Foxman Finally ‘Responds’ to Secret 
Relationship: ADL Seeks Dialogue, 
Denies Jewish Role in Ku Klux Klan

by Tingba Muhammad

In June of 2010, The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan challenged the leader of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), Abraham Foxman, to cease that organization’s longstanding policy of racist assaults on the character of Black leadership and to establish “a sensible, intelligent dialogue.” But after nearly three decades of astonishing tolerance and angelic restraint, The Minister stood before a packed arena in Atlanta, Georgia, and issued a blistering rejoinder to the race-baiting Zionist and his confederates in the Jewish holocaust industry. In that one mighty lecture Minister Farrakhan in effect imposed a no-fly zone over the entire Jewish propaganda machine, from Foxman on upward. His speech actually initiated a series of three lectures that asked, “Who Are the REAL Children of Israel,” while he simultaneously released nearly 800 pages of research that rewrites the actual history of Blacks and Jews in America. For those who may have missed the lecture, it is available at both the Final Call and the Bible (John 8:31-59).

A battered and bewildered ADL fell into many months of internal struggles and telltale silence, finally emerging last month to request dialogue with The Minister. This U-turn in Jewish policy is a clear and unmistakable sign that the Minister’s forthright truth-telling initiative is both laser-accurate and turbo-charged. Abraham Foxman, speaking through his Chicago-based underling Lonnie Nasatir, said in a carefully premeditated television interview with the ABC affiliate WLS, “It’s about time that we sit down with Minister Farrakhan.”

The ADL cleverly slipped their peace overture to The Minister into WLS’s “investigative” news story, though the story itself was intended to denigrate the very information that forced the ADL to the negotiating table. The report targeted the Saviours’ Day symposium of Nation of Islam scholars gathered to discuss their newly released books, the 512-page The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews, Vol. 2, and the 148-page companion volume Jews Selling Blacks, the largest collection of Jewish slave-sale advertisements ever published.

Nonetheless, the submissive ADL posture comes on the heels of a similar policy reversal by the ADL’s sister organization the Simon Wiesenthal Center, which quietly removed The Minister’s name from its annual “Top Ten” list of “Anti-Semites.” Their latest list included the unrepentant 91-year-old former White House reporter Helen Thomas and CNN’s fired anchor Rick Sanchez, but for the first time, the Wiesenthal Center excluded Minister Farrakhan. These policy changes show that The Minister’s methodical and uncompromising reply to years of unrelenting Jewish racism has had an immediate and crippling effect.

Later, through a blogger, it came out that Mr. Nasatir claimed to have been taken out of context by ABC’s veteran investigative reporter Chuck Goudie; however, Mr. Goudie stood firmly by his report, even sending the actual transcript of Mr. Nasatir’s words in context to The Final Call.

Speaking on Foxman’s behalf, Lonnie Nasatir asked Minister Farrakhan to “sit down” but simultaneously assured his Jewish constituency that the NOI research books were “just common and age-old stereotypes.” Nasatir referenced the 73-page chapter in The Secret Relationship titled “Jews, Lynching, and the Ku Klux Klan,” which documents in graphic detail the prominent role Jews played in the bloodiest part of American history—that post-Emancipation era of Black lynching and the reign of White terrorism. Nasatir said with an air of derision, “The notion that Jews were all behind the formation or the reemergence of the Ku Klux Klan…is just incomprehensible and crazy.” The incredible naïveté of this public pronouncement, after having had eight full months to scrutinize the mountains of data, attests to an embarrassing intellectual bankruptcy at Foxman’s ADL, and demonstrates why dialogue with real Black leadership has now become the only hope for Jewish leaders.

But for those who may actually want or need to believe that Jewish involvement in the KKK is either “incomprehensible” or “crazy,” let us recount some of the sordid details; and Jews, you may want to hold on to your yarmulkes.

Were the Jews behind the formation of the Ku Klux Klan? Yes.

Early Gentile leaders of the Tennessee-born Klan sailed all the way to England to seek investment from an exiled Confederate Jewish banker named Judah P. Benjamin. He had been so effective in arranging Jewish financing of the Southern slave holders’ war against President Lincoln and Black freedom that they put his Jewish face on their 2-dollar bill! When the North prevailed Benjamin lost his Louisiana plantation and the 140 Blacks he enslaved, and he, like most Southern Whites, saw the Klan as a way to reestablish the highly profitable slave system.

White people knew that if Blacks had the chance they would abandon the cotton fields, seek the long-denied education, and quickly become everything from doctors, lawyers, and engineers, to shippers, builders, teachers, bankers, and anything else they may have aspired to. They were already the master tradesmen and skilled artisans and performed ALL of the manual labor. It did not take a mathematician to calculate that the cotton-based world economy would collapse in short order if no one was picking cotton anymore. ALL White people saw their utter demise in this Black freedom experiment. And Jews, who had become mega-millionaires in the international cotton trade, actually had the most to lose financially from the ending of Black slavery!

As a consequence Jews actually became members and supporters of the Klan, and there are many documented instances where Jewish merchants supplied the guns, sheets, and hoods for the terror raids on Blacks who exhibited any of the behavior of a free people. The KKK attacked schools and Black businesses and murdered Black voters; they attacked Whites who merely talked of helping Blacks or who might sell them land—all to drive freed Blacks back to the cotton fields. When wanton lynchings, torture, and massacres occurred in America, Jewish people often praised these outrages, and some in the Jewish press actually cheered them on. Southern Jews talked about the “necessity” of “exterminating” Black people; rabbis defended the Klan from their pulpits; and Jewish lawyers handled their legal issues. And this is only the start. There is much, much more fully documented historical Jewish hate that awaits the readers of these books.

Once upon a time, Jews readily called public attention to their KKK connection. The Jewish Tribune newspaper actually printed an article titled “Jews in the Ku Klux Klan,” in which the Jewish author insisted that Jews were an important part of the KKK terror legacy. The author was public relations director for Foxman and Nasatir’s own parent organization, the B’nai B’rith! He boasted that Jews have had “a considerably more important hand [in the KKK] than Jews know about…”

The top ADL officials have publicly acknowledged that they are in possession of hard copies of this research since The Minister sent it to them on June 25th, 2010. They have checked all 512 pages and reviewed the thousands of footnotes and citations. And yet Abraham Foxman and Lonnie Nasatir crafted a public response that they knew to be totally false. The fact that they so easily secured the obedience of Emmy-winning investigative reporter Chuck Goudie is a testament to both the Jews’ raw power in the media and the utter spinelessness of the Gentiles who serve them. According to the WLS website, “Goudie’s reputation for being one of Chicago’s toughest investigative reporters spans more than two decades.” WLS brass should read The Secret Relationship and then view Goudie’s “investigative report” before they continue to make that claim.

After years of racist abuse, scorn, and slander against The Minister and the Nation of Islam, the ADL has reversed its policy and now begs The Minister for dialogue. He, of course, will decide when and if the time is right for dialogue and with whom. Jewish attack dogs Foxman and Nasatir are unworthy, but they must go to their shadowy bosses back at the Rothschild compound and tell them to publicly and humbly seek forgiveness and admit to The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan that they have lied and that they repent. They MUST acknowledge that what The Minister told them in his June 24, 2010, letter is the 100% truth: that Jews “have been our worst enemy” and could be charged with “the most vehement anti-Black behavior in the annals of our history.” They must accompany these words with a freight train filled with solid gold as a Jewish down payment on the reparations they owe to Black people. If The Honorable Louis Farrakhan chooses to answer their prayers for dialogue, it will be yet another example of our beloved Minister’s pure mercy.



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