only that tiny fragment of humanity diagnosed with the virus—only a vaccine that ALL human beings must accept will overcome this dreaded virus. All other potential natural treatments that have shown promise, like high-dose vitamin C, vitamin D, or Cuba’s Alpha Interferon 2B, are ignored or disparaged. And that is no accident. The leaders of the network news divisions—the ones who write and approve every syllable that comes out of the mouths of actors David Muir, Lester Holt, and Norah O’Donnell—understand exactly who pays their 30 pieces of silver. It is estimated that more than seventy percent (70%) of the networks’ revenue is from Big Pharma advertisers. This is easy to prove. We recorded the advertisers over a 3-day period last week on just the evening newscasts, and the sheer number of over-the-counter remedies and prescription drugs being relentlessly peddled to America is truly awesome. Seventy percent of revenue may be far too low. In between masked-&-gloved COVID-crazy “news reporters,” this was the nightly news diet:

Nutrogena • Vraylar • Prevagen • PIQRAY • OTEZLA • SootheXP • Salonpas • Advantix (pets) • Colgate Total • Jardiance • Quit Now • Bayer • IBrance • Preservision • Centrum • Entyvio • Chantix • XYZAL • Purina Proplan • Verzenio • Prolia • Aspercreme • Cologuard • AllegraD • BOTOX • XELJANZ • Trulicity • Crest • METAMUCIL • Aleve • Brilinta • DUPIXENT • Aspercreme • Chantix • Epclusa • Allegra Allergy • Entresto • Nicorette • Cosentyx

The reality is that these high-paid network script-readers—Holt, O’Donnell, and Muir—are little more than front men for America’s corporate drug pushers. And that is why VACCINES are the ONLY option being promoted by the network drug pushers. 

Every night a dizzying assortment of pharmaceutical drugs are relentlessly pushed on viewers as cures for their every ailment.[1]  It is no mystery why Mayo Clinic researchers found that “70 percent of Americans are on at least one prescription drug, and more than half take two.”[2]  With age, the drug intake only increases. And with COVID Big Pharma may have hit the jackpot. Orchestrating all of this is a tiny cabal of corporate thugs with similar ethnic backgrounds:

ABC News president James Goldston

CNN News president Jeff Zucker

NBC News president Noah Oppenheim

CBS News president Susan Zirinsky

NY Times publisher Arthur Sulzberger


They are the public relations division of the giant pharmaceutical companies that finance every broadcast and they will not stop until every arm is bared, and every vaccine-filled tanker truck is emptied into the bloodstream of America and the world. The master of propaganda Edward Bernays got it right:

“The conscious & intelligent manipulation of the organized habits & opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism…constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country.” 

The only question left is What will the death toll be? Across the country, almost 19,000 people die and an untold number are permanently injured by side effects every year as a result of those “ask-your-doctor” pharmaceuticals.[4] Over at YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki explained that anything posted that “goes against World Health Organization policy” will be removed. Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg has created a new division to force user compliance with their vaccine dream. Of course, the Anti-Defamation League is the censorship hammer behind it all—which means that Blacks have the most to lose. 

Well, we have asked our doctor about it, and The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad has written a very Nightly News-worthy prescription in his monumental book How to Eat To Live:eat2

Fasting is a greater cure of our ills—both mental and physical—than all of the drugs of the earth combined into one bottle or a billion bottles. Allah (God), in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad, has taught me that fasting, with the right kind of food, is the cure for our ills. He has said to me that there is no cure in drugs and medicine. And this the world is now learning. We can take medicine all of our lives until it kills us (yet, we are still ailing with the same old diseases).


When we were eating the right food in the right way, we had no doctor bills and no medical bills. There were no medicines to be found in our medicine cabinets. However, as soon as we changed and began to eat between meals (24 hours), we began to call on the doctor and his drugs—and it brought about one complaint after another.

How incredibly timely is this advice?! Rest assured, however, that such sage but unprofitable advice will never cross the lips of Messers Holt and Muir and Ms O’Donnell, whose paychecks are anchored to Big Pharma’s big TV budgets.

Fasting sounds like the prescription we need. First we limit our food intake, and next—and maybe more important—we limit our network news.