Final Call DePOPULATION SECTION • November 9, 2021

“It’s not a bacterial war, but a war of systemic poisoning. They’re using chemical warfare against all of us….I haven’t met these Luciferian people, wherever they may be….The only thing you prove by vaccinating your children is that if they live through, you just poisoned them, and they survived.”  “We have been sold a bill of goods. We have been deceived….Germs are only the expression of the degeneration of change in matter. It is important to understand that disease as a consequence of its environment, of your lifestyle of your diet, where you live, what you think what you believe….You do not get sick, you do sick. All of your physical, mental and emotional sicknesses are born within you. If we blame these things on other, all we’re doing is not taking the personal responsibility for our lifestyle and dietary choices.”    —Robert O. Young, Health Practitioner   Click to access FC.11.9.2021.DePOP_.Coverage.pdf FC.11.9.2021.DePOP.Coverage