Final Call DePOPULATION SECTION • June 15, 2021

“Now the ‘thing’ is catching up with him with what his own hands have produced. And they are willing to confess that these things are not good for us. They are turning down much of their medication, which is absolutely poison and detrimental to us. It is prophesied in the Holy Qur-an that when the God of Truth, Freedom, Justice, and Equality Comes, He Will Force this evil world to confess their evil. And, this, they are doing. And, many of them are shocked over their own doings. And others are trying to teach you that their Brother is wrong.”  

—The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, How To Eat To Live, Book 2, page 158


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Final Call DePOPULATION SECTION • March 9, 2021

“How could we let the former colonial and slave master bring in vaccines for our people and we don’t have scientists or laboratories to look at this and test it to see if it is what’s on the label?”   The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan


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