Spielberg’s Motive: Answer to Jewish Slave Dealing?

by J.F. Moses

A Jewish woman stopped me in a bookstore checkout line and seemed delighted to ask me something “because I was Black.” It seems she saw one of the many television “reports” designed to usher me into a moviehouse to see Steven Spielberg’s Amistad. I listened politely. “Oh, the movie is great,” she said. “It’s a true life movie about a slave ship.” I know that “true life” and “Hollywood” are irreconcilable enemies, I thought to myself, besides, the movie was not due to open for another two weeks and this woman speaks as though she already saw it. But I could see that my new Yiddish friend felt it was a good enough vehicle to revive the brain dead Black/Jewish relationship with me. And then the kicker: “You know, I didn’t know that it was Africans that put Black people in slavery.” “Yeah,” she continued excitedly, “It was Africans that sold the slaves.” Perceiving my now furrowed brow, she added, “Of course the Europeans helped, but they bought the slaves from Africans!”

I’d known that Spielberg was up to something with this movie about slavery, and my new Jewish friend let the cat out of the bag. Spielberg, Hollywood’s super Jew since Schindler’s List, whose movies are the epitome of American whiteness, will now take on the enormity of the Black Holocaust in 153 minutes. I interrupted the woman’s glee to offer a comparison that I thought she could identify with: “It’s kind of like the 77 or more Nazi officers who were Jews, and kinda like the Jews in the concentration camps that informed on other Jews to the Nazi guards, huh?” I could have gone on but her face, once comely, had became twisted and distorted just as my brow relaxed to its original repose.

Jews have been in a dilemma for some years now. For years they duped the negroes into the belief that they alone were our friends among Whites and could therefore choose and approve our leaders and dictate the movement and direction of Black organizations. Furthermore, many Jews believed that we “owed” them a debt of gratitude in the form of unquestioned and unwavering support of the outlaw state of Israel. But history has now caught up with them. Jews were indeed central participants in the Black Holocaust, a point made most clearly by their own historians in journals, articles and books. Even, Dr. Marc Lee Raphael, head historian at the American Jewish Historical Society at Brandeis, had to come clean:

“Jews also took an active part in the Dutch colonial slave trade; indeed….in all the American colonies, whether French (Martinique), British, or Dutch, Jewish merchants frequently dominated.”

One commentator said of the Jews-in-the-slave-trade debate, about which rivers of expiatory ink have now been expended, “One could not mention the word ‘slavery’ without thinking ‘Jew.'”

Enter Steven Spielberg who, in the tradition of D.W.Griffith’s Jewish-funded racist epic Birth of a Nation, was called in to stamp out the “rumor circulatin’ among the slaves”-that Jews were heavily involved in the Black Holocaust. Griffith’s 1915 movie made the world to know that Blacks were responsible for the calamity of the Civil War and that the Ku Klux Klan reclaimed civilization from the bestial and ferocious negroes. It was a devastating false indictment that was intended to reestablish the racial order in the South (and the North for that matter) and was successfully used as a KKK recruitment film in their subsequent 1920’s resurgence. Now, more than eighty years later, Spielberg, a la D.W.Griffith, will place the blame for the Black Holocaust on Blacks themselves!

But now there is an even more sinister ploy by Spielberg’s gang. They have teamed up with an organization called Lifetime Learning, Inc., which has developed a “Film Study Guide” that is intended to “supplement and enrich their students’ viewing experience.” They have sent this “lesson material” to 20,000 schools in America and around the world so that teachers will make sure that Black students all over the world get THEIR twisted message about Black slavery. The material is suspiciously similar to that of the “A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE” program (AWOD) run by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL)! This is the program that has been used to push the Jewish Holocaust into the consciousness of Black children under the guise of teaching “tolerance.” Many school systems have been bullied into accepting the AWOD program even though a recent study has deemed the program to be ineffective.

Because the AWOD program ignores the Black Holocaust, the program has met increasing resistance from many of the Black schools where the program is peddled. Spielberg’s Amistad is the vehicle through which the message of the “WORLD OF DIFFERENCE” program will be delivered to Black children. They will show the movie to our youth and claim that they have taught the “Black Holocaust.” If the Black Holocaust IS TRULY TAUGHT, Jews will be as responsible for slavery as all other groups, including Europeans and Africans, yet these “educational” materials have not a trace of information on the history of slavery. The “Study Guide” treats the Morgan Freeman character as though he really existed and puts words in the mouth of John Quincy Adams that he never said something permitted in movies but which should never be allowed in an educational institution. It does not distinguish between Spielberg’s dramatic adaptation of the Amistad incident and the actual historical record an unacceptable compromise of our Black children’s minds. Many diverse commentators, including movie critic Michael Medved and historian Eric Foner, have decried Spielberg’s deception.

The enemies of Black people are going after the minds of our Black children and they are using Hollywood to do it. The Jews and their negroes associated with the Amistad want this to be the definitive Hollywood movie on Black slavery. It is more likely to fuel another round of anti-Black recriminations. They underestimate the tolerance of the Black community. These fabrications and distortions, which would never be tolerated if they were applied to the Jewish Holocaust, are once again liberally heaped upon the Black community. When all is tallied around Amistad, Spielberg will get his few millions, but Farrakhan will get millions more.



Morgan Freeman: Mr. Dignity?
According to the Boston Globe, Morgan Freeman “is one of the few actors producers sign when they want to add dignity and gravity to a film.” No, really, they wrote that. They said that he was the first actor to get the call from Spielberg once the plot was hatched. With “dignified” roles to his credit like his breakthrough stage role in The Niggerlovers, a “sleazy pimp” in Street Smart, a “pretty shady character” in Chain Reaction, a convict in Shawshank Redemption, and the affable Uncle Tom nigger to an aging Southern Jewess in Driving Miss Daisy, who could be more dignified than Morgan Freeman?

But Freeman has scant credibility with the African-American people to whose history he must be true: “I don’t think we were dragged out of Africa [in the slave trade],” he reportedly told the New Jersey Star Ledger in 1993, “I think we fled.” He went on to bitterly denounce his African heritage, and then the ironically named Freeman proclaimed that he “has a hard time” referring to himself as an “African-American,” stating he prefers the term “mongrel.”