Earl Ofari Hutchinson’s Transparent Attack on Minister Farrakhan

Black columnist and blogger Earl Ofari Hutchinson has begun a campaign against the good name of The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. But it is hard to believe that his words are self-motivated, as they sound more like they came from the inventory of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) than from any self-respecting Black man.


(FinalCall.com) – Black columnist and blogger Earl Ofari Hutchinson has begun a campaign against the good name of The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. But it is hard to believe that his words are self-motivated, as they sound more like they came from the inventory of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) than from any self-respecting Black man. Hutchinson describes himself as “a nationally acclaimed author and political analyst,” but the inaccuracies in his two articles targeting The Minister lead one to strongly question those credentials.

His first salvo—seemingly out of the blue—was titled “Farrakhan Endorsement Makes Ground Zero Mosque Backers Squirm” (9/8/2010), in which he plainly misrepresented The Minister’s position on the controversial Park 51 Project to build an Islamic Center in Lower Manhattan. Minister Farrakhan stated wisely at the Washington, D.C. press conference of the Coalition of African American Muslims on September 2nd that the mosque members and leaders should be able to build their mosque wherever they want to build it, and that he supports their right to make that choice. Despite the availability of video and a transcript of those public statements, Hutchinson wrote: “Predictably, Farrakhan gave fulsome backing to building the mosque at the controversial spot. …That’s always enough to make folk squirm.”

Hutchinson clearly misstated The Minister’s position and then publicly circulated that misstatement. He then predicted that Min. Farrakhan’s position will be used as proof of “a closet Jihadist conspiracy against the U.S. …” Hutchinson presented no evidence of any “squirming” backers. They certainly were not “squirming” a few days later when they invited The Minister to the Warwick Hotel in New York, where he met with over 100 Muslim leaders from across the country. Photos of the event and accounts of the meeting show our Minister in an honored position at the head of the table. It was a beautiful and inspiring show of international Muslim unity and mutual respect. Indeed, it is that unity that is the likely reason the “Ground Zero Mosque” instantaneously dropped out of the national headlines.


But Hutchinson’s article sounded more in tune with the racist agenda of the ADL when he associated The Minister’s name with the buzz words of “terrorism.” No sane Black person would connect The Minister or the Nation of Islam to any form of terrorism, so Hutchinson’s words clearly belong to an agenda that is alien to the Black community. But they are the stock-in-trade of the FBI’s notorious COINTELPRO operation and its successor, the ADL. Lest anyone think that the Jewish leadership is above this, it was the highest-ranking Jew—Alex Rosen—in the FBI who played an instrumental part in the illegal COINTELPRO operations against the Rev. Martin Luther King and his family.

Hutchinson continued his attack with a second article titled “Has Farrakhan’s stock fallen in the Black community?” (10/18/2010). His topic was The Minister’s powerful Atlanta speech on June 26th titled “Who Are the Real Children of Israel?” in which he exposed the Caucasian Jews as the greatest oppressors of Black people and as biblical imposters to that exalted title. Hutchinson’s comments suggest he is speaking for and representing some people other than Blacks:

“In times past, that [speech] would have drawn howls of protests from the Anti-Defamation League, a quick distancing from civil rights leaders, and cries of fowl [Hutchinson’s spelling] from black athletes and entertainers. This time it drew barely a ripple of response from the ADL and silence from all other quarters. The muted response raises one question about Farrakhan. Does he still have the name, cachet, and power to move tens of thousands?”

The question is absurd, but Hutchinson’s premise is totally baseless. Abraham Foxman did indeed “howl in protest” and blasted a press release filled with his characteristic bile which was broadcast by hundreds of news outlets. The ADL has frenetically updated its slanderous anti-Farrakhan website to trumpet their outrage at the speech. Indeed, Foxman himself spit, sputtered, whined and howled his way through a recent Michael Eric Dyson radio show, unable to address any part of The Minister’s bold declaration.

Hutchinson suggests that Min. Farrakhan is losing “his stock in the Black community,” but Abraham Foxman’s own words from the aforementioned press release states that the Minister “continues to fill convention centers. …” And as recently as a few weeks ago in Tampa, Florida—where Blacks are less than a quarter of that city’s population—Min. Farrakhan spoke to an overflow audience of 8,000 that included the noticeable presence of many White people. And maybe Hutchinson overlooked his own words from both of his own articles: “[Farrakhan] is still cheered and admired by thousands of blacks,” and “Farrakhan showed in his Atlanta speech that he can still pack a hall and bring a crowd to their feet with his fiery rhetoric. …The throng in Atlanta packed the house. …” Those two extraordinary Muslim events mentioned earlier add further emphasis to the absurdity of Hutchinson’s claim.

Make no mistake, Earl Ofari Hutchinson is not pushing these falsehoods on his own. This has all of the characteristics of an ADL/FBI operation through and through. It is Abraham Foxman’s “stock” that has crashed and burned in the Jewish community, which now sees him as the Bernie Madoff of Jewish leadership. Responsible Jews have finally begun to stand up to the ADL. Orthodox Rabbi Daniel Lapin, head of a coalition of Jews and Christians dedicated to fighting anti-Semitism, bestowed the “Our Own Worst Enemy Award” upon Foxman. The rabbi warned that Foxman “endangers Jewish continuity,” and “substitut[es] unhealthy values for Judaism itself.” Recently, the New Republic‘s Jewish editor Jonathan Chait compared Foxman’s ADL with the notoriously terroristic Jewish Defense Organization.


On June 24th, Min. Farrakhan released The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews, Volume 2 and called on Mr. Foxman to account for the shameful Jewish history of race hate and for his continuing harrassment of Black leadership in their struggle for full freedom, justice and equality. A month later the Minister appealed to the Black leadership in his open letter of July 19, 2010 to resist the malevolent influence of groups like the ADL:

“As they call upon you to denounce me as an anti-Semite and, because of the favor you believe you owe them for what they have done to help make life comfortable for you; I am asking you to stand down. I am asking you to read this research and then discuss it with your Jewish friends. Would you condemn me as an anti-Semite for exposing the research that shows them as being anti-Black? I am asking you to stand down and let them come out to me to defend their record and history of their relationship with us that we compiled from that which was written by their own scholars, historians, and Rabbis.”

Earl Ofari Hutchinson and those whom the ADL may solicit to press this anti-Black agenda should do themselves a favor and take The Minister’s sound advice. Listen to his plain words from his Atlanta Civic Center lecture and read the 990 pages of damning evidence that he has released for your education and enlightenment. Find out for yourself what Mr. Foxman is so afraid of, and then demand from him a real substantive dialogue—and you will soon find out who your friends really are.

(Tingba Muhammad is a citizen of the Nation of Islam. For more information on this topic, visit https://noirg.org and join the conversation on Twitter https://twitter.com/NOIResearch and Facebook https://www.facebook.com/NOIResearch/.)