The Relationship Between the UFOs and 
Our Second Reconstruction

Dr. Ridgely Mu’min Muhammad


The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan has described the future economic rise of Black people in America as our “Second Reconstruction.” At the 2011 Saviours’ Day convention the Minister convened a group of experts and scientists who presented to the world a workshop called “The Truth about the Existence of UFOs.” These UFOs may hold the keys to the success of our “Second Reconstruction” on two very important counts: defense and new energy technology.

You cannot have a sustainable business unless you can protect it against thieves and robbers. In America, there is a justice system designed to protect White businesses and wealth which has proven itself inadequate or unwilling to protect the lives and property of Black people. Some argue that slavery destroyed the ability of Black people to organize and do business; however, information found in The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews, Volume Two (TSRv2) shows that during the period of Reconstruction after the Civil War, but before the Compromise of 1877, Blacks coming up out of slavery for eleven years did just that: they organized, ran businesses, bought farmland and even established 60 small towns. Then after 1877 and the Northern troops were pulled out of the South, Black people lost those businesses and communities—not because of a lack of business acumen, mismanagement or laziness, but because of acts of state and individual (KKK) terrorism, murder and confiscation of properties by Whites. Southern states set up laws called “Black Codes,” which made it illegal for Blacks to buy and sell commodities, testify against White people in court or even have weapons to protect themselves against White violence. And all along Black people prayed to the god that White people taught them to believe and trust in. Of course this “mystery god” did not answer or protect.

This fear of White aggression subliminally and sometimes overtly affects the political and economic choices that Black people make today. TSRv2 reveals a history of open hostility by Gentile Whites and the deceitful duplicity of Jewish Whites that have destroyed attempts at economic development by America’s former slaves and that have left the Black community both poor and shell-shocked. Consequently, when The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad offered to Black people the same solution that the Moses of the Bible offered the Children of Israel when faced with similar affliction from the Biblical Pharaoh, many Black people rejected such a drastic step. The solution is still separation into a territory of our own. The first argument that Negroes present is that “we can’t do without the White man,” as though he is so much smarter than Black people. But after we present the history of our people before, during and after slavery which proves that we can in fact take care of ourselves and even took care of White folk during slavery: we built the homes for the slave master and shacks for ourselves; we made the clothes for the slave master and clothes for ourselves; we even fed the slave master and then had to grow the food to feed ourselves. We also found out that White Jews were advertising the sale of Black “engineers,” which proves that we had knowledge of mathematics and engineering even during slavery times.

However, after we destroy the myth of Black incompetency, the next argument that the Negro mind suggests is “If we set up our own nation, all the Whites are going to do is bomb us.” This type of thinking proves that Negroes believe that the White man is such a devil that he would not allow us to live in peace by ourselves and that the god Negroes say that they believe in cannot protect us against the aggression of the White man. To illustrate this point: I was on a panel at the 12th National Black Land Loss Summit on April 9, 2011, in North Carolina discussing the Black farmer class action lawsuit. I made the point that Black farmers did not go to court against the USDA to get $50,000 each, but to stop the foreclosures on their land and get their land back from the U.S. government. Another panelist argued that the lawyers for the Black farmers accepted this $50,000 compromise because “If Jesus came back, He could not get your land back.” Therefore, what the panelist just admitted was that the god that she believed in did not have any power over the White man to make him do right by Black people. What is the use in believing in such a weak “god”? We in the Nation of Islam do not believe in such a weak “god.” We believe in the God of the Universe Who can build and commandeer a set of weapons in the sky that the White man’s technology is a million years behind.

In fact, The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught us that these “UFOs” are not some “unidentified flying objects” operated by aliens from another planet, but are the fulfillment of Ezekiel’s vision of a “wheel within a wheel,” built in 1929 under the direction of Master Fard Muhammad and manned by humans like ourselves. Furthermore, He taught us that the purpose of these wheels is not to destroy Black people, but to protect them against their constant and historical enemy. The presenters in the UFO workshop bore witness that the beings that operate these flying objects have the same DNA as humans; therefore, they are not big insects or lizards, the way Hollywood would present aliens from out of space—they are human and will not “eat us.”

Thus, we believe that we will have divine protection by a Being with superior technology and weapons that can run circles around the fastest jets that our enemies possess. However, just as important, a look at the video of the UFO workshop reveals that these beings have some type of energy source that is more powerful than the technology of this world. And this may be why America, unlike other countries like Brazil, is unwilling to open her secret UFO files. She is afraid to let her people know that there is a civilization much more highly advanced and, therefore, infinitely more powerful than her “bully” self.

Specifically, the object that made its appearance at the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem the night of January 28, 2011, reveals a physical object ascending at a speed, which according to the known physics of this world, is impossible. Gravity is a strong force and as you look at the lift off of rockets in America’s space program, you will see an almost imperceptibly slow upward movement in the seconds after each rocket’s engine is engaged. However, the object at the Dome of the Rock gave a flash of noiseless light and an upward speed of ascent resembling light itself. Furthermore, there was no sonic boom, wind turbulence or perceptible heat generated, as would have been the case with such a high speed of conventional aircraft. Indeed, we are dealing with technology, according to the UFO workshop panelists, that is a million years ahead of what this world has.

Right now America is engaged in fighting wars to secure oil reserves to produce the energy to keep her industry, agriculture and transportation moving. Even if America secures all the oil reserves on our planet, oil is a limited non-renewable source of energy that will soon be depleted anyway. Now Japan has just experienced the deadly effects of nuclear energy as a source of reliable power to energize her modern economy. What if, instead of fearing these “UFOs” or trying to produce weapons to fight them, we would have a dialogue with them and ask them to share some of their technology with us? Furthermore, these flying objects have not shown any aggression towards humans and therefore can be expected to be willing to help us instead of harm us in the way that this 6,000-year-old race of white “aliens” has killed the indigenous people of our planet.

Add to this the fact that the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan has said that he believes that The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad is on one of those wheels with power. Be sure to view the DVD of this historic UFO workshop and make a decision to either go with Farrakhan and his God and that God’s technology or stick with your open enemy, who will take you to a fiery hell with him when he attacks us and the Wheel. Choose life and let us get busy building a new and better reality for ourselves and the world of the righteous. With God’s (Allah’s) help the Second Reconstruction will not be compromised or defeated.

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