Lessons we can learn from the Jewish 
People, Part 2: The Acquisition of a ‘Jewish State’ and ‘The Jewish Lobby’

Jackie Muhammad


A major accomplishment of the Jewish people is the acquisition of their own state, the state of Israel. Not all Jews live in the state of Israel, but the vast majority of them support the state for ideological and religious reasons. One of the central beliefs of the Nation of Islam, as articulated by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, is the option to have a state or territory of our own. Some of our own people ridiculed the Honorable Elijah Muhammad for his advocacy of the biblically mandated state for Black people, who had suffered unspeakable physical and psychological damage at the hands of our former slave masters. But these same people fall over each other in their support for and advocacy of Israel, even though billions of our tax dollars go to maintain the Jewish state every year. We are not envious of the Jewish people for their acquisition of a state of their own, even if the state was started by atheists, and they use our weapons and money to suppress the ancient owners of the land, the Palestinians.

The American people must suffer so that Israel is guaranteed safety and security. The billions and billions of dollars that we send to Israel every year can and should be spent to undergird our own crumbling internal social, educational, and physical infrastructure. As the United States teeters on the brink of economic collapse, we are borrowing money from foreign countries to keep Israel afloat.

Another lesson we can learn from the Jewish people is how to spend our money among ourselves. They turn over the dollar three times before it leaves their community. We do not spend our money among ourselves; the Black dollar turns over less than one time and then it’s gone.

Another lesson we can learn from the Jews is how to control politics and politicians. Our politicians do not work for us. They, like the politicians in the broader community, are controlled by Jewish money and influence. An example of this is Prime Minister Netanyahu’s recent visit to America. Netanyahu, one of the few foreign heads of state allowed to address the government and the nation, gave a speech before the U.S. Congress just days after he insulted and belittled President Obama in the White House. Netanyahu received more standing ovations from Democrats and Republicans, Black as well as White, than a rock star. None of our politicians chastised or reprimanded the Israeli Prime Minister for his treatment of the president; instead, they applauded him. None of our politicians had the strength to challenge or criticize the Prime Minister of Israel because of the control Jewish money and influence holds over their current and future political concerns.

We don’t blame Zionist Israel for strategically targeting Black college youth as a “secret weapon” of Israel. According to an article in the Jewish Post, an independent newspaper established in 1933 in Indianapolis and is now based in New York City, Black scholars, intellectuals, and students are among the new Israeli target groups for “ethnic diplomacy.” In an article titled “The Israeli ‘Secret’ Diplomacy Inside the Afro-American Community,” the author writes that the goal of the program is to target future Black leaders from the nearly 100 Black colleges and universities, and build bridges through the establishment of “Israel cultural days.” These “cultural days” are strategically designed to lobby 100,000 scholars and youths on the predominately Black campuses to have them become advocates for the Zionist state. The target organization at the center of this unique effort is the United Negro College Fund. Such an effort is designed to replace the fractured relationship that resulted from the dismantling of the old Black–Jewish coalition because Blacks from the old civil rights era were tired of being a political, economic, and social appendage to Jews who controlled the Civil Rights Movement. So Jews castigate our leadership, while seeking to groom a leadership that they can control.

One is only left to wonder if the outreach and bridge building among and between these students and scholars and their Israeli counterparts will include the role that White Jews have played as the principal protagonists in the history of our enslavement at the hand of the ancestors of our newfound academic colleagues.

The strategy of pumping Jewish money into Black organizations in order to lobby for Jewish interests is not new. And quite frankly, we don’t blame them for looking out for their own self-interests—but not at our expense.

The same strategy has been used to buy our politicians. Just as Jewish money has found its way into the coffers of our college presidents, Black politicians have long been a target of Jewish lobbyists for Israel. They have a history of targeting mayors, city councilpersons, state legislators and members of Congress.

The most powerful lobby in the country is AIPAC, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. President Obama himself, wasted no time going before AIPAC to tell them all the great things he has done and will do for Israel, yet the Congressional Black Caucus has to wait two and a half years to meet with the president to devise a strategy to uplift the Black masses who are suffering through one of the most depressive eras in our history.

The point that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad has made is that Jews are a good example for us based on the success record they have achieved. They have had great success in their endeavors. But that does not mean that those great endeavors have been good for Black people.

Black people should not begrudge Jews their success—we should applaud it. What we have a problem with, however, is that a significant amount of their success was borne on the back of Black suffering. Much of their success is the result of their central role in the dehumanization of Black people in the oldest form of human degradation known to man—African and Black American slavery. You must read and reread The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews, Vol. 2, and Jews Selling Blacks. Add to that the control they exercise over our artists in the entertainment industry, and witness the Farrakhan Litmus Test Jewish leaders issue to key members of Congress and even presidential contenders before they are “allowed” to run for office. This is why the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan has constantly and consistently called for dialogue. And he is completely justified in asking for their help in rehabilitating the downtrodden human souls that Jewish success has helped to create. He is seeking to bring an end to the old slave–slavemaster relationship and create a new relationship based on respect for both them and us. We will never be respected by allowing them to control every aspect of our existence.

The respect the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad asked us to have for them will never be reciprocated unless they concede to the wisdom of the demands for a modification of the old relationship.

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