Quotes of White Scholars on The White Race


In Part #27 of the landmark series by The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan titled “Why Did God Make Devil?” Pt.27, @LouisFarrakhan: http://youtu.be/_kahulk7mEQ  he presents quotations from whites who have examined the history of the white man. 

Six Quotes from the book by Michael Bradley, The Iceman Inheritance:


“Precisely because we realize ourselves to be unstable, much effort has been expended in attempts to make sense out of our own apparently senseless behaviour.” [p. 13]


“I will propose in this essay that the white race possesses an atypical level of aggression.” [p. 28]


“It is in the sphere of ‘abnormal’ violence that we Caucasoids excel among races. …. Intellectual violence is statistically rare among other races. Intellectual violence is typical of Caucasoids. Our wars of religion, our Inquisition, our philosophical conflicts have no parallel among yellow, red, brown or black men. It is this kind of violence that makes our history appear senseless to other men, and senseless and baffling even to ourselves.” [p. 14]


“The Caucasoids, uniquely among the races of Mankind, evolved in a glacial environment.” [p. 26]


“There is an increasing body of scientific data suggesting that this group of men did develop in a narrow zone of life between fire and ice…between the cave fires and the savage cold of the Wurm I ice age. ….These special adaptations had incidental side effects which resulted in an exceptionally aggressive psychology, an extreme expression of the cronos complex, and a higher level of psychosexual conflict compared to all other races of men.” [p. 26]


Additional quote from Iceman Inheritance, p. 3.

“…I will attempt to show that racism itself is a predisposition of but one race of Mankind — the white race. …. Nuclear war, environmental pollution, resource rape…all are primary threats to our survival and all are the result of peculiarly Caucasoid behavior, Caucasoid values, Caucasoid psychology. There is no way to avoid the truth. The problem with the world is white men.” [p. 3]


Sen. John James Ingalls, 1890

“Mr. PRESIDENT, the race to which we belong is the most arrogant and rapacious, the most exclusive and indomitable in history. It is the conquering and the unconquerable race, through which alone man has taken possession of the physical and moral world….All other races have been its enemies or its victims.”

Author and Southerner Gerald W. Johnson,1964

“of all the creatures to appear on this earth, the white man is the fiercest by far.”

British poet and writer Wilfrid S. Blunt, 1900

“The whole white race is reveling openly in violence, as though it had never pretended to be Christian. God’s equal curse be on them all!”

John A. Hobson author, Imperialism, A Study (1902)

The actual history of Western relations with lower races occupying lands on which we have settled throws, then, a curious light upon the theory of a “trust for civilisation.” When the settlement approaches the condition of genuine colonisation, it has commonly implied the extermination of the lower races, either by war or by private slaughter, as in the case of Australian Bushmen, African Bushmen and Hottentots, Red Indians, and Maoris, or by forcing upon them the habits of a civilisation equally destructive to them. This is what is meant by saying that “lower races” in contact with “superior races” naturally tend to disappear. How much of “nature” or “necessity” belongs to the process is seen from the fact that only those “lower races” tend to disappear who are incapable of profitable exploitation by the superior white settlers, either because they are too “savage” for effective industrialism or because the demand for labour does not require their presence.

Whenever superior races settle on lands where lower races can be profitably used for manual labour in agriculture, mining, and domestic work, the latter do not tend to die out, but to form a servile class. This is the case, not only in tropical countries where white men cannot form real colonies, working and rearing families with safety and efficiency, and where hard manual work, if done at all, must be done by “coloured men,“ but even in countries where white men can settle, as in parts of South Africa and of the southern portion of the United States.

As we entered these countries for trade, so we stay there for industrial exploitation, directing to our own profitable purposes the compulsory labour of the lower races. This is the root fact of Imperialism so far as it relates to the control of inferior races; when the latter are not killed out they are subjected by force to the ends of their white superiors.


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