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Jews Selling Blacks: A Racist Reality Jews Cannot Hide

Jews Selling Blacks: A Racist Reality Jews Cannot Hide

“Oh Satan, you should be trembling because this is the end of your wicked deception of the American people, the people of the Earth, and particularly the Black man and woman of America, the true Children of Israel, the choice of God.”
The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, The Time And What Must Be Done, Part 20

The ADL was born in 1913, the same year the Federal Reserve was established. Its aim is not to confront people who defame Jews, but to censure anybody who criticizes them, [The Minister] said. “When the ADL did that, they became the Synagogue of Satan and the Synagogue of Satan is not just Jewish people,” he said.
— “Farrakhan calls out the Synagogue of Satan,” The Final Call, Feb. 26, 2023

In the quotes above The Minister brings what appears to be an ancient biblical concept—the Synagogue of Satan as described in Revelation 2:9 and 3:9—into the present historical context.

The Anti-Defamation League, the Southern Poverty Law Center, the Simon Wiesenthal Center, along with a cadre of their satanic sidekicks, have created a profitable industry out of persecuting Blacks as though they had been managing gas chambers at Auschwitz. Their latest targets are two tweeters, Kanye West and Kyrie Irving, and two joke-tellers, Dave Chappelle and Whoopi Goldberg. Congressman Hakeem Jeffries is currently being attacked for having supported his uncle, the great scholar Dr. Leonard Jeffries, 32 years ago, when he was targeted by the Jews for not agreeing to hide the obvious truth of Jewish slave-trading.

By making loud noises about “anti-Semitism,” Jews hope to conceal their own wretched history of slave trading and racism. But a new edition in The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews Series is a devastating indictment against the Synagogue of Satan. Jews Selling Blacks: Slave-Sale Advertising by American Jews was originally released in 2010, and instantaneously became a popular addition to the arsenal of proof that Jews played a monumental role in the African slave trade. The power of that first edition was plainly evident: it consisted of 140 pages filled with actual newspaper advertisements placed by some of the most prominent Jews in America seeking to buy and sell Black human beings. There was no ambiguity within its pages—this was absolute proof of Jewish evil and profiteering at the expense of thousands of Black Africans, in the Jews’ own words.

Jews Selling Blacks has now been updated and expanded to 240 pages with never-before-published features that unveil even more horrific details of this racist Jewish history. The ads were placed in dozens of newspapers across America over many decades and show that Jewish slave traders were active in every region at every time, buying and selling Black African men, women, and children—even infants—alongside horses, mules, tools, and lumber, without a trace of concern for Black humanity. Jews bought and sold whole plantations—slaves and all—breaking up Black families in the process. There are hundreds of ads that make it impossible for Jewish and negro “leaders” to maintain the ludicrous myth that Jews were anything but enemies of the oppressed and enslaved Black man and woman.

The Africans Jews sold were not unthinking, or one-dimensional, “house or field negroes.” Many if not most were highly skilled in many fields, as carpenters, millwrights, engineers, blacksmiths, chefs, bricklayers, stone masons, seamstresses, shoemakers, and all manner of talented workers—all salable skills contributing immensely to Jewish profits. Jewish supply merchants offer plantation masters all they need to plant the cotton, rice, sugar and other products of Black slave labor. Jewish traders are found eagerly serving the plantation economy, selling cheaply made “negro jackets,” “negro shoes,” “negro clothes”—and the “overseers whips,” along with “guns and rifles,” to manage the enslaved Black captives.

The Jewish slave-dealers distinguish whether their Black human chattel are “colored” or “mulatto,” foreign-born Africans or native-born “negroes,” “black,” “brown,” or “yellow,” and much of this human merchandise is “warranted” “sober and honest,” “of good character,” and documented as having made no attempts to run away. One group of Blacks “for sale” is advertised to have had just one previous owner—just like a used car. Jewish slave auctioneers—and there were many—receive commissions on their slave sales, one offering special credit arrangements through a local bank: Black slaves on layaway!

One Jew sells his slaves with poetry, guaranteeing that “If you buy them of me What e’er you say, They will obey.” Foreshadowing their prominent role in the twentieth-century international sex trade, American Jews advertise “mulatto” “wenches,” “yellow girls,” and “fancy girls” to auction off as sex slaves. One shudders at the horrors they all had to endure at the hands of these “chosen people.”

It should be emphasized that these were not ne’er-do-wells operating in the shadows or the edges of society. Most of these Jewish slave traders were pillars of the Jewish community—some were the founders of their synagogues, others served as trustees, presidents, and even rabbis. Rabbi Jacob Levin sold “22 likely Negroes” for “investment” purposes, he states in his ad.

Long before the Nazis were said to have forced Jews to wear yellow stars, Jewish police were threatening Charleston Blacks with “corporal punishment” if they did not present their “slave badges” to any white man who asked. Jewish police incarcerated Blacks they suspected of being “runaways” and described their “catch” in the public newspapers. Another Jew in the role of city assessor reminded his fellow Charleston citizens that taxes were due on their slave property. Anyone who might assist his runaway, one Jew threatens, “shall be prosecuted with the utmost rigor of the law.” Other Jews placed ads to track down freedom-seeking “runaway” Blacks, offering rewards for their recapture. These advertisements represent proof of substantial Jewish involvement in the greatest criminal endeavor in the history of the world—the Black Holocaust.

Rabbi Jacob LEVIN sells 22 Chosen People

Again, there is no need for a Jewish historian to rush in to clean up their actions or to try to explain them away. These Jews paid good money for these advertisements with the expectation that as many people as possible would see them. In this respect the Nation of Islam is providing these Jews with an invaluable service—more people will see their ads in Jews Selling Blacks than they could have ever hoped for in their time.

By no means was this slave trafficking new to them. Jewish merchants from all over the world participated in the inhumane trade in Black human beings, often dominating some of the most important slave-trading markets. They were particularly active in the high-volume slave centers of Brazil and the Caribbean, long before the United States was established as a nation in 1776. These hidden facets of the Black–Jewish relationship have been examined in depth in the three-volume Nation of Islam book series The Secret Relationship Between Blacks & Jews. And this new edition of Jews Selling Blacks is now annotated with enlightening biographical information about the slave traders and their nefarious activities.

• It has the transcripts of two never-before-published lectures by Rabbi Bertram W. Korn and Dr. Leonard E. Barrett, both of whom present their extensive knowledge of Jewish involvement in Black slavery.

• A Charleston city map pinpoints the many locations where Jews sold Black human beings; another shows where in South Carolina Jews sold whole plantations.

• The book finishes with a flurry of hateful and racist Jewish “jokes” printed in Jewish newspapers mocking and ridiculing the very humanity of the Black man and women. Even as Jews claimed to be among the leaders of the Black struggle for civil rights, their newspapers were printing the same kinds of hate-filled images that Jewish movie-makers were promoting when they dominated Hollywood.

These ads are undeniable proof of Jews unhesitatingly participating in, reinforcing, and upholding the repressive racial regime of American slavery and white supremacy. They can no longer blame “Christians” alone for these evils, or claim that Jewish participation in the degradation of Blacks was insignificant.

Minister Farrakhan reminds us of the warning in Revelation about “those who say they are Jews but are not.” Through their own advertisements—many of them in Jewish-owned newspapers—those satanic “Jews” confess their own wickedness for all to see, in the pages of Jews Selling Blacks. And once you read those 240 pages, the words of The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan should crystalize for you: “I’m asking you now—I’m speaking to those observant Jews. Why don’t you speak out against the Synagogue of Satan? For their evil is covering the good Jews. If you don’t speak out, it is as though you agree with the wickedness that is carried out by this false church, this false synagogue.”

Purchase your copy of the updated and expanded 240-page edition of Jews Selling Blacks: Slave-Sale Advertising by American Jews at here.

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  • Darren X

    It amazes me how well this research is executed to unearth the truth of the history between Blacks and Jews.


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