Russell Simmons Exposes Abe Foxman in Jerusalem

Tingba Muhammad

Russell Simmons, the Hip-Hop mogul and friend of The Hon. Minister Louis Farrakhan, went to Jerusalem last month and told the Israelis, point-blank, that the leader of American Jews, the Anti-Defamation League’s Abraham “Bull” Foxman, is seen by Black people the same hated way that the ADL has always portrayed The Minister to Jews! Simmons quickly accentuated the point by tweeting his 1.8 million followers that Foxman “never met an African American leader he didn’t label an anti-Semite.” Simmons was presenting to the Israelis a perfect example of the concept from his Buddhist faith known as karma. Simmons’ boldness was a clear shot across the emasculated bow of Black and white “leadership” who seem content to live their “leadership” lives walking on AIPAC eggshells whilst ever gazing upwards for ADL drones.

Simmons has no such fears. He joins activist artists like Alice Walker and Toni Morrison, whose revulsion at the ongoing Israeli mistreatment of the Palestinians has reached the boiling point and overridden their fear of the “anti-Semitism” bullwhip of Abraham “Bull” Foxman. And like Birmingham’s notorious “public safety director” Eugene “Bull” Connor, Foxman immediately called out the fire hoses to try to beat back Simmons’ audacious truism. Arrogantly titled “What Russell Simmons Needs to Do,” Foxman’s haughty Huffington Post reply is steeped in the self-important bluster with which he tries to intimidate all his negro property.  

The fact that Foxman had to respond at all is a telling verification of Simmons’ biting truth. Not one Black, African American or negro has spoken up to defend the leader of American Jews—not a single politician, not a prominent figure from any civil rights organization, not even the spooks who sit by the door of the ADL’s Manhattan office. The dearth of a public outcry is positively deafening, and the Jewish voices are equally AWOL. A humiliated Foxman asked, “Where was his defense of this 100-year-old organization…?” He referred to “people in the audience who spoke to me afterwards,” but in the middle of Jerusalem this is hardly a vote of confidence for a Jewish leader who was publicly dressed down by a cursed son of Ham!

But in his statement Foxman unwittingly reveals much that is wrong with Jewish leadership and why Blacks are openly cheering for Russell Simmons. Foxman’s response—when he recounts Simmons’ movements and meetings and finances—is like the white cop reaching for his nightstick. He wrote: “In 2007, Simmons appeared on stage with Farrakhan and made what organizers later described as a ‘significant charitable contribution’ to the Nation of Islam.” Foxman is confessing the reality of the extensive surveillance role the ADL has played since being caught by the FBI in the 1990s illegally spying on civil rights leaders and organizations. Indeed, it was discovered that the ADL was keeping files on 12,000 individuals and more than 950 groups. The NAACP, the NOI, Cong. Ron Dellums, and Pres. Nelson Mandela were among the many, many victims of ADL espionage. Clearly, the successor to J. Edgar Hoover’s ruthless COINTELPRO operation against Martin Luther King (which was managed by his Jewish assistant-director!) is still being run privately by the ADL under Abraham “Bull” Foxman, America’s keeper of the files on Black people—now including Russell Simmons. Do Jews wonder why Blacks see their leaders as rednecks with yarmulkes? (“…and spy not…” [Qur’an 49:12])

And Foxman resembles J. Edgar Hoover in another important way. For years Hoover—America’s top law enforcement officer between 1935-1972— denied that there was a Mafia at all, and instead targeted “commies” like Martin Luther King and the leaders of the civil rights movement. So too has Foxman targeted BLACK leaders while winking approvingly at the new Mafia of WHITE Gentile and JEWISH bankers who have thrown millions out of their homes, pushed jobs overseas, and put this country at the edge of total destruction. But Foxman is more sophisticated than his mentor. He targets not just any Black leader, as Hoover did, but only those leaders who step out of the “civil rights” box and focus on Black economic issues.

Ever since 1909, when Jewish money was raised to “help” Blacks, they have demanded that it be used specifically for “non-economic” activism. Jews were primarily merchants and traders that had grown rich exploiting Black populations in the South and in the Northern ghettoes. And so the first chairman of the NAACP, Joel Spingarn, wanted to ensure that Black progress would NEVER mean Black economic competition. So he made sure that the “Black agenda” would focus entirely on “politics” and “integration”—and not on Black business development. This is why The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad made it clear in Point #9 that “the offer of integration is hypocritical and is made by those who are trying to deceive the black peoples into believing that their 400-year-old open enemies of freedom, justice and equality are, all of a sudden, their ‘friends.’” He knew that the Jewish strategy for their own success was ALMOST ENTIRELY ECONOMIC! While they were building Jewish businesses, Jewish banks, Jewish hospitals, private Jewish schools, and Jewish community centers, they were financing the civil rights movement to lead Blacks in the OPPOSITE direction.

It was later revealed that—just as with Foxman’s ADL today—Spingarn was a paid spy for the United States Army! He had “a small unit of undercover agents” who opened 100,000 pieces of mail a week, using his position as NAACP leader to spy on Black people! Mr. Muhammad could not have been more accurate. And this is why Russell Simmons is of special interest to Foxman and the ADL. Simmons is an economically focused Hip-Hop entrepreneur who has used his ample resources and positive notoriety to try to make a real difference in a world of extreme conflict. In the last year, he has become a powerful celebrity presence in the OCCUPY WALL STREET movement, which is dedicated to extensive reform of the financial gangsterism that has infested the world banking systems.

And this is only one of several issues Bro. Russell has taken on to promote economic justice. In 2011, when the giant home improvement company Lowe’s bowed to Jewish pressure and withdrew its ads from the show All-American Muslim, Simmons stepped in and promised to pay the Learning Channel for any revenue lost. In 2012, Simmons supported Ohio congressman Dennis Kucinich’s re-election campaign, a man who has called for the Federal Reserve System to be taken from the private bankers and put under the control of the U.S. Treasury. On last MLK Day (January 16), a coalition of Black churches teamed with Occupy Wall Street to hold demonstrations at all 13 Federal Reserve Banks; a month later the Occupy Wall Street movement organized aggressive anti-bank actions in over 70 cities across the country.

Clearly, Russell Simmons is off the plantation, and has the potential of awakening his youthful constituency to the full extent of their economic slavery. Most threatening is that he appears to have listened to and acted upon the words of his friend, The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, whose crystal-clear admonition of May 16, 2006, seems to have motivated this glorious new activism. He said: “…the people who really exercise power [are] the head of the Federal Reserve, bankers, heads of multinational corporations, neo-conservatives and Zionists that control the government. If you do not meet with these people, then whatever promise you receive from figureheads cannot be fulfilled without their approval. The sooner you recognize your impotence, you will understand that you have to go somewhere else to get the power to deal with the real powers that control government.”

As soon as the Occupy movement targeted America’s real power brokers MSNBC’s Martin Bashir was dispatched to confront Simmons over—of all things—its “anti-Semitism.” “There’s been some reporting that anti-Semitism has begun to emerge and—” Simmons sniffed out the ruse and interrupted, “Where’d you get that from—Bill O’Reilly or somebody?” Bashir would not ask Simmons about America’s vast unemployment, home foreclosures, the decimated middle class, lavish banker salaries and bonuses—but pressed Simmons on something he has never ever been involved with—anti-Semitism! Is there any doubt about who fed Bashir this “Bull”?

“Bull” Foxman followed up with a March media attack on Bro. Russell for his relationship with the world’s foremost truth-teller, The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. Foxman called him “blind,” “terribly hypocritical, sad,” and “damaging.” This appeared to have come totally out of the blue. But those who know the real history of Foxman’s people also know that Simmons’ work threatens that greedy cabal that finances the ADL. The rude bludgeon of “anti-Semitism” is the main weapon used by White Jewish leaders to shut the mouths of warriors for justice like Russell Simmons. But, as Bro. Russell told them in Jerusalem, that unrighteous tactic has been neutralized by an invincible truth and a divine truth teller that, by Allah’s grace, is here to stay.


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