Memo to Neil Steinberg: Your Attack on The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan

 From: Bro. Jackie Muhammad

I read your article “So where has Farrakhan led his Nation” with a great deal of interest. In carefully reading your article I found many of your claims to be inaccurate, misleading, racist, and Islamophobic. Therefore, for the purpose of historical accuracy, permit me to set the record straight.

You make several fallacious claims in your missive. You question The Minister’s leadership ability, his vision of a state or territory for Black people, his relationship with foreign leaders who are not allies of the United States, and the age old Jewish canard of labeling him an anti-Semite.

You liberally call Minister Farrakhan an “anti-Semite.” Study the admonitions of the great Hebrew prophets seeking to correct the aberrant and ungodly behavior of the ancient Jewish communities of Israel and Judea. They were very hard on the wayward and recalcitrant Jews. What have the prophets ever said about the Jewish people that Minister Farrakhan has reiterated that was not true? Were the prophets anti-Semitic? No prophet was as hard on the Jews as was Jesus. Therefore, are you calling Jesus an anti-Semite?

You sit in judgment of a man who has patterned his life after the lives of the prophets. Carefully scrutinize Farrakhan’s words, and diligently compare them to those of both the Bible and the Quran and show me where there is any inconsistency between what he espouses and what the ancient prophets taught. I challenge you to study the history of the prophets from Abraham to Moses, to Jesus and even to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and show me, after a through comparative analysis, where his language, his behavior and his ways are out of sync with those of the great sages of God. So if you cannot find any distinction between them and him, as it relates to what they taught, then when you attack him who are you really attacking?

If we had the ability to time travel and Moses and Farrakhan were able to meet Moses would embrace him and kiss him on both cheeks and thank him for his spiritual leadership. Moses would not call him an anti-Semite, because Farrakhan is teaching the exact same thing that Moses taught. I challenge you to prove me wrong.

Farrakhan is known all over the world. He may not be loved by the Zionist community because he dares to tell you the truth. But he is one of the most loved and respected men in the world. He did not have to dine with President Ahmadinejad to gain the distinction as a world leader. Minister Farrakhan has been on three World Tours. He has been openly received as a Head of State in over 110 nations by over 100 million people. In the past few months alone he has been invited to meet with the leadership of Jamaica, St. Kitts and Cuba. The Russian Muslims love him so much they were willing to put their lives on the line to protect his life. He has been warmly received by Nelson Mandela as well as the current leaders of South Africa. Numerous heads of state seek his advice and counsel.

Therefore, your display of arrogance and ignorance is unworthy of a man of your intelligence, but, then again, maybe not. Your rabidly racist rants are indicative of a mindset that is blind to the accomplishments of the Minister; hence, your attempt to label Farrakhan an unsuccessful leader is laughable.

Farrakhan leads the largest independent Black school system in the nation. Our school system has become a laboratory of innovation. Our graduates are listed in the “Who’s Who of Education”, and they are taught to be independent and creative thinkers, all of which are a far cry from the products of the public school system.

No leader in this nation has sought to empower the Black community through entrepreneurship as Minister Farrakhan has done. For example, The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, the teacher of Minister Farrakhan, introduced the sale of fish to the Black community. The fish, imported from Peru and sold in the millions of pounds at an affordable price by the men of the Nation of Islam, created thousands of jobs. Fish restaurants were created throughout the community. New York City, under the leadership of Minister Farrakhan, became one of the largest sellers of fish in the country.

You question the impact of the Minister’s leadership, and you limit his impact to the 1995 Million Man March. Your ignorance of the impact the Minister has had over a span of 50 years is startling. In 1974 the Minister organized and led the Black Family Day Rally in New York City. Nearly 75,000 people were packed into Randle’s Island in Manhattan. The traffic jam was so heavy that the Minster had to be flown in by helicopter. Let me state that the impact of rallies and marches that Minister Farrakhan has led has affected tens of millions people. This conservative figure is inclusive of the Millions More Movement and the Million Family March. No other single individual in American history can make that claim. Clearly, Minister Farrakhan is by far one of the most popular and successful human beings in American history.

Farrakhan’s impact may be new to you, but it is well known to Black America. After the success of the Black Family Day Rally, the Minister addressed over 25,000 on the island nation of Jamaica, the home of the Honorable Marcus Garvey, another Black man you disparaged in your article. Minister Farrakhan has personally touched the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. Many of those people have converted to Islam. Those who have not converted have become sympathizers. Islam has become the fastest-growing religion in America; Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam are at the epicenter of that growth.

Under the leadership of Minister Farrakhan the Nation of Islam cleaned up some of the worst drug-infested communities in the nation. The men of the Nation of Islam, known as the Fruit of Islam, have helped to free Black people who were forced to live in prison-like conditions in the ghetto projects of America. Subsequently, the FOI started many private security firms and hundreds of jobs were created for men who were previously unemployed. Finally, the Minister introduced a line of personal care products that generated revenue for untold numbers of people throughout the Black and Brown community. Each of these initiatives started as successful endeavors until members of the Jewish community intervened and undermined each program.

For example, Secretary of State Henry Kissinger persuaded the Government of Peru to stop selling fish to the Nation of Islam. Jewish politicians and businessmen lobbied the US government to end its security contracts with private Muslim-owned firms. Jewish businessmen sabotaged the personal care products initiative when they approached Black bankers and distributors and forced them to cease doing business with the Muslims.

You summarily dismiss the Minister’s vision of the establishment of a Black nation. You also besmirch the legacy of the great Marcus Garvey. However, the Zionist State of Israel started as a vision. The prophet Moses laid the philosophical foundation for a country for the Jews who the Bible depicts as having been persecuted by the ancient Egyptians. You do not belittle Moses; nor do you belittle the founding fathers of Zionism; however, when Black people dare to espouse that same vision you disparage them.

You were not incorrect when you stated that the majority of Black people were not interested in going back to Africa; however, the same can be said of the majority of Jews. Most Jews support Israel but the majority do not want to live there. Like the Jewish support of Israel, a portion of the Black community has always been interested in supporting Garvey’s vision. Black people began going back to Africa even before Mr. Garvey was born. Freed slaves began returning to the West African nation of Liberia as early as 1821. Their presence became so dominant that a new category of Black American immigrants emerged: Americo-Liberians. Presidents from that group had names like Tubman, Tolbert, etc. That trek continues to this very day in Ghana, South Africa, as well as Senegal and a host of other African nations.

By disparaging the character of an honorable man you have continued the onslaught the White Jewish community has initiated against the Black community that goes back thousands of years as enslavers of Black people in Africa, South and Central America, the Caribbean and of course, in America. Black people have been the most loyal group of American “citizens,” yet we are still treated like a hostile foreign nation. The Jewish Anti-Defamation League has spied on the Nation of Islam, the NAACP and numerous other Black organizations. But when we fight back against the Jewish onslaught, we are labeled “anti-Semitic.” The Minister has called for a rapprochement with the Jewish community. At every turn he has been rebuffed.

Farrakhan is ushering in a new reality in America. That reality calls for an end to the master/slave relationship between the two communities. Farrakhan is the first Black leader the Zionists have sought to destroy and have not seen successful. The Zionists have gone after Jesse Jackson, Malcolm X, WEB Dubois, Dr. Martin Luther King, The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, Al Sharpton, and even Nelson Mandela, not because these people were anti-Semitic but because they dared to speak out against Jewish racism.

The real reason for your venomous attack against The Minister is that he has successfully thwarted every effort the Zionists have launched to get the Black community to turn on him. The more you attack him, the stronger he gets. The Zionists were successful in getting Black people to turn on Mr. Garvey, but that will not happen with Minister Farrakhan.

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