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Health Care—a “Sick Care” Industry

By Tingba Muhammad It should be no surprise that the industry that comprises one-fifth of the American economy generates much of its record-breaking profits through Black sickness and ill health. Blacks spend more per capita on health care, and are sicker than any other people, at a significantly higher rate. The business of treating the many diseases, conditions, and syndromes, Continue Reading...
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Setting the record straight on the Malcolm X Assassination #BettyandCoretta

By Demetric Muhammad -Guest Columnist- Farrakhan is Innocent, the FBI is Guilty “Only one movement [The Black Muslims], though looked upon by disfavor by the major black civil rights groups, remains consequential—strong, cohesive, influential….”  —Philip E. Hoffman, American Jewish Committee, 1972 *** “For years the Bureau has operated a counterintelligence program against the NOI and [Elijah] Muhammad…despite these efforts, he continues Continue Reading...
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Presidents & High-Ranking Politicians on SECRET GOVERNMENT

[These statements have been confirmed except in two cases where noted. This does not mean the statements are false, just that the sources are deemed unreliable.] The Honorable Minister LOUIS FARRAKHAN speaks on “The Shadow Government“ From an article By Ross Pittman posted at ConsciousLifeNews.com, “Warnings from Former Presidents About Who Really Runs the Show: Verified Warnings From Former U.S. Presidents Continue Reading...
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Blacks Should Take Donald Sterling’s Advice

by Tingba Muhammad NBA team owner Donald Tokowitz Sterling has gotten Black people very upset. Even the first Black president sounded disgusted: “When ignorant folks want to advertise their ignorance, you don’t really have to do anything, you just let them talk. That’s what happened here,” the president said. President Obama also said Sterling’s alleged comments are an example of how Continue Reading...
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