By Bro. Jackie Muhammad, NOI Research Group

[Part ONE of this article is posted here:]

In a recent column you penned in The Washington Times on December 26, 2013, “A Century of Black American Islam,” you maintain your long history of anti-Black and anti-Islam propaganda. This is part two of my response to your invective against the Nation of Islam.

Like the ancient scribes who distorted and manipulated the ancient biblical scriptures and distorted the history of Black people in the Bible, you have maintained that ancient tradition by how you have distorted the history and contributions of the Nation of Islam, and your unwarranted attacks on the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.

The Bible and the Holy Quran have repeatedly warned the Jewish writers not to change, manipulate or modify God’s word, and not to add to or take away that which God gave to Moses. Repeatedly the Jewish scribes have violated His mandates. Some have gone beyond the act of scriptural manipulation, and have actually created their own scripture and sought to replace God’s Book with their own. The Talmud is such a book. Then, there is the case of the Book of Ester.

There is no credible biblical scholar who will dispute the fact that the Book of Ester is a fraud, written by unscrupulous scribes and inserted it into the Torah. Even though Ester is read by millions of Jews, Christians and Muslims, it is nonetheless, an unmitigated fraud.

The New International Version (NIV) of the King James Bible is considered one of the better translations of the Bible. Jeremiah 8:8 of the NIV accuses the biblical scribes of being liars. It reads: “How can you say, ‘We have the law of the Lord’, when actually the lying pens of scribes has handled it falsely.” Prophet Jeremiah charges the scribes with not only tampering with the written word of God, but he also accuses them of having lying pens. As a scribe who comes out of that tradition are you also guilty of the same charges?

You assert, for example, that the NOI invented a new religion. That’s a lie. The NOI is founded on the same principles that are practiced by Muslims all over the globe. However, as I am sure you may know, the same cannot be said about the Jewish people, who several prominent Jewish and non-Jewish scholars have written are an invented people.

Richard Hull, NYU Professor of African History, and author of Jews and Judaism in African History,states “Today, many secular Jews see the Hebrew scriptures, or the Old Testaments to the Christians, as invented history, designed to justify the special position of the Jews in human history and to depict the ancient Israelites as an instrument of God’s will.”

However, Shlomo Sand, one of Israel’s most eminent scholars, goes even further. He delineates in his bestselling book, The Invention of the Jewish People, how the Jews were never a “people”, but instead a religious grouping, not a nation, who Zionists historians had fabricated in order to justify their takeover of the land of Palestine from its original owners.

Therefore, according to your own scholars, your coreligionists changed and modified the religion, the scriptures and the “people” who are called Jews to justify the appellation given to them by Jesus as the “Synagogue of Satan.”

The Jewish scribes and rabbis took this issue a step further. In order to complete this “invention” of themselves they wrote, with their pens a totally new script called the Talmud. Not only was the Talmud used to justify the enslavement of Black people through the creation of the Curse of Ham lie, but they also use their created book to replace the Torah, the Book God gave to Moses, with their own made up, fabricated book.

In fact, if Moses were to return today he would not recognize his own religion. Moses knew nothing of a synagogue. Shlomo Sand insinuates (p.144) that it was a Babylonian invention. Moses knew nothing about a Talmud or rabbis. These were invented after his death and at the end of the period of the prophets. Philo Judaeus, the Jewish philosopher living in Alexandria, Egypt, sought to merge the basic tenants of Judaism with the teachings of the Greek philosophers (Plato, Socrates, etc.) in order to attract more Greeks to Judaism, and he forever changed the religion. For example, Hanukkah, (the Jewish Christmas) one of the most holy days in Judaism, was originally a Greek pagan holiday that was appropriated and later incorporated into Judaism.

When the Talmud was invented the rabbis and the scribes displayed their hatred of Jesus by saying Jesus should be captured and placed in a boiling pot of excrement. Why so much hatred for a man who millions view as the messiah?

On the other hand, one can ask the same question as it relates to your venomous pen? Why so much hatred for the Nation of Islam? Particularly when all we are seeking is to use the teachings of Islam, as taught by the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, and the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, to clean up the tragic mess members of the Jewish community has created for the Black community. Remember, slavery is an institution the Jews perfected and controlled in Iraq, Africa and the Americas.

This point is enthusiastically endorsed by one of the leading Jewish scholars in the world, Rabbi Marc Lee Raphael, the Nathan and Sophia professor of Judaic Studies, Professor of Religion, and the chair, Department of Religion, the College of William and Mary, and visiting Fellow of Wolfson College, Oxford University. Rabbi Raphael asserted that the Jews dominated Jewish slave trading on the American continent.

Check out your history. Whenever the Jews got into trouble Black people always came to the rescue. In 701 BCE the Assyrians were preparing to vanquish the Jews of Jerusalem, but the Black Egyptians of the 25th Dynasty, under the leadership of the Kushite King Taharqa (2 Kings 19:9, Isiah 37), rescued the Jews and forced the Assyrians to retreat.

Then in the 7th Century CE when Islam spread throughout Africa, Asia, the Middle East and finally reached Palestine, the Jews enthusiastically embraced the “new religion” and they welcomed the Muslims as “saviors” because they ousted the cruel and oppressive rulers of the Byzantine Empire. According to Sholmo Sand, “the seventh-century bishop Sebeos described the Arab conquest of Palestine as the descendants of Ishmael coming to the aid of the descendants of Isaac against the Byzantine Empire, in fulfillment of God’s promise to their common ancestor Abraham.”

When the Black Muslim Moors ruled in Spain from 711-1492, we extended a hand of friendship to the Jews. The barbaric and uncivilized Germanic tribesmen known as the Visigoths oppressed the Jews so severely in Spain that the Muslims were asked to invade Spain, defeat the Visigoths, and relieve the Jews of their cruel oppressors. Not only that, but we put the Jews in key positions as administrators, assistants and financiers, and because they were members of the monotheistic trilogy of Christianity, Islam and Judaism, they were left alone to freely practice their faith. The Jewish historians refer to this period as the Jewish Golden Age.

And how have we been repaid? After 800 years of Islamic rule the Spanish rulers forced the Muslims out of Spain. The Jews used their strategic global positions, and the knowledge they had gained from the Moors and heaped upon us the worst form of degradation the world has ever seen. Your own scholars and rabbis admit that the Jews were at the center of the slave trade. They ran the show. Study carefully the book, The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews, vol.2, and Jews Selling Blacks. There you will find unlimited examples of how Jews controlled the politics, the culture and the economics of slavery and the slave trade. You will find your own scholars and rabbis testifying to the devastating impact the Jews have had in creating a dehumanized race of people.

Then you will discover how the Jewish scribes, with their control of the media from the profits they gained from their control of slavery, have distorted our history, stolen our legacy and then turned around and portrayed themselves as totally innocent, and write themselves in history as our best friends. How insidious.

Your polemics against Islam and Black Muslims in America is entirely consistent with the role many of the scribes have played for thousands of years. The most prominent Jewish historian in ancient history is Flavius Josephus. Josephus, a Hellenized (Greek) Jew, has influenced the whole world with his writings. His most famous work is The Antiquities of the Jews. He boasted that he was of the “priestly seed.”

However, because of his arrogance, deceitfulness, duplicity, and his lack of character he was shunned by many Jews and viewed as a traitor because he sided with the Roman oppressors. Outspoken Zionist critics of the Nation of Islam might assign some of the same characteristics to the modern day scribes like you. Those who use their pens to denigrate a people seeking to be free of the modern day Romans, only to be falsely accused by those who have the power to create false images of the real “Children of Israel,” the Original Black Hebrew, the Black Man and Woman of America.

Your call for Black people who are Muslims to be placed in internment camps is as ruthless and racist as your leaders before you. Take for example Rabbi Moses Maimonides, the Middle Ages Spanish philosopher who said that Blacks are “lower than the ranks of man but higher than the ranks of apes.” Or Rabbi Morris Raphall of New York who defended slavery and said that God Himself had sanctioned it. Or Rabbi Isaac Mayer Wise, founder of Reform Judaism, a staunched pro-slavery advocate, and a champion of white supremacy and Black inferiority and degradation. These are they who some say are from the “seed of Abraham.” Abraham knew nothing of these people who are properly called the Khazars, Europeans from the Caucasus Mountains, those who have nothing to do with the original owners of the land, and are among the last converts of the Jews.

Given this history of religious and racial paranoia and hatred by your predecessors there should be little surprise that the fruit does not fall far from the proverbial tree. Or as Jesus said in John 8:44, “You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.”

(Jackie Muhammad is a former presidential appointee, member of the Oxford round table, educator, youth-trainer and businessman and member of the Nation of Islam Research Group. Visit them online at and join the conversation on and Twitter @ NOIResearch. He can be reached at jacrb519@